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Gossip Girl 'Seder Anything' Review

"Really is this what Blair dreams about...?"
Where did she get that accent from...

...Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford must have ha
d fun with that!

Gossip Girl
"When you lose hope in a dream sometimes all you are left with are sleepless nights".

It also looks like 'Vanessa and Chuck' wasn't 'anything' to talk about in 'Seder Anything'.

Did you miss Vanessa at all though...?

Gossip Girl Climbs the stair a bit in 'Seder Anything' as the old twists are picked up here.

Blair and Nate's spur of the moment love affair well... was still there, except Blair was meshing into Nate's Aristocratic world where everything was filled of daisies and flowers and you're right, Blair becoming a Bride's Maid. At Least that's how it started off.

Blair seems to be losing touch with her Blitchy side lately, ... we haven't really gotten a Blair outburst lately. It's pitiful watching Blair in her dire state, unable to know what her future beholds. Even though I don't believe someone like Blair would be rejected from anything, she was a top notch student and worked hard for what she got. The writers are probably giving Blair a salvation plot; Blair needs to fall hard in order to rise to the top, at least I hope that's where they are going with her storyline.

How about Nate and Blair... completely unexpected huh. Well now she's holding Nate's hand through his family difficulties and finding her way to survive in that lifestyle.

Could you imagine Blair competing for a position as a Brides maid? It seemed like there were bigger fish in the sea and Blair was drowning.

What about that Maureen, she seemed like an older Blitch. How many people choose their bridesmaids from a list, was Maureen a bit low on friends...

From the moment Nate's grandfather approached Blair about Yale for Nate, I knew things would be blown out of proportion, especially when she accepted his preposition to influence Nate on Yale and what was she getting out of it...

The Grandfather - "Tell me what are your plans for next year? I know you pulled off college ...any word from the Junior Committee League at the Whitney?"

Blair - "Actually they didn't accept me!"

The Grandfather - "Oh I think that must be some kind of mistake I'll call Agnes Cessna immediately, she'll clear that right up!"

Surprise! Surprise!, he could help her...
Imagine a grandfather that bribes their grandsons girlfriends just to pull things in their favor, very manipulative and scary when you think about it.
I am sure the old Blair would've blackmailed him for his bribery... you are losing your edge Blair!

Just a hunch, but didn't you think it was funny how everything worked out in his favor.

--He holds the bribery over Blaire's head and throws it in her face in the end--

--Was Blair booted out of the secretarial position on purpose to appease 'grandfather's qualm'--

--Tripp had a 'secret' lunch date with Nate easily revealing his Grandfather's dishonesty and Grandfather regains Nate's trust by using Blair as bate--

Do you think it is his way of gaining control over Nate?
Maybe he would rather choose an ideal girlfriend for him than Blair or even Vanessa.
...and there is always a third party involved.
Tripp seems to be making everyone fall... (pun is intended) :) Coincedence maybe.

Eleanor and Cyrus host a ceremony and Lily invites herself over to promote Rufus' art gallery. These plot lines we could have done without.

What about Dan and his assistant.
"I really need the money"
I thought they were going to hook them up together, give him a break from Serena.

It was a good thing for Jenny's 'friend' otherwise how else would Dan have gotten a job to pay for College?

Eleanor didn't need Dan that badly, she managed fine without him.
Things would have been better without Dan and Serena's Public Display of Affection. Wouldn't Gabriel realize that Serena is trying to make him jealous...
That was really no way for Serena to treat her husband... wait Serena is married, but wait she isn't or is she!

It was implied that Gabriel and Poppy are working up some scheme to get at Serena, but why bother? What could they get from her? Money... Fame...


That make-out scene between Serena and Gabriel was well... interrupted by a Blair outburst...Blair seems to be crying a lot and very apologetic. Apologizing to Nate, Cyrus. It is a good thing she has Serena.

How out of place was Jenny and her new 'boy' 'friend', Wess was it?

Couldn't Jenny find other things to do with her 'friend', at least anything other than boardgames?
A late night walk together, a small party maybe? Or is she just settling down. I actually miss Jenny when she was almost as bad with Blair... and I really didn't like her then, but I am also not loving her now.

Chuck acts like an old rich guy enjoying his last days; drinking whiskey, having all the girls he could possible have... didn't he say he was seventeen (17)... wow! I'm sure he's fooled if not many of us, with his robes drinking his life away...

Chuck - "...then I realized I was a seventeen year old billionaire, with tremendous stamina"
Maybe that look works for some, but for some reason he seemed more pathetic than he usually is.

What about that Chuck and Jenny squabble.
Jenny - "The only human contact that you don't pay for is the people in this house."

...and she was right!

Chuck finally apologized for what happened in Season one between him and Jenny... how UnChuck-like.
... at one point It looked like Jenny and Chuck were going to do something... really unexpected...
Are the Writers gearing towards a Chuck and Jenny?
...well thank goodness nothing happened!

What do you think about Chuck and Jenny?


Maureen - "I have some disappointing news, The Whitney Junior Committee felt. you were too new on the scene they chose Elizabeth instead"
Blair - "Your bridesmaid"
Maureen - "Give it time! When it comes to these things it takes a while to start to matter..."
Isn't that such a Blair line.

Blair - "Maureen,is already on the board of four charities and two museums and needs a personal assistant to keep track of her schedule. Not to mention being a socialite was good enough for Jackie O"
Tisk Tisk, was Blair actually settling for 'Assistant'.

Blair - "I'm Sorry but just because I lost Yale does not mean I'm wasting my time at a non-Ivy League college reading 'Beloved' six times and experimenting with Lesbianism"
Looks like Blair took a rain check on that snide remark about N.Y.U.

Gossip Girl
"Oh Blair too bad you weren't invited to Nate and Tripp's lunch, because whatever happened looks like you're the one paying"


Not one of my favorite story lines but I'll rate it a...
(For improvement this season)


Three out of Five Stars

Grade C-

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24 'Day 7: 2:00 AM - 3:00 AM' Review

"What is Tony Planning to do?... We already know he's lost Jack as a friend"

Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) deserves credit for his ability to convince viewers that he has gone over to the bad side... if he was ever good at all.

