Monday, September 28, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Lost Boy' Review

Secrets eat those who consume it themselves. 'The Lost Boy' was all about secrets being revealed despite the consequences.

Sometimes only when you get closer to the boiling pot you realize how hot it is and that's exactly what Scott found out when he got too close to the fire with a failed attempt in revealing his true identity to his biological father. It was actually a huge let down watching Scott get cold feet after all the lies he spun to reach there. It was even worse when he dropped that huge bomb on Vanessa, asking her to keep his secret safe. We all know what happens then, seeing as Georgina left a parting gift after her coincidental eavesdrop on Vanessa and Scott.

Do we know why Georgina has the sudden urge to go to Boston? Scott should find out soon enough. She obviously wants to get her hands on more juicy details. Maybe she wanted to leave with a big bang after realizing there was nothing really keeping her in there. Her short time at NYU didn't really have others with their flaming torches after her and after a while her attacks got old. Was that a picture of her and Dan on her laptop! I am glad to say good riddance, Dan's 'fling' thankfully remained that way. Let's hope his relationship choices change for the better.

The Chair-off was actually adorable. It was fun watching Blair and Chuck at each other’s throats as opposed to being in, although we did get a fair share of their cuddly couple moments and an idea as to how long it's been since they had sex. That was certainly a ‘lose lose’ for Blair, but Chuck ironically had other things on his mind, citing a business deal. It was really hard to imagine that Georgina had the strings to concoct a soiled plan to sabotage Blair and Chuck. If Blair knew Georgina so well, how come she didn't pick up on the handwriting like Serena? Okay, maybe Serena would have seen Georgina's handwriting more times than Blair and maybe Blair stopped reading after seeing that she was invited to something 'secret'.

It was actually pitiful watching Blair squirm over a secret society and realizing that the only person she could count on for some companionship was Chuck and even that failed. How could Chuck turn down a moment for him to have some one on one love time with his one and only? This is really a new side of Chuck we are seeing, we can no longer call him 'Chuck Bass' anymore, especially since this Chuck now owns a hotel? Did you see that coming and is that really a wise idea?

Who knows? I actually couldn't stomach Carter and Serena anymore. The more times they were together, the more I realized his extremely small structure when it compared to Serena. Carter looked so much like a boy especially when he's lip-locking with Serena and was that a threat from Bree to Carter. She really needs some work on her threats. Blair is the only one that could pull off an 'I'm coming for you' and actually have you quiver.

Again Bree and Nate were boring and pointless. What was with this auction that brought all the main stars together, was it really that important? I don't buy it.
Let's hope the Bree Buckley storyline picks up, because I am really zoning out all her scenes, especially the lovie-dovie ones with Nate.

It was actually a relief getting some insight into how exactly Carter found Serena's father and why she began looking for him. I actually gave a sigh of relief when she lifted that burden and gave us that juicy piece of detail. I found myself saying 'It’s about time'.

It didn't seem like Carter was going to stick around after his encounter with Bree and we find ourselves asking, what did Carter do to the Buckleys and do we care?

I was actually surprised that Jenny and Eric got any screen time at all. Was it really necessary to show them? They gave no impact to the story, only a curious Jenny searching into the fact that Scott spent more time with Rufus than his own girlfriend. Rufus by the way looked very refined in this episode, something with the hair. It may be strange, but Scott seemed to look more like Rufus every time, genes perhaps.

There were some cheap shots this hour and 'The Lost Boy' felt more like a 'Gossip Girl' episode trying to tie up some loose ends and get the real story on the way.
Let's hope we get some more of Jenny next week and some real answers. There wasn't a real bang to this episode, but it was interesting and had an unfamiliar recipe that made it fun to watch.

Fighting over an auction item isn't really the best way for Gossip to spend it's time, but things seem to be lifting up for the better. The next time we see Dan with his shirt off in bed, I would actually like to look at the screen long enough to see him.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dollhouse 'Vows' Review

'Do You Promise To Love Honor and Cherish Each Other For as Long as You Both Shall live'

Well do you? A lot of people seem to get asked that question on a regular basis these days. The answer is sometimes hesitant especially the 'For as long as you both shall live' bit.

It wasn't long before Echo's engagement involved getting married - or so far we've seen. I wonder how many times has Echo been married?

