What About Lexa?

Hey Guys! I just wanted to share some stuff with you if that's okay. What would you like to know? Okay, I love reviewing... something that's not obvious... I love pets.

I actually am a fan of anything that's on television that has simply WOWed me. After a while I began talking to the television screen, shouting and yelling if that's the case and sometimes I would shed a tear or two an after a while, I just wanted to share my views and see if others felt the same way and whether I could connect with others who loved the shows I got hooked on. That's the insight into how the blog started up. I loved sharing my comments on other sites and decided to take on a full blog and I was overwhelmed with the response I received.

My reviews go past just critiquing a show, but also relating to each character or at least try to. Each series takes us into their world and it's incredible the way I get hooked sometimes.

Now I am trying to split my time up with my TV reviewing addiction, College and my job. Sometimes it can all be a task but I try to make time for everything. I am sure it sometimes feels like life throws a whole lot our way and we somehow find a ways to deal. While I try to filter out my remaining reviews which are way overdue, I look forward to just relaxing this summer, but I also look forward to sharing my thoughts with you guys, either here or on Twitter.

Join me in securing signatures to Renew Missing. This series is well written and it hurts to know that when some people work hard at something, others do not notice it's true beauty. This coming from someone who did not think Missing would be such a good series in the beginning, but it changed my mind. Take a look and you would agree. If it is something that you are passionate about as well, this petition should also motivate you.


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