Last week I wondered how they were going to explain Tony's sudden 'bad boy' turn and I must admit it was believable at that. It even turned out better than I'd imagined it would.
It wasn't a surprise that Tony shot himself; why would Galvez (The Shooter) kill Larry and leave Tony alive 'in good condition'!

Despite all the other plots; Hodges, Jack an Kim, I think this episode really dealt with Larry's death which was rather a graphic appeal when the camera was placed on his lifeless body, smothered to death (unknown to the Medics at the time)...

I really missed Larry here, I really didn't like him, but he was missed. His death was mercilessly committed, like he'd been stabbed in the back and blinded from one side. It was really Renee that made me let out a sigh of grief (Thumbs up to Annie Wersching for giving us a beautiful performance). I truly believed that she loved Larry, probably even more than a partner would. Though why shouldn't she be the one to alert his ex-wife of Larry sudden death, was it that she was too depressed or was it something more? How much did Larry mean to Renee and vice versa?

Another person we must give credit to is Kiefer Sutherland's performance as Jack Bauer. I clapped when Jack took charge again, I really loved watching him on the field; he has such on screen presence. Even though it was recognized that his health was diminishing, I believed that Jack had the will power to do anything he put his mind to.
It also looked like in less that 24 hours, Renee Walker has grown on Jack a bit. :)
Following her on the field, being her somewhat shoulder to lean on and extra eyes on the field.

Jack - "...that was why I always worked alone"

...because the people he worked with, the ones he were close to,was always hurt... because of his lifestyle, he lost everyone he's cared about... Bill Buchanan, Kim Bauer, Terri Bauer...

Hey, what did you think about Kim naming her daughter after her mother. Maybe the '...with age brings reason' theory was proven here. As Kim grew older, she realized that all she had in her life was family and that would mean forgiving her father, accepting her mother's death and moving on with her life by naming her baby after her mother... a sign of life and new beginnings... maybe. It seemed like Kim suffered just as much loss as Jack, but at least she learned to settle down... that baby did even look like Kim a bit :) didn't you think... maybe I'm reaching.

Elisha Cuthbert's presence somewhat gave Jack hope for his depreciating condition... well maybe his sanity. After Kim visited her dad he was able to function a bit more efficiently. That probably didn't work well for Tony who was trying to cover his tracks, and Jack knew how to work the field better that any of those FBI's.

Renee owed Jack a big one for detecting the trap... probably not in the nick of time, but no one else noticed the anomaly. Still Galvez managed to escape with the weapon with Tony's help.

I pondered on a question; "Would Tony have the guts to kill Jack if he 'got int he way?'", I guess Tony was ruthless enough to do so. Imagine he waited until Jack was most vulnerable.
Jack was already dying Tony, couldn't you be a bit sensitive!
He was actually going to kill a dying man, The Irony!

I cringed when Jack began seizing on the floor unable to cure himself, unable to speak. It looked as though Jack was trying to shout out the words, when the officers came to help Jack. (..wait Jack helped them, so they helped him in return, but for how long?) Like Jack was trying his best to scream or shout it out as Tony stood over him.


...but he couldn't. Instead, Tony stood above his vulnerable self with a smirk replacing what should have been concern for a friend.

President Allison Taylor had little scenes here, as well as Olivia. Strangely enough I loved Olivia's sneered stares towards Hodges, like she really hated him! "Don't think you're getting away with what you did to our country you smug b******!"

How about that Attorney switcharu, rendering Hodges' attorney on consious. (There's been a lot of that going around).
That conversation in Hodges' cell was well executed, but why kill Hodges alone what about his partner, didn't he pose a threat as well... maybe Hodges knew more.

24 has given us a few more twists than we should count, but this installment was well executed and well written. The Acting was flawless for such a brilliant cast.
I am still in awe, by Renee's tear that slid down her face when she received the news of Larry's death... she showed real strength.

Definitely not what I expected! (I mean that in the best way possible).



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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Remembering Men In Trees - Lexabuti Special

It is Men In Trees Month where we take the time to remember what was once the most addictive series in our lives.

This would be the first in the series since the show's finale on June 11th with 'Taking the Lead'.

Reviews would be given the special edition of favorite quotes from each episode; we all know there were many.

Also, more details about the lives of Marin Frist and Jack Slattery and many more of our favorite characters who became a family to us fans and the show became our home.

It is Men In Trees Month, so lets all Participate and pay tribute to our favorite series.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

24 ' Day 7: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m' Review

24 reminds me of a roller coaster ride; there are your your ups and downs, twists and turns and just when you think the ride is over it just takes you for another spin.

I know I stretched this one a bit, but you know what I mean.

We all know 24; there are 24 hours, which means 24 episodes and so far we've reached the 18 hour with 6 more hours hanging in the balance.
It all sounds a bit calculated but that is just how it feels.
I knew when Hodges easily met his defeat so early in the chapter, there had to be another twist.
Imagine Hodges boldly confronting the President, bragging on about protecting the same country he threatened to destroy...

He was actually amusing in the white house, imagining his upper hand, shoving missiles and a deadly virus up the Presidents sleeve. Still, after all he went through just to get the President to agree on his terms, giving him second chair to the President. I felt his capture was ... just to easy. I laughed at his rantings, trying to justify the prosecution of people; kill one to save thousands. In other words kill thousands just so that he could have a conversation at the white, probably get the President to agree to his terms and maybe he might become President one day... really? Very doubtful his reign was ever going to last.

The President officially owes Jack a big one and seeing as she can't really give him the cure, I guess asking someone to give her updates on Jack's health would do... could she really help Jack?

She may owe Tony a big one as well after all he did risk his life to save his country... or did he?
I found it strange when one of the guards began acting suspiciously, making second rounds? Did you smell a rat there, because coincidentally Tony was able to apprehend him just at the same time he 'went out for rounds' walking him out with a gun to his head ordering the other guard to surrender his weapon.