I actually believed this guy was crazy enough to fullfil his life long fantasy of being married to the love of his life and that he was actually part of the dollhouse, but it turned out to be all Paul Ballard's plan to bring down a mercenary by making Echo believe she was a cop partnered with Ballard for three years.

Did he really need that stick it note to remember how many years they were partners? And did he really need to listen into the 'Post-Wedding' activities? I find it strange that Ballard is working for the Dollhouse, is it all for Echo and his crazed obsession over her?

We finally got to see where Topher sleeps, not that it mattered before, but it is interesting that he lives in the Dollhouse. I believed it was reckless of him to leave Dr. Saunders tweaked like that. Maybe she should have gotten a treatment to bring her back sane, she is still a doll and has a number of years to complete before her contract was up. I didn't really notice a connection between Topher and Saunders before, I didn't even pick up on any angst between them. So why the sudden urge to tease and seduce him? Was that also part of her messed up imprint?

I could tell you though waking up to an nearly naked woman in your bed was probably Topher's dream come true, but the reality was too much for him to handle even if his minority vote wanted it to be real. :)

Who saw that Ballard would become Echo's handler, it was obvious he was on the sidelines in the Dollhouse and he wasn't leaving without satisfying his sudden obsession and maybe he freed Madeline because it was easier to let her go.

Eliza Duschu played her new engagement with such ease that I actually believed she was another person especially when she turned to cop mode.

It took a man to slam Echo's head to a table for her to get back to picking up flashes of her old engagements. What kind of husband would slam his wife's head in a table, even if she betrayed him. She was convincing until she called him by the wrong name.

I think back to reading about Dollhouse's renewal in the news and imagine my shock. There were many shows axed this year, some were even good ones that would be missed, but Dollhouse stood strong. I understand now that it is an interesting series that shows great potential. It is unique and no one has really ever done a project like this one before, but if Dollhouse wants to keep a better poll it would have to pull off a series of back to back exceptionally flawless episodes.

As much as I may have appreciated this episode, I still believe for a season premiere it could have been better. I expect nothing but the best from this series and I wonder what would happen to Dr. Saunders and whether she has gone rogue. Would we ever see Madeline again? Are Victor and Sierra an item?

Boyd was right, why would DeWitt go through so much trouble to fix Victor's face and spare Saunders nothing at all? At least we might know why?



Three and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+

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Smallville 'Savior' Review

Talk about hot, what's a good season premiere without a new improved Lois Lane, a rogue hero complex, a steamy love interest who used to kick terminator butt and well another step closer for a man in a cape to become the 'Man of Steel'.

What would the world be like without Clark Kent? In all the Superman based movies we've grown to admire, Kal-El and Clark didn't last long apart from each other. It is his human part that makes him who he is. That is why this is called Smallville and not Superman right?

Here we are again, where we open with the Smallville cliche's; dark and stormy, a distraught Chloe and a MIA Lois. At least someone always seems to be missing or supposedly dead in a typical cliffhanger, but when Chloe reached a point where her search for Lois justified hacking into personal software then explaining why she was doing it, defined a new side of crazy Chloe we haven't seen before.

This mystery filled Smallville was over pouring with non stop action and unending questions that would have you twitching your lip upward and scratching your head slightly. Upon watching the new storyline involving Zod and dips into the future, my fond memory of 'Superman' based shows like 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' and the definitive Movie 'Superman' itself came to mind. I found myself relating his character to the icons we knew of. Zod is nothing but human without his powers.

Clark mentioned an important factor when he encountered Lois' crazy killer, he had one year to figure out why he betrayed 'them', which is one season for us. I know Zod would not remain powerless forever, he would find some way to regain his powers and destroy Kal-El and take over the world like so many before him has tried to do. I still think it was foolish of Tess to allow herself to be captured and beaten, especially since it was all in vein.

Doomsday is out of sight, out of mind for now, but what about Clark? The only thing that made him come up for air was Lois. What are the odds, the one glass Lois landed on, when Clark saved the falling train, was the exact part Clark held for them to share their moment. Don't get me wrong is was 'dreamy'. I am sure Clark leaving a symbol meant something territorial like 'The Blur was here', but was it necessary really? Maybe he needed a count of the places he's saved before he erased Clark completely. It actually was nice seeing him squirm over Lois.

