Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar (2009) Movie Review

I have to start off by saying that this movie was out of this world. I knew from the trailer it would have been a good one, but I didn't know how much I would love it. My idea of a good movie is the essence of something that has originality, insatiable acting and a whimsical storyline, something that I couldn't come up with myself. This movie really had me thinking of the possibility of another world like this one. James Cameron; the writer and director of this film found a way to create a mystical plot, beyond anyone's imagination unto the screen for us to enjoy and lament upon. Even the love story is unique and sensational, beyond words.

I immediately did research upon returning from the movies, because I really enjoyed this one. I learned about the techniques used to digitize each actor and actress into their 'Na'vi' form and the exceptionally attractive artwork. I further discovered that the writer behind this movie had it set for release in 1999, but held it off until now because the technology introduced would not be as open to us now. We have seen many movies that presented technology that literally left you flabbergasted at the endeavor to create something beyond belief, but 'Avatar' would take your breath away.

The names and the language within the movie would leave you wondering whether this language was 'the real deal'. I discovered that the language and culture of the 'Na'vi' was developed by Cameron himself. This creativity and professionalism was presented by Cameron in other films, but this one takes the cake.

Set way into the future the plot revolves around the Na'vi and their homeland Pandora. Pandora itself speaks of a box which holds the evils of mankind and once opened, all the evils would be revealed. The choice of Pandora reflects the actual lifestyle of the Na'vi after the humans invaded their homeland.

This type of inner depth which director James Cameron chose to develop was what impressed me most. I appreciated the relationship between Neytiri and Jake Sully. Sully himself was simple minded, but according to director Cameron; Sully would be 'a guy you'd want to have a beer with, and he ultimately becomes a leader who transforms the world'. Very few movies come along like this one often and I was hooked from beginning to end. I remember a particular scene while the humans reigned doom on the Na'vi's and took away their promised tree, I had grown attached to these people so much that their pain was shared and Neytiri's expression and passion for her culture was welcomed with open arms.

The Na'vi are essentially a huge family with deep ties among each other. It was amazing how open they were to teach others their traditions and were willing to merge 'an outsider' into their family. I can't grasp officially how the creation of this culture was done off screen, but I could truly believe and accept the possibility of there being a culture like the Na'vi out; a twelve feet tall race open to culture and nature. Their world actually seemed more functional and less complicated than the actual human lifestyle.

There were a few inconsistencies within the movie, at least there were a few that others pointed out, that I couldn't have really cared less about. Sometimes when you are so in to a movie you begin to lose any curiosity into plot developments and just 'go with the flow'. There were such few, but the ones pointed out detailed the inability of the Na'vi's arrows to penetrate the flying machines in the first war fight and in the fight with Sully as lead, they easily penetrated the windscreens. My theory in defense of them would be the positions they captured in the first fight; it was weak and unplanned and the distance barely gave any harm, especially since they had no clear view of the screens and aimed relentlessly. A second inconsistency pointed out dealt with the humans' inability to breathe without their masks and then we have them breathing without out their masks in the end. My theory to counter that would entail a bit of uncertainty, but on top of that Cameron did list the possibility of sequel movies and maybe all of those would be explained.

If it were me alone none of those mattered at all and the best parts of the movie, which is everything else, made me fall for it deeply beyond words. I would forever cherish one of the best couples created onscreen; Neytiri and Sully. I admired the way Neytiri referred to Sully as 'Her Jake', which reenacted their love for each other and made me ignore the possibility for them to be together given Sully's situation. What impressed me further would have been the scene where Sully began to suffocate for air and Neytiri hurried to save him. Despite the fact that she realized his true form, she still loved him; she didn't mind holding a small man in her arms. To her it wasn't a small man, but 'Her Jake', however mushy that sounded.

However soon the sequels arrive onscreen, I would be one of the many awaiting in hope that they are perceived just as well as the first. I actually began this review a week ago and bit by bit, it came along. I just needed to get the words right, make sure the movie sunk in enough and now I love it even more.