In fact there were many things done just to easily:

--Tony throwing the bomb and blowing up the missiles--

--The FBI rushing in to save the day--

--Hodges being apprehended after all his work--

--Larry agreeing with Renee--

--The army men not putting up a struggle--

--Kim's surprise visit to save her father--
(Although the bit where she was trying to see him all day was believable)

...and finally

--Hodges giving the typical 24 cliche liner "You think this ends with me?"--
(Of course it doesn't) :)

When Larry raided in on Hodges parade and began praising Tony for his patriotism and giving what seemed like a pat on the back by taking his handcuffs off... for some strange reason I wondered about Tony. Hodges was in custody and the coast was clear, everything was back to normal, I somehow wondered how cool it would be for Tony to go bad right there as soon as Larry took off those cuffs. Interestingly enough I imagined Tony overthrowing the guards after Larry gave him the 'you now have to face your crimes' speech and Tony just blatantly nodding in agreement.

It was still a surprising turn of events in the end (no pun intended), when Tony really was the 'bad guy'.

It was still sad to see Larry go, an essential main character, to watch Tony stifle him to death (there is no coming back from that I guess), when ironically he was trying to save him, applying pressure to the bullet wound before.
That guy waited too long to pull that gun on Tony, then I knew Tony was bad for sure.

Do we need a moment to mourn Larry's death? .... .... .... ....

Okay, We must commend Kiefer Sutherland for his portrayal of Jack Bauer here and Eliza Cuthbert for her guest entry.
Jack's condition is depreciating as he lashes out at Renee for going behind his back and realizing that Kim wanted to see him all along. Trying to hide his sickness from his daughter by saying he was okay.. that was an understatement. At one point I thought he was choking Kim when he was hugging her... also the way he told Kim to leave.

Extra Treats

**Jack is usually the center point in each season, this time he has to stick it out because of his condition. Before I'm sure you thought nothing could keep Jack from doing what he does best (catching the bad guys-going off book). Maybe he's me t his match.

**Tony still asked if Jack had a small chance of living because of Kim. Does that mean that Tony has a soft spot for Jack and there friendship actually means something to him?

**What would Jack have done if he was on that plane with Tony? Would Tony have easily killed Jack? Maybe it was easier Jack was out of the way... seems convenient.

**It looked like Renee and Larry finally saw eye-to-eye. The finally admitted their history to the viewers and succumbed to the hectic they've had since they've known each other. I thought that things we're surfacing too good between them as Renee wished Larry good luck. We haven't really heard that before from her and Larry has had a really hectic day. It just felt as though the writers were trying to give them closure... with good means to.

**How would the writers explain Tony's covert operation with Bill and Chloe, was that a sham too? Was Tony bad all along (all in due time I guess).

**Was Tony sharing sympathy with Larry while he was suffocating. It took Larry a long time to go out, maybe he has a very strong will to live, or was just to overwhelmed by Tony's treachery.

**At first when the showed the back of Kim's head, I wondered whether it was Eliza Cuthbert, but I knew she was guest starring befor ehand so it had to be her. SHe looked older, like daddy's little girl all grown.

**There was a lot of emotion between Jack and his daughter, made Jack seem more human. That reminded me of the first time watching Jack cry. Jack has lost everything in his life, including himself.

**The same guard Tony knocked out, was the same guy he teamed up with in the end. My suspicions were right after all there was something fishy there. Now what are they going to do with that missile?

**Did that worker ordered to fire the missile suddenly develop a conscience.
"Let's confirm it, maybe it was a false alarm"- a little to late buddy!

**Why didn't that officer cuff the guy who killed his colleague instead of pointing the gun at him? It takes up less energy and takes the element of surprise out of the picture... no cuffs maybe? Then it was very foolish of him to take his eyes off of him, ended up with a bullet in the back.

**Olivia was absent in this hour, still I really didn't miss her.

Interesting turn in events, but 24 seems to be getting a bit predictable. Love watching the action, but would love a bit more suspense as well.



Three and a Half Stars

Grade C+

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kath and Kim (US) Main Review

Who knew such a silly comedy could be so funny (...and I mean this in the best way possible).

Kath and Kim is my new favorite comedy series. It finds way to shout "Girl Power" every time.

I remembered actress Selma Blair from movie role like 'The Sweetest Thing', 'Legally Blonde' and more... but I wouldn't have imagined her executing a television series role.

The pilot was what caught my attention and I have been hooked since. There are few comedies which maintains a consistent flow of laughter on a weekly basis and 'Kath and Kim' pulls it off every time.

I'm going on and on about the show, but that just shows how much i really love it... Imagine I can always catch up on different Hollywood gossip.

Kim played by Selma Blair is obviously spoiled. I think leaving your husband because he asked you to microwave a dish for once rather than going out is very silly. Still each character manage to pull off their silly roles believably and convincingly, it even makes you sing along with them.

I don't know if it's just me, but I just seem to love Kim's husband, Craig. Any husband that calls their wife dude is a gem, then again it's hard to picture Kim married at all.

Molly Kannon also gives a good spin to her character. Part of having a good show is a good cast and 'Kath and Kim' has that.

I anticipate Season 2 anxiously... ready to have a good laughter.

A New Show, but I'll rate it...


Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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Private Practice Vacation Discussion

Looks like we're on a bit of a break from our favorite series, still Private Practice left us with a series of cliff hangers;

From Addison's Almost-Affair with Noah which I'm sure is the main topic of concern-
To Naomi's brief love affairs currently with Duncan (and old friend of Sam)

What do you think would happen, or just shouldn't happen?

  • Pete's New Love Interest... but couldn't Violet's baby be his, I'm sure that could be complicated- would it even matter?
  • What about Violet's Child? Could you imagine Sheldon* as the father (that might give the writers another excuse to keep him in the show).

  • Okay, I am maybe hinting that that Sheldon isn't my favorite character, be it because he is way underused or simply for a Shrink he really seems to need counseling himself :).
  • Did Violet and Charlotte have a girl spat? It's really hard imagining them as friends. I laugh every time Charlotte comes over to have it with Cooper-doesn't she call him first.

Charlotte's Love Affair with Archer was brief and well came out of nowhere... so it was definitely easily forgotten. So why does Charlotte continue to send us down this guilt trips, the Charlotte I used to know hardly had any feeling at all.>

It's funny I brought that up, it's just that how many of you miss the old Charlotte?

Is it just me or did you sense a massive Character change in Charlotte?
She went from being a Hard Boiled Egg to seriously Scrambled :)

-Crying in Cooper's arms (from the plane to Cooper's "You can't make me stop
loving you").