I didn't think I would ever say this, but it looked as though the cancellation of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle' freed Brian Austin Green's schedule to be Lois Lane's love interest. Did you get that spark?
If Clark doesn't clean up his game someone else might just win our hearts over, and it really wouldn't be so bad either.

The most heartbreaking plot of this series was watching Chloe beg Clark to 'bring her Jimmy back'. At one point I believed he might do it and Jimmy would be a part of the theme, but lost hope when he wasn't seen in the credits. It was still heartbreaking when she practically called Clark a ruthless SOB. Was that fair of her though, or was she right. He did mean it when he said that Clark Kent was dead.
Some questions though, why would Oliver join a death ring unless he seriously wanted to be killed and how much paparazzi news did Lois read to find him.

Smallville has set its standard so high that each time it has to come bigger and better than before, just to keep viewer interest. This series has the most loyal fan base and would no doubt gain support. So, for a season premiere it was satisfactory, the production style has changed to dark and misty and there are many unanswered questions which I would like answered, but Clark standing on a roof top with his overcoat blowing in the wind was well... to corny and could have been mellowed down a notch. I can't complain though, I know I would still watch this series until the season finale episode. Until then let's hope some lose ends start tying themselves up.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Office 'The Meeting' Review

Running an office is just about as easy as trying to turn a straight corner; easy to figure out its complete difficulty and that it's nearly impossible. Michael still doesn't have the hand of things and this meeting between Jim and David pushes the unstable front and lack of control Michael displays. Jim believed that keeping Michael out of the loop was for his own benefit, but that also showed carelessness on Jim's part seeing as Michael has the attention span of a five year old and by keeping him out of the loop only meant that he would want to get closer to the root of things. The entire time I kept wondering why would Jim depend on Michael at all.

Sometimes I just expect nothing less or nothing more out the the character Steve Carell plays. He has an eccentric way of making Michael come off as completely silly and unique at the same time, there is simply no other character like him on the television I've grown to admire. Michael is just an overgrown lad and I do believe 'The Office' represents something bizarre and underline, unnoticeable to naked eye, carrying an inner meaning.

I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I believe this co-manager was an attempted ploy on Jim's part to supersede Michael. He must have known Michael would go crazy, the co-manager position puts him one step closer. Jim has a lot to lose if he doesn't up his status, especially since he would be a family man soon.

Greg Daniels and Aaron Shure have a lot on their plate, but I must commend them for finally putting use to Toby and Darryl some of the most underused characters this season. Spying on Darryl was classic, I truly believed in one split second that Darryl was caught for sure, only to be introduced to a fierce look-a-like. One of the few comedy moments this half hour. Teaming up Toby and Dwight together was sure a better way to go.

This season seems to carry a certain storyline, which gives it a measure of consistency. You would have to be a firm 'The Office' watcher to grasp some of the humor thrown our way. I can say I strongly miss Holly in these episodes her storyline is unresolved, even though it might not be best placed here with the theme the writers are taking on. I am still interested in next weeks' installment.


Toby: "Hey you ass**** you going to eat all that dog food yourself" Who knew Toby had it in him. For a moment there I believed Darryl was innocent. In no way was this meant to sound harsh, but was that really Darryl's sister?

Michael: "David Wallace and I have talked and we've decided to promote Jim to the position of co-manager"
Stanley: "Co-manager of what"
Michael: "Of your butt... and your butt and your butt..."
It's amazing the questions Michael responds to and the answers he responds to?

Andy carrying Michael in the tray and explaining the cheese.
Kelly is still into Ryan?
Pam trying to get everyone to RSVP or not.
Meredith and well ...Angela

Leave it to the office to cause you to tune in a half hour, it just doesn't leave you.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-

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The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Bahamian Rhapsody' Review

There's no doubt when you are watching 'The New Adventures Of Old Christine' when a passport is misplaced on a plane in the Bahamas and Christine resorts to flashing anyone that could help her get what she wants. Who knew what went on in that room after Old Christine decided to unbutton a few from her top and the television went straight to commercial.

We do know that she returned with a happy smile on her face, without being detained, hopefully with her passport. No one would have liked being the air hostess in that position; blowing up your life vest as a form of a pillow was rather innovative and would have anyone belly rolling on the floor.