Five Stars

Grade A++

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Lexabuti's Christmas Show List - Special


Christmas time is here and with most of our series taking a vacation with us; we often sit back on the shows gifted for us this year. Even the ones that met their end early, we still think of them. Here is my Christmas show list.

My Favorite Series' This Year.

20) Prison Break - Prison Break has been my favorite series from episode 1. I remember looking at this new prison drama on television and just staring at Wentworth Miller for the entire episode. Hence the reason I discovered his real name and background. Sarah Wayne Callies was also a familiar one for me. I remembered her from Tarzan, another reason to look at a shirtless guy, boy was I disappointed when it got canceled, just as disappointed when Prison Break got canceled. For the first few seasons I was eager to locate every episode on DVD and the commentaries was worth the DVD compilation. I remember asking the salesman when Season 3 was coming out and the season had not ended yet. As the years grew on this series, they also made a few mistakes by fabricating Sarah's death and the love connection between Sarah and Michael became washed down, not to mention Michael's relationship with his brother. Still this series made it into my top twenty, so that says something.

19) Cupid - Now Cupid the 'remake' in my opinion did not have a strong start. The series copied every detail, word for word from the previous version, but it picked up later on. Compared to all the other series around, I didn't mind having this one around. I kept hoping for a connection between him and Claire. Probably even a glimpse of his life as a god, or the revelation that his 'cupid' state was a temporary hallucination. Even though it ended soon, I appreciated his attempts to make love happen, along with his smarty remarks.

18) S
amantha Who - Comedies can remedy a mellow day, and Samantha Who did the trick. This series was hilarious from the beginning. I remember Christina Applegate from The Sweetest Thing (2002) and I didn't really know how she would have handled a series, but she did successfully. Barry Watson from 7th Heaven also gave me initiative to love the show and appreciate the jokes. It did relate to real life and the mystery to staring over even if you had a horrible past. The only reason it did not make it to my top ten, is solely because it ended to soon and left too many unresolved issues behind.

17) The Unusuals - So what happened to the Unsusuals, it just disappeared without being given a decent chance or any sense of getting noticed. Amber Tamblyn from Joan of Arcadia pointed me in this series' direction, although I didn't ever peg her for a hard boil cop. I still liked the series.

16) Make It or Break It - Well the long break from this series has made it fall back into 'My Top 20' as opposed to being in 'My Top 10', but it still made it. The one thing I loved about this series is its unique appeal to telling a story. The difficulty in athletics could be improved, but the show made me love to really dislike some characters and also root for others that fall behind. Let's hope it keeps up the spirit after Christmas.

15) Robin Hood - There are few BBC shows I actually grow attached to and Robin Hood was one. I remember Googling 'Robin Hood' and discovering that this series existed all the way into the second season. So I borrowed the DVD from a friend and became instantly hooked. Not only did Jonas Armstrong have a strong main character appeal, but you literally could not take your eyes off of him for one second. I am certain he had the ladies falling for him on and off screen. Non-the-less I really admired this series and was saddened by it cancellation. There is no telling where the show would have gone without Armstrong.

14) The Listener - I can't remember how I started watching this one, but I knew I liked it. It was a different touch. I always like series that tell a different story, plus there must be the love chemistry dipped in between, but it still did the trick and I was happy to discover its renewal for a second season. I would love to know how the story is unraveled.

Kath and Kim - Now a lot of people that I knew didn't really take to this show. Some said that it couldn't compare to the Australian version, while others couldn't stand the idiotic acting placed by Selma Blair and Molly Shannon (in their opinion of course), but If you ignore all those facts, this show was really funny. I mean sure Kim was spoiled rotten, but the nonsense was easily eaten up and she actually reminded me of someone I knew, an exact replica.

12) Parks and Recreation - I actually learnt about this show recently by Sidereel's Kendra and Rachel. I especially thank Kendra for pointing me in this shows' direction. At first I thought it was following into 'The Office' footsteps and I said 'Oh no, you can't act like them and come off funny the same way. On the other hand, it turned out to be the opposite. This series is completely different from 'The Office' it is more for the outdoors and carries its own humor with it.