-Accepting the 'Violet and Cooper living Together' Arrangement.

-Becoming friends with Violet--Painting Nails--Having Girl Talk

Come on would the old Charlotte really do those things...I'm beginning to miss her.

What about Dell and his on-off storyline--looks like there are trying to let Dell have Pete's character role (having overnight flings). Who else felt like Dell's daughter Betsy came out of nowhere and pulled from his life like no one existed. Do you think they gave Dell Betsy to have a storyline. Think about it, without Betsy Dell would have limited role play if anything. His Naomi crush was thrown out the window.

Remember when Dell used to go surfing?

Violet and Naomi used to just watch him.... I guess it's too cold now?

Back to the Addison and Noah Hanger with whom we were introduced to in 'Finishing'.

I loved their 'Finishing or Starting' conversations; it made me believe that somehow the writers managed to pull off a perfect person for Addison----Only then did I realize that something wasn't right there--- and so like how all disappointments go he turns out to be married.

What are your thoughts about everything we've seen recently?

What are your expectations?

There are a lot of people that still hold out for a Pete and Addison rekindling, but from Pete's overnight flings and becoming a possible father to Addison's on-off relationships I don't know where they could find the time to entertain the old fire between them.

There is also one thing I had to point out, which i just tried to refrain from mentioning but... if Private Practice continues with the on-off it would be matched to a
soap opera... Hm I said it. Oh well you know what I mean!

Funny moment

Remember Addison Getting Arrested?

"Miss you have the right to remain silent"

Arrested for just looking too good :)


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24 'Day 7: 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM' Review

Did you find yourself grinding your teeth and clasping your hands together in the hope to knock out the bad guys...

That is 24 for you, and that is the way I felt at the end of this installment; delved into every detail, anticipating that the good nature of man would prevail and men like Hodges are put away!

24 officially has the formula for a good adrenaline rush. It's hard to imagine the days Jack Bauer has had in his lifetime and this day seems to be sucking his life out of him... literally. I eagerly anticipated this installment after last week's hanger... military turning on the government (A President's nightmare), especially when the hand you fed for decades finally decides to bite your finger or the entire hand in the process.

So how were government officials going to defend themselves against and entire army; threatening to fire if they didn't leave their premises? They really had them cornered and defenseless. I applauded Jonas Hodges for his stage performance ranting on about the empty building, abusing his military power; it always takes the ravings of a madman to make you glare at the screen. Everything he 'claimed' made sense. 'The President ordered the search of the empty building for weapons that did not exist' (at least not in that building), as he rambled making a mockery of the federal officers, I only nodded and kept thinking he was right... the President did order the search of the building that Tony was falsely led to...it was amazing how tricky the English Language was if you just twist it a little you could make anything sound exactly the way you want.

What makes Hodges an appalling character is his ability to justify attacking his own government. As twisted as it sounds he comes off realistic that it makes you loath him much more.

What would Jack do if he was there, if he wasn't infected? I shed a saddened moment for Jack's agony, watching him suffer as we all knew his fate... I kept hoping for some enlightenment; maybe Hodges had the cure just maybe... Then there was mention of the experimental treatment and the ties to a family bloodline and I knew that Kim Bauer would gain some onscreen time. I loved the way Renee held Jack in her highest concern, almost like she'd form some sort of connection even after the length Jack put her through the past few hours; in his weakened state I felt her compassion towards him.

Still the Biological Weapons maintains priority and the President had to make it her primary mission to prevent an attack. When Hodges felt cornered and revealed that he had the bio-weapons threatening to release them if the President didn't comply to his demands... and the President complied I kept thinking 'What about the President doesn't respond to threats? What about all the people that died earlier on because she wouldn't respond to threats? I guess that only applied to terrorists, but aren't they committing terrorist actions, threatening the government? ... a dangerous game to play! Or maybe Hodges caught the President off guard, she would not have expected a threat close to home.

I knew that reporter was trouble from the beginning, threatening Olivia. After the fa├žade and shenanigans she put forward; pushing Ethan out of office, I thought she could handle 'anything'. I imagined she would've threatened to kill him (but that would be messy) or even used some sort of back-up plan in case he went rogue, but she kind of disappointed me. The leash she kept on the reporter wasn't tight enough; giving into his sexual come on. I nodded distastefully at his attempt. 'Sleep with me and I would keep my mouth shut'. I actually imagined Olivia would have better taste.


*How did Olivia hold her cell phone in place to tape every juicy detail? (Do I want to know?)

*That reporter being married came off as a shocker, I couldn't imagine anyone saying 'I do'. *I knew Kim Bauer had to show her face this season, the question is how would they twist the story to bring her in... what better than saving your dad's live, he's dying.

*Really and truly, did Olivia have to sleep with that reporter, it really made her seem cheap and I really liked-disliking her, now I don't know how I view her anymore.

*Does Hodges really think the President would rollover, sit, play dead (well you know what I mean). Hasn't he seen how the past 24 episodes paid off. Playing God only gets you killed, it doesn't ever work out the way you want... then again there's a first time for everything... and that's what the other malignant groups believed.

My fists are clasped together and I am ready to watch the bad guys go down. At least that's the way I anticipate the next installment. Until then I imagine different ways of the twist in the storyline, but still come up empty. Leave it to 24 to surprise you a mile away.


Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-

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Samantha Who? 'The Dog' Review

I actually expected a bit more from this installment. I hardly laughed at all and I barley understood Samantha's obsession with a 'baby', in this case a dog being the best substitute, seeing as Sam couldn't return a baby after he/she was adopted.

This storyline has been done many times over. Girl holds baby in arms, realizes what motherhood would be like, finds a substitute for their own child and realizes the responsibility was too much of a burden.
Predictable; I could imagine exactly how the storyline would end. Some of the scenes were so worn out; like Dina looking for the dog, Samantha arguing with Todd about responsibility, Sam's flashback... and they weren't even as funny as they should have been. Sam shouting out of the window about how 'right Todd was' was very silly and I laughed only because I couldn't believe that she was actually doing that.

The only thing I actually was interested in was Andrea's attention in the media. I almost forgot that she was dating Tony Dane, so that meant she was popular 'by-association', so obviously the media would be interested in her whereabouts and the 'baby-bump'... Samantha's parents were the same as usual, just like Frank. I am really waiting for that big twist, or something like what they used to show in the first season, something new and original that would have me laughing on the floor...