How did she get to the Bahamas? Barb's detainment in prison sure was reason enough for outing her illegal immigration status. It was a sure good thing she confided in an immigration officer, what are the odds. He seemed to have her back even though he was the one that implicated her in the first place. I wonder how would he feel dating an engaged woman.

Is new Christine gone for good? Maybe when she takes a whiff at her watered plants she might fully make up her mind about the man she was going to marry, hilarious.

Non-the-less Richard and Barb would not make it to the altar. Certainly Barb might switch rings with her handsome crush. Couldn't he have let it slide that she was an immigrant to begin with. He could have saved himself the drama. Maybe he didn't want to be with someone married to another woman.

Brilliant season opener, even after the half hour is up you still find yourself all about the floor trying to control your laughter. It still gets to you. Leave it to 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' to have a joke dangling on for weeks.



Four and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade A-

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good Wife 'Pilot' Review

When I heard about the series 'The Good Wife' I thought "...not another one of those again", talk about judging a book by it's cover. The opening scene established the basis of the promotion; a good wife who stuck by her husband just up until his cheating and fraud scandal. In those moments the premise of 'Jack and Bobby' and other politician based shows with the extra drama came to mind, but then the series took a new spin when Alicia Florrick stepped into an apparent law firm to continue her career after her husband had been jailed.

I think back to court based shows like 'Boston Legal' and placed them together to see if it measures up, because I wasn't certain of the show's identity few minutes into it. That was wrong without reason, I usually give a series four episodes for the most for it to be appealing, but in a sudden twist 'The Good Wife' spun a new definition of interesting and kept me watching till the end and surprisingly looking forward to the next installment.

Not only does Julianna Margulies have presence, she gives a definition to her character that I find myself loathing her husbands character and questioning his credibility. How would you feel about a leaked tape of your husbands infidelity, you surely would not like to be in Alicia's shoes. She started off shaky in the court room but managed to hold her ground which might have been based on weak evidence. Non the less I wondered if the Judge really despised her or was just not into the case as much. He did despise her husband, they probably shared that in common.

I didn't grasp the full concept of the show, as I'm sure more would be revealed as we get the know these new characters spending some time on television with us. I did learn that Alicia's children aren't really tuned into the full details of their father's conviction. She seemed more like a rookie intern than the real deal, that's what you probably get from spending time away from work and being 'The Good Wife'. There might actually be a relationship that goes far beyond friendship between her and Will Gardner. Alicia may also have to be on the lookout for Diane Lockhart who seems to be threatened by her for some apparent reason. Let's hope her husband's enemies keep themselves at bay, especially if it turns out that he's innocent. I'm not to sure about the affair though, that would take more convincing on his part.

There is still a new whiff to this series and there is a fine line between it and resembling a remake of another hit series. 'The Good Wife' is making it's name and the drum roll would hopefully get louder as the season progresses. Things don't become gold in one make, if only it were that simple. Who knows, it might actually outwit our expectations.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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Castle 'Deep in Death' Review

What's Castle without a headline photo-shoot, a couple of cop models at station center, a drug related body snatching, a meeting with a Russian mobster and a fall out with Kate Beckett.

Halfway through Castle's snarly comments, Kate's edgy comebacks, 'The Mentalist's' Patrick Jane and Teressa Lisbon came to mind. They have that 'annoying partner that gives good insight' thing going on. The only difference between them, is that Beckett still has a problem accepting Castle as part of the team. More so now he has dreaded up a personal element of her past.

I don't blame her, it was personal and she trusted Castle to keep it that way. Castle needed to learn boundaries, which was pretty difficult for him being a writer. He did have guts going to Beckett with that information, it could have blown up in his face, he barely got away with just a bruise. It only took his well grown daughter to teach him how to earn forgiveness. That just goes to show that Castle would have another day to partner up with Beckett, probably even pull the rest of her hair out personally.

Castle also had guts gambling with a Russian mobster. That was careless of the crew to send him in there, couldn't they have gotten someone trained, suppose Beckett wasn't quick enough to pull that switcheroo 'PS I can also be a Russian Showgirl' trick. Castle was well within inches from being killed, maybe it was Beckett's plan all along.

For the season premiere, it was satisfactory. We still have many doubts about Beckett's closure towards her mother's case and sometimes Castle dives in over his head. He sure has dodged a load some of bullets in his lifetime and that apology seemed sincere enough, but I doubt he would back off on the case Beckett said was closed. It's like saying 'Don't go there' and you still go, the interest is still there and he has a good enough lead.