11) Burn N
otice - USA usually brings out a certain type of series, I remember loving Walker Texas Ranger and now Burn Notice comes along. Burn Notice is not only clever, but the cast is incredible. I instantly became familiar with Sam, being a fan of Xena myself and that added an extra bonus to me loving this series and Michael's smile. Although I found this series became a bit repetitive with Michael's mother constantly making appearances, sometimes she comes out of nowhere without a valid storyline to back it up. Why would Michael risk being around his mother while danger follows him around like a magnet? Shouldn't he fake his death and try to get away from her? Anyway, his enemies already know his weakness, what would be the point. That does nothing to keep me from loving this series, especially since getting a taste Season 3.

10) The Office - Without saying, I love this series for its approach to telling a story. The fact that Michael is able to get away with half the things he says is evidence of a brilliant series. I did however think that last season the jokes were a bit edgy, but this season is picking up, hopefully next year it would be in 'My top 5'.

9) In Plain Sight - Brilliant season opener, brilliant season finally, I want more.

8) 10 Things I Hate About You - This series is so funny and that Patrick well, when he first spoke I was like 'what, that voice did not just come out from there', and that was where the magic started. I really do not compare the series to the actual movie, because the series alone it something that stands on its own.

7) 24 - Nonstop drama and action and Jack Bauer. I joined 24 in its Season 4 reign, before I used to think, what kind of show runs in a day via season, but surprisingly I got attached. I instantly began watching the seasons I missed before it and now I am up to par. I thought the Jack and the bio-weapon was a bit of a stretch. Especially since (spoiler) next season he is alive and well and apparently in good condition (end spoiler). Still I loving the excitement and I hope for more Jack and Renee.

6) Bones - I watch a lot of Bones and Booth videos and I just love the chemistry between them. Definitely glad it's in 'My Top 10'.

5) Castle - I didn't think I would like a crime drama so much, usually I just tune in and out, but Castle is just too funny to stay away from.

4) Te
rminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles - As you would see in my most missed series and possibly my previous posts; I really love Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TSCC). I mean every episode rocked, The one thing I admire most about this series is that it took time to tell the story. It also has a brilliant cast. Even though Lena Headey obviously shows her English accent in real life, she does a brilliant American one, really cool.

3) Privat
e Practice - I instantly left Grey's Anatomy and became hooked on Private Practice (if you were wondering why Grey's wasn't mentioned here). Season 3 is far more developed and established than Season 1, but that doesn't mean I didn't love Season 1 the same.

2) The Men
talist - Every episode so far has been consistent. I admired Robin Tunney ever since she left Prison Break and she has joined yet another incredible series. Cleverly plotted and witty. I especially admire how they take the time to develop Van Pelt and Rigsby as opposed to rushing in their love story. Very few series bear this kind of quality.

1) Smallville - Last but not least 'Smallville'. For me Smallville claimed the number one position solely because my admiration for Lois and Clark and my Passion for what they represent, being a fan of all 'Superman' creations. I not only await the next episode, but anticipate the series' development.

Favorite New Series

Cougar Town - You can thank Courtney Cox for me loving this series because she is hilarious. I was on board whether or not it was going to be a hit, but I am glad it was a hit. The guy who played Noah in Private Practice is more attractive here than he was before, even though I might not completely adore his character. Still this is one to see if you haven't already.

Accidentally on Purpose - Come on really, I thought this was going to be horrible, and then I laughed my ass off for the first episode. At times, in between, there would be the lazy episode, but overall I wonder how far this one would go.

The Good Wife -Brilliant writing, acting, cleverly plotted and created, what else - a must see.

V - This one is popular, so I am sure there are many that loved it before the first episode aired, solely because it's something different and as of now, a story that hasn't been told before.

Community - A very dirty kind of comedy where you would find friendships in unexpected places and a kind heart in the most worthless person known. Most of all even the end of the series is entertaining.

White Collar - Okay I loved the first episode, but at times it kind of drifted so I am not sure about this one, but I just find the main character to be so attractive, so I am still interested.