Truly disappointing...


Two out of Five Stars

Grade D

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Smallville 'Eternal' Review

What was Chloe planning to do after she locked that door?

I understand what this episode was trying to accomplish. The idea of basing Doomsday's background, and the revelation that the Kent's could have easily found Davis instead of Clark was cute. At first I wondered if they were playing the right episode from the time Lionel, Martha and Johnathon took the stage (It was nice viewing old faces again though). Then there was the liquid that formed into a boy, then I knew that was something new. What had me cracking up was little Alexander (Lex) Luthor (Oh that explains his baldness).

On a simple note this episode was just average and the only problem it faced was executing the story. I really missed Erica Durance (Lois) here, she always adds a sense of humor to each episode and it felt like something was missing. I admire Cassidy Freeman's (Tess Mercer) onscreen presence. She always portrays a captivating villainess, but her performance lacked the decent uproar needed. Her opening scene, where she just 'happened' to tumble upon Lionel's 'fairytale' diary and crack the furtive enigma hidden inside, lacked the basic challenge. It felt to sudden that Tess discovered Davis' true identity, Clark's true abilities, their fates and destinies all in one episode. The story defeated it's development purpose, that everything seemed out of control. It didn't surprise me that Davis hung around Chloe so much, after all she is the reason he remains in his human physique. It is also understandable that Chloe would seek the companionship of the guy that had her in pursuit for weeks; another way to get over Jimmy. Though when she found out his true colors and was pushed to take his life to save Clark's, I kept thinking that 'this is too easy' and 'that isn't the way Clark's prophesied enemy was going to die'. I actually laughed when Chloe placed her hands on the glass to match Davis' and wondered 'does Chloe love Davis that much, how much does she really love Jimmy?'

Then I got thinking 'Kryptonite is the one thing that could kill Clark, what better a weapon than to kill him than a Kryptonite villain'. As the episode rambled on and Davis was a no-show and Tess taunted Clark about his powers, his destiny to become a 'superhero' and so on, I kept wondering why was Tess suddenly getting up in Clark's face, following him to the barn, being a complete nag. Is she trying to become Clark's all-time enemy? Seriously when Clark said "Are you threatening me", I really didn't hear a threat in Tess' tone.

The flashbacks to Davis' past playing with Lex was interesting, especially when the inner beast in him came out after Lionel abandoned him. It was just the continuous 'prophecy' talk which made the episode seem a bit 'phony'.

Finally when Davis made his final appearance I was disappointed. Just stumbling upon Chloe prophesying his immortality (there goes that word again), telling her that he loves her and the only way he wouldn't seize upon Clark would be if she stayed with him (how romantic-I guess). As Chloe began walking away, I was in the dark about what would be her next move. Was she actually walking away? Would Davis spiral out of control and turn into and ultimate killer? Would he then go into a rage and fight Clark maybe even kill him-almost?... but just then she walked up the stairs and closed the door...

What was she going to do after she latched that door? Was she really staying with him so Clark wouldn't die? Okay I like Smallville, but even that could have been done much better.


Two and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C-

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Private Practice 'Do the Right Thing' Review


Usually the plot line between Addison and Dr. Noah Barnes would come off as' They did this one already' on the show, but something about this couple seemed different.


Probably in the 'Finishing' episode they made us like him a bit, before we imagined that he was married, let alone to Addison's patient. The desire between them is relentless and I find myself wondering what length they would take it to, if they were left in a room together;alone. Still I wonder how during his wife's weakened state, he somehow finds the time to imagine Addison in very 'non-doctor (your wife's doctor that is)' way. Then again maybe Addison should have kept her mouth shut in last week's 'What women Want' and not mention to him that the 'feeling' was mutual.

In 'Do The Right thing' it simply defines what this entire episode was about; doing the right thing.

Be it Sam doing the right thing on the stand, a mother doing the right thing for her daughter or Addison doing the right thing for her patient and herself.

Addison faces a huge dilemma as she struggles to withhold her feelings for a married man throughout the entire episode,but it surely doesn't end well. I assumed after Noah went through the 'crisis' with his wife, he might take a U-turn and try to set the record straight for his marriage and his child. That was why when he showed up at Addison's place, I was completely caught off-guard, which I'm sure Addison was as well. I am glad that Addison gathered enough restraint and instead of pulling him in through the door, she pushed him out. What did Noah think was going to happen; they have an amazing night together? Addison still has to face his wife the next day and so does he. He keeps repeating that he can't get Addison out of his head and Addison keeps telling herself that he's not in hers. This would only lead to a 'relationship don't' and somebody would end up getting hurt, and at the end of this installment somebody will.

I actually felt sorry for Morgan; losing a child before and finally losing her husband to her doctor, unknowingly (It seems to be heading that way). I found myself shedding a tear for her in the ambulance ride to the hospital, professing that her child was the last attempt she had of saving her marriage. I didn't know which was more depressing; the fact that she was using her pregnancy to hold her marriage together or that even through the troubles of her pregnancy, she might have lost her husband anyway.

Noah strikes me as arrogant and reckless and Addison knows enough about affairs; that they don't ever end well.

Sam took the stand as an experienced doctor rooting for another doctor accused of malpractice. This was definitely a different turn for the show. I actually admired Wendy Gazelle's performance as Corrine Lee as she badgered Sam on the stand. It somehow mirrored 'Boston Legal' tactics on the stand, probably not as sophisticated. Court scenes are rarely seen on the show. I especially admired how she brought up past cases about the Oceanside wellness group; the measles outbreak, Ray Daniels competing in the bike race. She came off soft in the beginning and left with a bang. The Premise of Sam 'doing the right thing' was when he found out that the doctor was negligent and omitted evidence from the court; he had to tell the truth.

Still I believed that Sam should have consulted with Duncan before he can clean on the stand. I wonder how he is going to take seeing Naomi with Duncan after their friendship went solo after his outburst in court.

What is Private Practice doing with Dell? First they put Betsy into Dell's life and ripped her out!