I'm sure another photo-shoot would be out of the question for Castle, especially in the station. The most intriguing scene for this episode was when the moving van suddenly got hauled over by a party of body snatching crooks who just wanted their fix harvested in organs. The dead body being transported by the cops didn't even stop them, but that is what that profession does for you, clouds your judgment.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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The Mentalist 'Redemtion' Review

What happens when you take Patrick Jane off the Red John case, complete chaos. At least for now we have a silent fury and another episode filled with utter madness.

The Mentalist Season Premiere opened with that exact front and he was quite ready to pack his things up and go home before it dawned on him how much his colleagues meant to him, with Lisbon being the cherry on top.

This week's case file was the traditional million dollar rip off where Jane set a web to catch the unknowing culprit. Don't mind that it has been done several times before, but clever Jane seems to put a new spin to it which brought out the glamor in this mystery filled episode.

The one question we should ask is what Jane would do next? He's off the case and some stuck up snob wannabe has taken his place, what was that mysterious call about in the end scene? What was he up to?

Lisbon would need to put a tighter leash on him, because she's the only one he trusts to even put a leash and don't care what she said, I just don't like that crazy replacement guy.

For now at least, I loved the opening act with the lover boy and the jealous husband, hilarious. Leave it to Jane to make a messy fun.



Four and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade A-

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Freshman' Review

The season has already begun and Georgina took her spin in this episode with a few battles and missed swings, but did she live up to all the hype?

This week was all about everyone finding their niche in college and overall life. 'The Freshman' showed the tug of war between Georgina and Blair which didn't really portray the angst I anticipated. Their shenanigans were a minor representation of the tension they created in the past. Now Blair's in love and Georgina has lost her touch a bit.

At least we now know why Blair preferred to live in a dorm as opposed to bunking with Chuck; it actually gave her time to climb the social ladder.

I actually knew that Blair would have some trouble fitting into NYU; people focus on studying as opposed to style and no one really pulls up in a limo for school which is exactly why Blair's attire and bulling couldn't fetch her more friends. She actually learned that private school is far away from public school.

The biblical reference with respect to Georgina was out of whack. I really did not believe that she changed. Georgina was 'fake nice' and trying too hard to have a clean slate, that her true motives were apparent. At least it came off as a surprise when Vanessa showed more compassion for Georgina than Blair. We all know what Blair wants; a status, social gratification and control, so Blair's motives are always obvious. Georgina on the other hand would always have that extra card up her sleeve; she may feed you for a while, but bite your hand off later.

She and Dan didn't go beyond the awkward kiss, hopefully for the viewers that is, because that revelation was a jaw dropper, even though I somehow knew that trick was somewhere in there. Really what was Dan thinking, even after he came to his senses?

I really felt sorry for Blair when Dan gave his speech. The tables actually turned since High School; Dan is the leader and Blair is the one on the bench. For all those Dan and Blair (Dair) fans, I sensed a connection between them on the staircase towards Georgina's party when he threw her headband on the ground. I actually thought it was cute.

It seemed as though the only people Blair had in her life was Dorota, Serena and Chuck.

The Chuck and Blair love affair was still in the air. Couldn't really turn away from their huge make out scene before she went off to NYU, it actually looked as though he wanted to 'make love' to her lips right there. Chuck and Blair have this on screen connection that I really admire and they're not too 'mushy mushy' in love. I was happy to know she could turn to him, make his day seem brighter and lift hers as well. No more dorm for Blair. The one thing I am concerned about is what Blair would do next? She always had a goal, so what's her goal in NYU?

Chuck's scenes were more business like; trying to turn a vault space into a club. I must admit a trendy idea, but he chose the wrong person to confide in. I didn't understand why Serena believed she could count on staying with Chuck to hide out from Brown. Was she actually seeing him as the brother icon, or was he second to confiding in Blair? It still left Serena obsessive over her father. Why the sudden urge to see him? Why didn't she even consider him in her thoughts during high-school? Is it that she's getting older and really wants to get in touch with him? She did fine without him for so many years, so her obsession remains a mystery. I also don't understand Serena and Carter of all people she would consider confiding in. It actually looked like those two were entering into a relationship ... with Rufus being the 'father' temp icon, what would he say about Serena and Carter?