Glee - If anyone got a hold of my previous discussion post with respect to Glee, I have my issues with the Terri - Will - Emma triangle, but putting that aside I love the talent portrayed on the show. Mercedes gave a wonderful impression for the finale as well as Rachel and I look forward to more of their performances.

Most Disappointed Canceled Series

Men In Trees - Oh It felt like just the other day I had an excuse to watch James Tupper in action. The finale did not give the series the justice it needed.

Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles - How could they! Completely unexpected.

Cupid - It was just all of a sudden, some didn't really see it coming, but it got the axe.

Robin Hood - Apparently this show it nothing without Jonas Armstrong. Anyway, I really didn't like his relationship with Kate, maybe it's for the best.

Kath and Kim - A person needs more laughter in their life, not sadness.

Xena The Warrior Princess - It’s been Years I know, but I still miss this one.

Most Disappointed Series This Year

NCIS Los Angeles - Really, the acting really sucks, I keep hoping for it to get better, but I stopped watching it weeks ago. Message me if it gets better.

Dollhouse - Well its being canceled, from the beginning I warned that Dollhouse needed to tie up some loose ends if it wanted to survive the push and pull of television and fans, they didn't want to listen.

Gossip Girl - Okay although I believe that there is a possibility for this show to claim another Season, I wouldn't be so surprised if it didn't. What are the writers doing here? I have read better fan fiction that this, come on Gossip Girl, your audience members are actually smart enough to know better, feed us what we want.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Okay, I was going to put this one in my top twenty, but then I thought how much this season is beginning to disappoint me. It had a strong start and then it got lost somewhere.

Prison Break - I loved Season 1 and 2, surprisingly Season 3, but they sort of ruin Michael and Sarah for me. Season 4 went sour for me. It sad when a good series takes this plunge.

My Christmas Wish-list

The Renewal of Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles. There have been rumors, but I want an official word. The series was consistent from episode one and didn't deserve to be axed.

For Gossip Girl to either Move Up or Move out.

Most of all, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and thank those who came on board my blog, you are greatly appreciated. Also a Merry Christmas to those who commented and debated with me, I guess I wouldn't have anyone to share my online thoughts with if it weren't for you guys.

Lexa wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dollhouse: Season 2 'Stop Loss' and 'The Attic' Review

After this double dose of Dollhouse, I must admit that I would have appreciated the Series more if they went with this approach in Season One. I might not be a great fan of the series, but I loved the story type and I would not have minded another Season had the writers not really screw with the cherry of the story.

I felt as though they cheated time away from us, especially when it came to character development and suspense. The moment they received a possible thrilled idea, they would ruin the recipe by adding a cheesy-mess. Had the writers taken the approach to develop Echo, as opposed to crowding her with character development which frankly felt rushed for these last episodes, they could have held on to a few fans and a possible more seasons.

Sierra and Victor have the potential onscreen favorite couple, but the spark between them just isn't there for me. The writers held all the cards and the played all the wrong ones. Season one should have focused on the changes in Victor, giving us a brief introduction into his past, however small. Sierra herself could have revealed some Pria qualities.

Dewitt has now begun to annoy me to the point where I really couldn't tolerate any scene with her. The end scene in attic, where Echo sort of formed a truce with DeWitt, would have been more clever, if that was the sole purpose she brought Caroline in, as opposed to them making the pact before she sent her off to the attic.

I really tried, I mean there were points I literally zoned in and out and felt as though a fifteen minute snack break could have been accomplished even while the show was going on, but I blame it on the writers. Eliza Dushku showed some real talent as an actress, especially with what she had to work with. Had the storyline taken a different approach... oh well no use there.

The only scene I possibly found interest in was the return of that Dominic character from Season one, as we learnt he was sent to the attic then, and Summer Glau, but she was in the earlier double dose Fridays and hasn't returned since. Some things just go so far off to the point of no return, I really hoped Dollhouse would get back on track and renew a season or two. All weren't completely horrible, maybe Echo and Sierra should have had more scenes together in their doll states, and maybe some more animosity between Adelle and Topher. There is only so much that could be done now.