Frankly I didn't ever like Dell's story lines, it just didn't make sense and it is worse now because now that Betsy is gone they now have Dell making overnight flings, which is not Dell at all. I really wantto know where they were going with that. I really don't notice him in the show anymore.

The Lauren and Sarah case was interesting;a mother condoning the sexual activity of her twelve year old daughter;having sex only when she is around.

Honestly I thought the mother's theory made sense, but in an over exaggerated way. She tried to protect her daughter and ended up turning her daughter against her.Do you think Cooper was right and that's not the way to be 'the parent'. What I didn't get was Naomi defending Lauren's actions as a mother when Cooper conferred with her. Obviously Sarah would undermine Lauren's authority as a mother. It only took Dell to come out in his defense.

This was an interesting episode as the story between Noah and Addison heats up. I actually find myself anticipating the next installment.


*Who else kind of found Violet and Charlotte friendship a bit awkward.

*Do you think this relationship Pete is forming with the other and the child would last?

*Who do you think the father of Violet's baby could be?

*I really hope they clean up Dell's character, because he is becoming very dull.

*What do you really think about Addison and Noah. 'Relationship do or don't'

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Three out of Five stars

Grade B-


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24 ' Day 7: 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM' Reveiw

24 is one of the few series which keeps you attached from beginning to end and which maintains it's top five position in my book weekly.


Each hour seems to be nerve wrecking as Jack goes from being hunted like an animal to being infected with a deadly nerve virus and Jack does this 'all for his country'. Doesn't the world need more people like him? Then again over time Jack feels like he has nothing to live for, could this be his big break?

This segment opens with the continued hunt for Jack's head on the platter as he is assumed to be a murderous felon. Still Jack pursues the only lead on Starkwood, the only useful piece of information he got from the Senator, before he met his demise. As Larry realizes that there was a third party at the Senator Meyer's house and Jack isn't the psychopathic killer he imagined him to be, he rings Renee to gain some more perspective on Jack's whereabouts; it's about time.

Jack and Tony, on the verge of meeting, each discuss the recent events Jack discovered. Starkwood has biological weapons in the country and is plotting an attack. The entire community is hunting the wrong person as usual. Jonas Hodges should be the individual under scrutiny; he is a ruthless business man who believes that the death of millions could compensate for his ridiculous cause. What's 24 without the madman and the absurd theory. On the other hand John Voight's screen time often benefits 24. His representation of Hodges is astounding from since 24 Redemption. Hodges stood still as he managed to stand up in front of the board of directors and make the idea of 'taking charge and standing up for the Starkwood rights, possibly facing government indictment' sound like a walk through the park, only settling with one opposer to his ridiculous theory 'Senator Meyer's dead so it's okay now'.

I found myself wondering if Jack was going to help Carl, the guy he befriended in a short space of time. Jack promised him that he would have his back after he rambled on about his wife and the twins. I kept thinking back to the conversation between Carl and his wife, wondering if she would becoming a widow and a single parent in one day. When Jack shot the guy that was holding Carl at gun-point, Carl's "Thank you, Thank you" proved more than amusing, like he was saying "I knew he had my back I didn't doubt it for a second". I was happy to know that Jack wasn't willing to stick by his theory of "Let one die to save thousands", maybe Carl rambled on about his wife to give Jack some sympathy towards him. I'm glad Carl got to go home to his wife-without the money, but that proves; you play with fire, you get burned. At least he made it out without a scratch or at least a bullet to the head.

I rooted for Jack when he got a hold of a truck, though I felt it was too easy. It couldn't end with 'Jack apprehends the weapons returns it to the government and everything returns to normal', there are nine more episodes left sadly, in this case, hours. Starkwood had to reclaim the weapons, in that case, was Jack's rescue attempt a sham? Tony ended up in Starkwood's custody and Jack ended up being exposed to the canisters, let's hope there is a cure. Let's hope the CDC sent by Larry arrives on time.

At the White house was Olivia actually nice to Ethan? Of course our suspicions of her leaking Ethan's input in the Jack Bauer murderous spree was confirmed when she openly fed the reporter more juicy details on-screen, with an additional promise of dinner, let's hope the reporter doesn't turn the tables on her. The funny part is, she claims to be doing all her dirty deeds for her mother; lay the dirt on someone else while her mother escapes scot-free. I couldn't believe that Ethan fell for her tricks, apologizing for ever doubting her in the beginning. All in all Ethan proved to be a good man as he personally resigned without persuasion or hesitation.

Bonus Facts

*Was it just me or did you sense a personal connection between President Taylor and Ethan, as they held hands in the end. Even from 24 Redemption it felt as though they had a history.

*Henry's alive and well and is expected to have a full recovery. I hope he remains well and ready, I don't think he could survive another hostage attempt.

*How far would Olivia go to protect her mother?


Four and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade B+


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Friday, April 10, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Grandfather' Review

Gossip Girl came out with a different twist in 'The Grandfather' which worked out far better than last week's 'The Age of Dissonance'.

We welcome back Lily and Rufus after a long break. I'd anticipated a bit juicier storyline between them, though there were a bit of funny moments between them.

Lily and Rufus squabble over their past relationships and the fact that Lily's list was a tad longer (okay that's an understatement), but making a list of past lovers only spells disaster.

This was the first time where and episode revolving around a 'Nate and Vanessa' made sense. Nate bonding with his grandfather was trendy, though I often find myself wondering where he was when Nate sunk to the bottom. Probably watching Nate from the distance, hoping he would 'man-up' and take responsibility, like his grandfather stated he was proud of. I smelt something fishy with Nate's cousin after all began to cave in on Vanessa (maybe he deliberately wanted to sabotage their relationship) and she soon realized that the slight shove she gave Nate to reunite with his family, might have led to a tight squeeze and their inability to let him go.

Nate got a taste of his grandfather's persuasion and ended up choosing the internship instead of a summer get-away. Still the internship does sound like an interesting way to spend your summer; a couple get-away could be done anytime I don't think Vanessa and Nate should split because of it.

I definitely did not expect a Blair-Nate reconnection. From the moment Blair and Nate got a one-on-one scene together I knew they were going to initiate something between them. When he gave Blair his coat and she gave him back, I actually thought Blair was up to something; probably remembering how happy she used to be with him, her first boyfriend.