Serena was also finding a way to settle down, just like Blair and Scott. I am really trying to figure out what Vanessa sees in Scott, who's true intentions aren't really revealed. Scott seemed interested in finding out about his half brother, but does he have real feelings for Vanessa? It would look awful on his part if it was revealed that he was using her.

The most out of place scenes were those of Nate and Bree, spending all day alone, hot and sweaty for each other. Were they falling in love so soon and was she willing to risk rekindling with her family for him? I find them interesting, but I wouldn't really place a bet on their long lasting relationship. Nate's grandfather surely had a trump card to play and that leaves us with something to look forward to. Wasn't Nate supposed to go into Columbia, or was he too occupied with something or someone else?

So maybe 'The Freshman' didn't earn the goal medal this season. Gossip Girl, just like many of the characters on this series, is finding it's niche and we now have to get accustomed to the college side of the show. The storyline is still being developed. We might hopefully get the high school drama with Jenny being the new 'Queen B'. Would Blair regret giving her that title? I would love to know how Jenny would deal.


Blair really needs to find her stance and the bottom isn't it, maybe she shouldn't try so hard.

Vanessa should also try to stop being so angry with everyone, she should give Blair a break.

Chuck is hanging in there with Blair, but I would also love to see his business side more.

No updates on Cece, so we have no estimate for a presence from Lily.

I hope this Carter and Serena -Dan and Georgina thing doesn't last, because it's some of the few couples that really give you a slight upset stomach,

and What would Georgina do without her roommate?

Change is inevitable. At least next week we could sit back and enjoy another episode....until then.



Three and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Office 'Gossip' Review

Michael could have avoided all the drama had he just said the gossip was a moral lesson for the interns before they left, but that would have been too easy to get by, especially when it came to Michael.

So we have this episode starting off with the only two guys capable of following after Michael's clownish ways by prancing about the office like madmen. Are Dwight and Andy a similar version of Michael or do they have their own hidden agendas for acting so silly. How did Michael get by running this office.

I now understand why interns were hardly brought on 'The Office'. Who ever thought that when they grew up they always wanted to work in 'The Office', maybe the show. Seriously though the thought wouldn't really cross your mind as a big career choice, so what were those interns thinking?

Not to mention the basis of this episode 'Gossip', where the interns caught Stanley and Cynthia(a.k.a. not the wife) together on a non work afternoon. It wasn't only the juiciest Gossip of all, it also sent all those crazy flags and twisted antennas up on Michael's radar. He would have been the hero of gossip if he distributed that juicy detail, despite the repercussions. I didn't know what was more amusing; the fact that Michael spread the piece of compromising gossip about as though he was sharing candy to hungry children, or that he enjoyed giving away the news simply because he had the upper hand, both amusing, but the end result sure would have been nasty.

Topping it off with a cherry; when Stanley warned Michael not to tell everyone his big secret, which he already did, he began spreading other gossip he believed to be false which ironically turned out to be true.

What a perfect opportunity to reveal Jim and Pam's pregnancy, Andy's not so straight side and Kelly's eating disorder, some of the few lies Michael twisted and he nailed the draw dropper about Jim and Pam. So does this mean some gossip is based on an element of truth. I mean look how easily Michael guessed it. When Andy began talking about Brad Pitt, I really wondered. (Brad Pitt has been used so many times, so many ways, I wonder what goes through his mind when he hears his name being called over and over, it must be tiring or he probably couldn't care less)... and Kelly did have that break down in 'Weight Loss' Season 5 Episode 1.

What was Michael thinking? If he spread more lies, the truth would eventually pail in comparison and become the lie itself (Sounds Michael enough). It made sense only if he stuck to it. What was Stanley thinking, asking Michael to keep his secret? He was actually believable denying it when Michael first asked him if he was having an affair (Makes you wonder). Micheal was ready to out him when his butt was on the line and last season's cliff hanger about Jim and Pam's pregnancy was revealed to the entire office with the sonogram as proof. Did that slap Michael in the face as well? It all turned out in vein, revealing the pregnancy, Michael still outed Stanley in the end... poor car.

Maybe Jim and Pam should have just let Michael tell them.