Three Stars

Grade C-

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gossip Girl: Season 3, Episode 12 'The Debarted' Review

Gossip Girl aspires to achieve a certain goal every time a new episode is aired. Here we had a self depressing Chuck, a misguided Serena, a sibling rivalry and thorn marriages. Now Gossip Girl has taken the road where the end would justify the means and all the other pieces before it could simply fall out of place, so long as everything ends in accordance with the script.

That is why we have characters poking in and out of episodes without any sort of development or back story as to how they claimed even a second of screen time. We also have characters falling in and out of love like a misused hobby and then there are the marriages that come out corrupt and worn down to the ground.

Tripp is a very weak character, he claimed to love Serena and protested to overcome whatever trials that came their way, yet he still ran crying to his wife like a little baby. He has shown no real valor of a congressman, nor has he represented himself as the man he claimed to be. Which makes me wonder why anyone would waste time fighting over him? Surprisingly, I liked Maureen over all the melodrama. The letter, which Maureen used as blackmail, claimed that Lily and Serena's father spent some time in a hotel room. That could only mean that nothing 'under the sheets' happened and Lily was not the 'cheating whore' Maureen made her out to be. Solely because Lily was to ready to tell Rufus the truth and she didn't fear the worst for their marriage.

I felt the feud between Jenny and Eric was short lived and a cheap shot on Eric's part. Did it really take two people to plan the big comeback? Maybe the writers have something else stored for the siblings and their truce revealed to be a bluff, who knows. I just don't know how to feel about Jenny's drug-dealer mentality. I am certain if she asked Lily nicely she could have gotten the extra bags, but her problems seem to go beyond that, and without any direction in her life, she would continue going off course. It's even worse since her very own father couldn't pay attention for two minutes, to notice that his little girl is slipping.

I am actually tired of the whole Blair-Chuck lovie dovieness. I remember how the Bart death was dealt with and couldn't recall Lily's visit to the hospital, so the closure bit was expressed well for Chuck's sake. I did feel that the whole Bart death was spontaneous last season and Chuck handled the covering of his father in the hospital with maturity. The possibility of him seeing his father had something to do with his lightheaded and drunken states, which led to a sense of delusion. Gearing into the Christmas mood, the ghost mental was a somewhat pun for fun.

Dan and Olivia did not get their essential closure they needed to officially end as a couple, and even though Dan is admitting his feelings for Vanessa to himself, I couldn't officially root for them. Every character on this show is in and out of relationships, either with each other or someone completely impromptu. The only 'single' characters are probably the youngest of the cast and their relationships with others can be warped and manipulative as well, so there isn't one real couple worth rooting for.

Since we are all preparing for the Holidays, some our loved series have already taken their mid season break and I could use a break from Gossip Girl for a while, as an early Christmas present. Some of the plots have taken an interesting spin, like Nate's development (hitting Tripp was solid) and Chuck's 'mother'(?), but it's not enough. They are all slight impressions and small twists. The rest of the nonsense (ouch), like Tripp's whining, Serena's naivety, Rufus' spontaneous 'affair' with a spontaneous character and Jenny's rebellion, could really take a hike, because it really drowns out all the plausible elements each episode.

I am not really expecting much now, there were some points in the episode where I sort of, couldn't really care anymore, but just had to watch it for the sake of just letting you all know how I felt about it, but nothing changes.

Does Serena really deserve Nate; I mean he stuck by her side throughout all the bull she gave him?



Three Stars

Grade C-

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The Office: Season 6, Episode 12 'Scott's Tots' Review

Michael: "I've made some empty promises in my life, but hands down that was the most generous"

Michael has done and said many crazy things in his lifetime, promising to pay for an entire class' college tuition was one; and worst yet that they believed he would follow through his word without any written proof or contact over the years. it's clear that Erin isn't everyone's favorite person. Had the tables been reversed and Michael said the things to Pam as he did Erin, he would have surely gotten another punch in his mouth. Could Michael afford to sponsor even one child's college fees, I highly doubt it, so what gave these teenagers the hope that Michael would fulfill their dream, especially since he could barely afford to take care of himself.