The heart of this episode was watching Blair go into the lowest of lows, from welcoming an overnight guest into her home, to degrading herself in public and taking down some others with her. This was a side of Blair we haven't seen before. Degrading her image and lowering her inhibitions so that even an untamed Chuck could take her in his arms; but even that didn't work out as he threw away the opportunity in Blair's weakened state with a "It's not you" liner. Who felt a bit sorry when Blair had to beg her way into another school, let alone in front of Chuck and Serena? Sadly enough they could help her out of her depressing state.

There would be a triangular struggle between Blair, Nate and Chuck next episode Remains of the J and somebody might get hurt in between... or everyone might get what they want, who knows how it would go on Gossip Girl? Let's just hope it uses the same formula and mix it up next week.


*So Serena finds about Dan and Rachel from a drunken Blair, which ended as quickly as it began. She slaps him and they have a laugh off? not what i expected, it was a bit amusing, sort of pictured hr making a scene though.

*Jenny was way underused here. It was a good thing for Vanessa and Dan otherwise we wouldn't have seen her at all. What happened to her clothing line? All in time I guess.

*I hope they spruce up Lily and Rufus' relationship; I liked them in the earlier stages when things were 'complicated', now they are getting a bit dull.


Three out of Five Stars

Grade B


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24 'Day 7: 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM' Review

Is it just me, or were you just blown away by this installment.

I found myself on edge, rooting for Jack's safe get away, unable to pull away from the screen. 24 is one of the best series which delivers season after season, and season 7 bears no exception. I somehow knew that Jack would try to reconnect with Renee; she did root for him to interrogate Ryan Brunette.
Renee obviously has a history with Larry Moss. Strange enough I felt myself disliking his by-the-book character, putting Renee into holding because she wouldn't give up Jack. That obviously puzzles Larry, because why does Jack have a tight hold on so many people. I think sometimes he shows jealousy towards Jack; everyone is willing to protect him even though his actions are inexcusable. What does Larry know, he admitted himself that Jack has more experience than even himself and Jack has seen more than he has.

Jack annoyed that Bill is gone, goes on a murderous spree, killing Ryan Brunette and then the Mayor for prosecuting him in the beginning. All of these allegations are better than some conspiracy theory. Still Jack's freedom hangs in the balance as every time he lives, someone else dies. What keeps Jack so committed, every time he tries to help 'his country' he always ends up being hunted like an animal, carried into custody, at least he nabbed the guy trying to frame and kill him and remains a step closer to protecting the same country that wants him gunned down; the irony.

As for the President's daughter, Olivia seems to be more than Ethan Kanin could handle. It's a shame, the President expecting her to change her old habits, doesn't he know that a tiger doesn't change it's stripes. We learnt previously that Olivia cheated in the campaign when she leaked lethal information about the opposing party.
There is something fishy about her character, not even a near death experience could wash away her old ways as she leaped at the chance to reclaim her position in the white house. Her mother couldn't even see through it, that mocking look she gave Ethan Kanin that mocking gaze when he confronted her about leaking information. How far is she willing to go? I am still amazed at how 24 manages to surprise me by pulling different rabbits out of hats. At every corner there is another surprising turn and I am left in the passenger seat wondering where the show would carry me next!


Four and a half out of Five Stars

Grade A

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Dollhouse 'True Believer' Review

'Congratulations towards Eliza Dushku on a wonderful performance'

Playing Echo's character comes with great difficulty as Dushku has to present a different character in each episode.


Non the less, she pulled it of remarkably in 'True Believer' where Echo played a blind girl entering what was believed to be a Religious Cult.

Dollhouse has the capacity to uphold it's viewers differently in each installment, but 'True Believer' was on of the best episodes so far this season.

We have reached the fifth installment and so far discovered that Echo presented similar characteristics to Alpha before he glitched. Echo is wiped every time, but she still retains memories of her aliases. Here in 'True Believer', she remembers Laurence Dominic's attempt on her life as Esther in the end, which adds a sense of mystery where we as viewers wonder how much does Echo really retain?

It is amazing what technology could accomplish. Placing what seemed like a camera in Ehco's eyes. Making Echo believe she was blind.

I think I really admired this installment, perhaps more than the others. Esther had a different personality compared to previous installments. I actually believed that she was blind, compliments for Dushku's acting here again.

From the moment she stepped out from the car of her protector Boyd Langton to enter the camp, she had me convinced and so did the other believers. I found myself relating to their characters, especially Esther.

'True Believer' also revealed a bit more on the detective (Paul Ballard) as he becomes one step closer to discovering Echo's or Caroline's true identity and/or whereabouts. Occasionally I wonder if Mellie, Ballard's down-to-earth neighbor, is Dollhouse material. Do you think Dollhouse would be aware of the detective's snooping around? Different dots are revealed in each installment as Alpha finds a way to reveal Echo's true personality.

I felt compassion towards Mellie though as she broke into Ballard's home to retrieve his pain medication and to drop off the mail she received for him. Does he notice how oddly attached she is to him?

Also Victor's character has a step up as he shows feelings towards Sierra's character. It leads us to wonder, can we really wipe man's mind completely like a computer chip? We aren't robots. Probably that is why Dollhouse coincides on the same day of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This is what I want to view in Dollhouse, this is the mystery I admire and Dollhouse is finally putting it's foot down.

The excitement Dollhouse receives is finally building up, which leaves an extra dose of anticipation for next week's 'Man on the Street' installment.

Until then, we wait anxiously as television becomes our new best friend; for some more than others. Still if Dollhouse keeps this up, it might just live up to all the hype.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B



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The Office 'Golden Ticket' Review


Somehow I knew the tickets going to the same company would be good in the end. Michael was trying too hard to put the blame on Dwight and it soon back fired. I must admit, I felt sorry for Michael when the tables turned on him and Dwight began to take credit for his idea. You would think the company benefiting from the idea would be good news enough, but Michael had to reclaim his credit even after he was so willing to put Dwight's job at risk. I got a laugh from Michael listening in on the glorified conversation in the conference room for Dwight, breathing in the receiver. Dwight reading out why he loves Willy Wonka and making up tales as to why he came up with the idea.

