Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day 2011! From Lexa

Hey guys I am a bit upset that I haven't been regular with reviewing 2011. Time races by you so quickly and already we are in February, and I haven't found the time to keep up to date with all our favorite series. I would not make this Valentines about work dilemmas, but it should be about love and happiness, which I hope you guys are having this year, especially today. I would especially like to give a thumbs up to another follower to my blog *yeah* always appreciated!

So instead of a basket of goodies, like the one I got you guys last year, I decided on adopting a few puppies just for this occasion. I'm hoping they would be enough to share. Remember to keep your relationships strong on this occasion and for those going single, Valentines day is not limited to couples only, you can make it your own and for those you love. So it could be a friend as well, at least until the right one arrives.

Here's for hoping for a turnaround within the next few moths, I miss you guys so I would try extra hard to stay in touch. Take care and again...

Happy Valentines! From Lexa!

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