I felt the students gave Michael too much credit, not to mention the teachers. I was surely doing my research before even trusting any word from Michael. The only good thing that came out of it was hope and faith that if they did do well in school, they would have made it to college, which is the exact point Erin made to Michael in the end. The funniest part was Michael believing, some computer batteries could mend the mess he had already created.

On the office side, Jim authority is threatened by Dwight again. I actually feared for Jim in a second, but I highly doubted that Wallace would axe Jim's title because of the Employee mishap. I would give Dwight one thing, if it was really 'Rainn Wilson' (Dwight) mimicking Stanley, Kevin and the others on the phone to Wallace, he did a brilliant job. I would have easily thought it was Kevin through the impression he delivered. Sadly, Dwight's vendetta got Ryan on board, I guess he couldn't stand his box for his office anymore.

Michael: "I can't pay for your college, but you don't have to go to class, to be in class. Online courses are a viable option, to a traditional college experience. The best way to access those courses is with your own personal laptop, which is rendered useless without the batteries and I have one for each of you"



For Stars

Grade B+

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is this the end of Will And Terri?

I really felt sorry for Terri, I mean I really felt sorry for her. All this time she felt that lying to her husband was the best way to keep their relationship strong.

We have all seen this type of relationship. The fact that Terri pointed out that Will was a better husband when he felt sorry for himself, was bad enough. What relationship you know survived after a lie, blown out of proportion, was revealed?

We knew the moment would come for Will to stumble upon Terri's lie, I mean really how long could she have kept it up. There could have been times where he could turn around and surprise her with her belly rub. Even though she became extremely alert in bed, there would be that time for the coin to drop and the two faces revealed, but I really did not expect it. While Will went scouting for his pocket square, I knew the moment had arrived for him to connect the dots. I seriously thought he was going to hit her there!

Even though everything she went through to cover it up, was manipulative and conceited, I still felt remorse. The fact she believed that a lie could help their marriage was beyond saddening. I mean really, I understand her. I don't think Will should have suffered through the false believe of being a father, but I also didn't appreciate his love affair with Emma when he believed he was going to be a father.

Even when Terri was believed to be pregnant, he held on to his misguided feelings for Emma, so imagine if Terri broke the news then, to go and ask Emma what was to be his next move. I mean a marriage is supposed to mean something, and even Emma told Terri to back off when she thought Terri was getting in the way. The irony.

The moment he realized the pregnancy was fake was the biggest moment for me. He said he loved her, but I really couldn't believe him, especially since he couldn't stand spending time with her at school as well as home because 'they would have nothing to talk about at home'. Their marriage was really 'messed up' from the start.

Terri: "Do you remember that appointment, do you remember what was said? That at that moment, no matter what happened, we loved each other"

After hearing those words and finding out she wasn't pregnant, in Terri's crazy state, I could imagine why she would feel the need to lie. It didn't all start out as a lie.

Their relationship was torn, the typical pregnancy to keep the marriage going has been misused and often times fell through the cracks. Things are often more successful when a baby is actually involved. She probably already lost him, so what exactly did she have to hold on to.

I hold my opinion, I do feel sorry for her, no one would ever want to be in that situation, especially when a simple human error was made and having a sister that condones it doesn't really help. I could tell she did care about him, but after he turned his back to her, I really do not know if there's any coming back from that.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Treasure of Serena Madre' Review

I figured I needed a one week break from Gossip Girl, because surprisingly I found 'The Treasure of Serena Madre' to be big refresher. I really didn't expect much out of this one, so anything that made sense to watch would have easily been a thumbs up in my book.

Even though I might not like the approach they are going with the show, it's good to have an episode that flowed. As for the storyline, I had given up on the Jenny-Eric war and initially I thought the writers decided to make Jenny and Eric friends, but I was happy with the suspense they gave us and I am intrigued into what 'strike' Eric referred to in his text. I found the Vanessa-Dan reconnection to be filled with suspense as well, although I didn't buy that Vanessa's heart was broken beyond repair, when she first expressed her feelings for Dan in Season One. She survived through it.