So last season wasn't the big hit we enjoyed as 'The Office' took a different turn and I would admit I laughed a bit more than usual in this half hour and I really felt sorry for those interns... I hardly doubt we'd be seeing their faces again, probably in the world of show biz as Jet Lee, Julia Stiles and
Alan Thicke, maybe the Jet Lee was more believable.

Moral of the story

Gossip must not be used to one's own advantage, people can get hurt.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade C+ ...and a thumbs up, I'm really liking this season opener.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gossip Girl 'Reversals of Fortune' Review

Season three, I'm sure for you Gossip Girl fans, was the most awaited season all summer.
Now that we've seen it, was it worth the wait?

I was surely satisfied with this installment.

Summer's about rapping up, just like for us fans so we can relate, but it also seemed as though a lot of loose ends still needed to be tied up.

Chuck and Blair are together - in love - I actually liked seeing them together. The romantic Chuck Bass (A line repeated to many times 'I'm Chuck Bass') was hitting it with someone else in the opening scene and Blair came in the nick of time to break up the charade. I kept thinking 'I knew Chuck said he loved Blair, so he wouldn't really deceive her so early in the game, there must have been some trick we were missing out on' - and there was.

Chuck and Blair were of playing a cat and mouse game all summer. Really and truly that game could have gotten old fast, who brought the idea up initially, Chuck or Blair? The sweetest part was watching Chuck suppress the urge to do a three some and stick to being a one woman man - this we have to see.

As for the Humphrey's, Jenny has been spending a lot of time with Eric. Do you see Jenny and Eric as brother and sister, BFF's or something more. I always believed in the first season that Eric and Jenny would become more than friends, but that was before we found out Eric wasn't a Jenny loving guy. Anyway Dan actually shaped up this summer; growing out his hair, he actually looked very cute. Speaking of hair do's, what was up with Jenny's, it was as though she spent too much time in the pool and didn't find the time to see about her hair much.

This episode focused solely on Serena and her urge to get a good snapshot for the many camera's after her. Last season we were left with the cliffhanger of Carter finding her father, so I kept trying to put the pieces together. I wondered whether or not Carter was the problem or solution to whatever secret Serena was keeping from even Blair.

Blair and Dan teamed up again, not much of a surprise. I think Humphrey is really starting to grow on her and Blair has actually changed since we were introduced to her character in the first season, being in love probably helps.

A lot of people hooked up here actually;
Blair and Chuck (Obviously)
Serena and Carter (That sex scene was well.. unexpected, but predictable).
Vanessa and Scott (a.k.a Rufus an Lily's love child) which explained why was drawn to the Humphrey's. Do you think he's just using Vanessa to get closer to Dan, that kiss sure seemed real enough.

Not to mention Nate and Bree Buckley? It seems as though we would be getting a new storyline for Nate, this time a bit more interesting. What about that speech he gave last season to Vanessa on the other hand, maybe he took the friendship thing on seriously. Still if you were a 'Privileged' fan you would recognize Joanna Garcia played by Bree. What do you think about this knew pair? Would it even last long, we do know that secrets often reveal themselves and you can't really keep a secret away from Gossip Girl, not for long anyway. It also seemed as though Nate's relationship with Bree was an eyebrow lifter for his grandfather who saw their relationship as an advantage? What did that mean? Probably he is going to use his grandson's relationship with a Buckley to get what he wants. It was a sure good thing they were seated next to each other - coincidence?

Rounding off this thrill of a season opener, we learn that Serena is getting the attention she wants because she was trying to get her father's attention. I wonder what would Lily say about that?
We also learn that Cece, Lily's mom, is sick and is not really doing so good, which would explain Lily's absence.
Blair really couldn't put up with the thrill seeker that turns on their relationship on a twisted note. They might very well have to play it singular for the role of the waiter and the unhappy customer. How long would Blair and Chuck last this time? I'm really liking them now, but college could put a spin on tings differently.
Dan and Vanessa had an argument that could possibly terminate their friendship. Vanessa said that Dan changed, but I really don't agree with her, except for his grown out hair, the rich lifestyle didn't really matter to him much.
Well... Georgina wasn't here either, but college hadn't really started yet, so I guess we would all have to wait for the next episode.

I'm still in awe over the delivery of this one. The writers pulled it off here. If they keep this up we would sure be in for a wonderful season. Fingers crossed.



Four and a half out of Five Stars

Grade A

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