The only storyline I couldn't really take interest in was Serena's naivety towards Tripp. The whole 'he's married and leaving his wife-but not for me' is a really old cliche on television, but I think I understand where Gossip Girl stands right now so we'll have to make do. As for Lily I am actually curious as to what was in that letter and the secret she's keeping. I do know that Maureen would find some way to use it to get Tripp back.

Jenny and Eric

I was set on disliking the war between them and disputed the writers' approach to Jenny's amateur mean girl attitude. When the show opened with Jenny and Eric apparently on good terms, I figured they let bygones be bygones and I wasn't expecting much, but I liked the suspense they created with Eric and his hate for Jenny. Eric wants things back the way they were and Jenny has lost sight of the person she once was. It also looked like we would be seeing more of Kira, the girl Eric teamed up with in 'They Shoot Humphrey's, Don't They'. I am certainly interested in the strike the have for Jenny.

Dan, Vanessa and her Mother

I like Vanessa's mother and I understood the dispute between them. I knew they were going to lay down the Dan and Vanessa card, but I was happy that they didn't play it. I may have wanted them together in Season one, but now not so much. It was fun for Vanessa's mom to point out Dan being 'in love'. I remember Vanessa's surprise visit to Dan's window in Season One, but she couldn't really expect that Dan would have held a torch for long even if he proclaimed to love her. Their friendship didn't really suffer then, or maybe it was an underline fact. I found Dan's 'face' according to Vanessa, amusing, and Vanessa's innocence towards 'the face' was just to cute.

Tripp, Serena and Maureen

Serena takes up an entire chapter of her own, on how gullible a person she could be. It was laughable enough when Tripp believed a simple incident could mean the end of his marriage, as opposed to admitting to finding any excuse to sleep with Serena, but watching Serena dig her own pit of lies and the naivety that went with it was embarrassing. Looking at Tripp, he looked like an eighteen year old dressed up as someone older and I questioned his ability to run as congressman, let alone have a wife and lead an affair. Given the responsibility Maureen has as a wife, she should know better than to ruin her husband's career in front of his face and believe that things would work out. Her deceptive skills were just as amateur. I did feel sorry for her though, especially when Tripp left her for good and asked Serena to join him. I don't care whether or not he was willing to sink his life in, if he did care about Serena, he would have left well enough alone. At least it looked as though Maureen could use whatever was in that letter, as Blackmail.

Rufus, Lily, Cece and Serena

What a silly place to keep a letter if you are trying to hide it, especially if someone else knows the combination to the hiding place. Whatever Lily is hiding, it has something to do with Serena's father and it also measures up to all the shenanigans Serena committed in her lifetime. It must really be horrible, since Lily can't ever judge Serena again. What could be more obscene than running away with a married-almost divorced man? What happened with Lily's secret trip over the summer? Affairs seem to be popular on Gossip Girl's radar, I hope Lily didn't have one.

It was nice to have Cece be a part of Thanksgiving, but she was oddly over nice when compared to the deceitful character I knew her to be in Season One. Ah I am over it, but I really loved to hate her then and I am loving the suspense we are getting.

Blair, Eleanor and Dorota

This triangle was very entertaining, but the promos placed too much emphasis on the surprise pregnancy. I guess that's the advertisement ploy to through you off guard, so anything else was open to creativity. I almost forgot Dorota's love affair with Vanya, he was pretty excited to be a father. How is that going to work out though?

Everything Else

Blair and Chuck barely had any couple worthwhile moments and originally I shared Blair's resentment towards Serena's lapse in marital judgment. Blair actually showed a sense of maturity this time, she shines better when she's not plotting to take over a kingdom that doesn't exist. I on the other hand, did not support her choice to give Serena the 'go ahead' to run off with Tripp, who was still married. It would have been more Blair if she added a 'make sure he shows you the divorce papers' liner.

Nate and Dan are really cool buddies, it's funny how close they are. Dan is like the buddy that gives you a pat on the back when all fails and Chuck is the one to drown it all down with hard liquor. It's good to know Nate has options and even though he's not the most stable character in the cast, Nate manages to pull off an average okay in his scenes.


If Lily really wanted to keep her secret safe, she would have burnt that letter.

Did Vanessa really not notice Dan's 'faces', she probably didn't have someone really love her before.

Thumbs up to Vanessa's mom and that heart to heart speech with Dan about Vanessa.

Eric looks really mean when he's playing the 'bad boy'.


Blair: "Oh I didn't know the Empire had hourly rates!"
Serena: "Is Nate home, he's not answering his cell?"
Blair: "One Van Der Belt isn't good enough?"

Blair: "Mother, how could you? I mean, no offense to Cyrus, but do you really think the world needs another Aaron Rose?"
(Sweet, I have to agree with Blair on this one.)

Nate: "I told you it would end badly. Threesomes man, don't believe the hype"
(Talking from experience. You know he turned Dan down for Thanksgiving plans, but not Serena-go figure.)

Chuck: "A little Thanksgiving proclamation; you two ever play grab-ass in my elevator again, and Serena will be staying at an airport Marriott! Happy holidays!"
(Hahahmmm good one.)

I am almost certain the writers took the approach of giving fans back to back hilarity of episodes to convince us of decline in worthy plots, only to have this one pulled out of all the dust. I appreciate this approach and if they continue along this stretch, I would definitely not be disappointed-too much. I have already accepted the approach they are taking, it doesn't mean I like it very much either.
Here's for improvement!



Three Stars

Grade C+

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The Office: Season 6, Episode 11 'Shareholders Meeting' Review

Re-cyclops and Polluticon and another day at The Office. I admired how the placed the correct Secretaries throughout the years, while Jim gave a run-through of Re-cyclops time of reign; they reformed Jim's position by Pam's desk, Ryan's clueless look as the then receptionist and the other receptionist who Michael tortured for not being like Pam, can't really remember her name though, and now Erin. Dunder Mifflin had a lot of receptionist in its lifetime. I still can't get over Pam's promotion to sale, but 'oh well'.

So, Michael is greeted with a limousine to be taken to a shareholders meeting to be hosted with David Wallace among many. I am almost certain they treated Michael with a hint of loyalty, so that he could endure the harsh remarks from the extremely dissatisfied patrons at the meeting. This reminded me of a meeting a friend hosted and she was placed in the spotlight when it came to clarifying expenses and fair-use of welfare savings. Michael is not one to be considered a failure, which is why he preferred being cheered, even if his claim was bogus.

Oscar always speaks intelligently and could easily stand up to Michael about the boards in the company and the diversification of money spent within, yet he could not stand up to Wallace and his clan. If he began rattling off about the 'Dunder Mifflin Stock Symbol' being 'DMI', which according to him stood for 'Dummies, Morons and Idiots' because 'that's what anyone would have to be to own it'. If Oscar stood strong and uttered those words to the members of the board, to their face, he would have certainly been out of a job.

As Michael's presence is absent from the office, Jim apparently takes charge, being co-manager and all. The irony is that no one respects him and he comes off as less of a boss than Michael. That could mean that they really have no respect for Jim, who was once a member of them or they have been without an idealistic leader for so long, that they have lost sight of how serious a boss can be. Even Pam couldn't really see Jim as the boss he claimed to be. Could Jim really fire someone? I am certain he could, but Michael would make it his priority to seek vengeance if he axed Ryan.

Ryan himself has been much more childish this season. I don't know if Michael spoiled him, but he's managed to treat Kelly like the teenage girl he 'hooks up' with, without defining his relationship with her, and he also doesn't respect Jim and his title. I was happy for Jim when he took a stand and placed Ryan in a lonely office, (box more like it) to teach him a lesson. That was one way to show who was in charge, by making an example of the person responsible for demeaning his authority.

The Office is catching on this season and as a message to Pam, you don't only support your husband because you have to, you also mean it.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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