I also loved how they included Darryl, he was missing for a little while.
"You!" Michael exclaims, trying to place the blame on Darryl; anyone but yourself hmm Michael.

To think if he just stuck with the blame, he would also claim credit.

What's up with Andy giving advice to Kevin... about dating?
"Ooh I like our dress, but I'd like it more if you had prettier hair"
Was that supposed to be a pick-up line? If Andy didn't take his own advice, maybe relationships would be different for him. What did Angela see in him, then again...

A good installment for the Office, though the laughing didn't bring tears it was still interesting to watch.


David: "Pam, don't send me those notes"


Two and a Half out of Five Stars



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Private Practice 'Finishing' Review

Finishing went out with a unconvincing "Finishing" from Addison.

No pun intended, but Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery) always plays her role as Addison well. Of course Addison was the reason I started watching Private Practice. Still I liked this installment, but there were a few unpolished scenes.


Charlotte and Cooper's relationship is just too sappy. The only thing between them is Charlotte's constant crying outbursts "Stop Loving Me!" and Cooper's reassuring "I will not stop Loving You!".

It's all good, but the sappiness is just not meant for this pair, who lost the heat and chemistry they shared before they became so committed to loving each other. I actually miss the Charlotte with the whip, that used to make me laugh.

Pete and Sheldon are becoming overshadowing, no mean to favor one over the other, but Sheldon's role is being overused. I actually liked Sheldon when he didn't go all sex-crazy with Violet. I have no idea who to feel sorry for.

Violet who has the constant voices of Pete and Sheldon hassling her to get a paternity test. She lives with Cooper (who she calls her best friend) and has him speaking to her tummy, giving him more responsibility than he should have.

Sheldon who once admitted that he could not ever have a girl like Violet, but when they actually end up together, he ends up a possible father to Violet's child and has to endure another man look after her.

Pete, who once lit a flame between him and Violet causing him to lose his old flame; Meg and is caught in the same problem Sheldon has, well the latter half.

Or wait what about Cooper, he is living with his best friend, taking care of the child that could be for two different men and at the same time he wants his girlfriend to be okay with it and we are talking about Charlotte.

This is turning into a soap opera. I guess Cooper takes the cake.

Private Practice needs to straighten out that part of the show, or pretty soon things would be in knots.

The 'one month later' gap was a new take for the series. It is the quickest way to cut a long story short.

All of the cases were compelling and the reveal that the doctor was Addison's patient's husband was a little surprising. I found myself wondering how come I didn't catch on to it sooner.

The fact that there were no names between them and as soon as he found out Addison's name, he bailed.

"Oh wait, she's my wife's doctor" probably crossed his mind and even though his wife just had a baby, he still tries to come one to Addison. I wonder if Addison learnt anything from the Derek-Mark triangle she had. Then again she does get to play Mark's role in it. Do you think she would do it? She did struggle to answer his Finishing or Starting question.

Overall, a few tweaks and touch-ups needed, but Private Practice still manages to pull off another good episode.


Two and a half out of Five Stars



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Smallville 'Infamous' Review

From the moment Clark's face was plastered as the 'Alien' all over the press, I am sure fans figured out that Clark was finding some way to go back in time or that he was having a very bad dream.

Finally we have Lois back with an exploding entrance, with her suitcases spiraling out on the floor, in the rain, possessing the traditional Lois qualities.

Even in the midst of her bashing him upon entrance for leaving her stranded, there was still a tension between them from their last unresolved-almost-kiss.

All of the Lois and Clark (Clois) fans would be at a set back from this episode. Clark finally admits to Lois his secret and goes back in time promising not to ever tell Lois again. That regurgitates Clark's insecurities from previous seasons as he dreadfully left Lois stranded at the altar in the end. I actually shared her grief, the excitement of waiting for someone or something to happen and in this case Clark didn't show up. Or at least he didn't have the nerve to make that approach to Lois and finally face his feelings. Anyway, that just means another prolonged evasion of feelings and an unsure relationship between Lois and Clark.

The Doomsday scenes were exceptional and really added to the show's real development. Samuel Witwer and Allison Mack (Davis and Chloe) have such onscreen presence. Any scene between them or separately always pans out.

Still there were unfilled gaps in this sequence. The fact that they used Linda Lake as a reason for Clark to tell his story was a given that things were to spiral out of control and all the elements being predictable. Clark tells his story, Clark is a hero, a pitiful widow wondering where Clark was when her husband died which lead to Clark becoming the bad guy, the entire population hunts Clarke like an animal and Clark has no choice but to turn back time an destroy the one ring that was supposed to be used for another purpose; Legion.

*Linda Lake only now bringing Clark's story to surface.

*Linda Lake ability to turn into water when Clark goes to choke her and not when Lois is beating her up.

*Clark's zooming out before Lois was able to tell him about Doomsday.

The way in which everything was done seemed too convenient. Obviously Clark couldn't know about Doomsday and Davis before he went in time, it would be more interesting for him to find out in his own way.

There were many ambiguities in the plot which made it a bit too confusing. Clark had this ring to turn back time, then didn't he think to use it to get Lana back. Not that I want that to be the case, I just want that to be clarified.

Smallville still comes of good no matter what risks they attempt to pull off, I just really hope this on-off relationship between Lois and Clark isn't prolonged, they are actually another reason why I remain tuned into Smallville.


Two and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+


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General Review 'Dollhouse'

Dollhouse is a very ambitious show. It has two facts on its side; it is new and very unique. Dollhouse is not a typical show you would get on television, which means its original and gives its viewers something new to look at. The only thing it lacks is development. We are introduced to Echo; a walking emptiness, which the writers give us no time to appreciate.

I like the idea of the secret organization, however warped, creates the perfect person. Wiping memories with the use of technology.
Overtime the liner "Did I fall asleep?" would become a bit redundant and aggravating. Each episode is supposed to reveal a new element to the story, but I do not really find myself relating to anyone in the show, maybe it is because I don't really know who they are.

Dollhouse shows great potential for a good series, but the writers need to smooth out some rough edges. I need to know more about Echo or that person before Echo, more about how this Dollhouse operation is so secretive and how they get their clients. The Officer that keeps poking around seems to be more on the outskirts of the show. I need to know why is he so committed to finding Dollhouse. I feel that the script needs someone to be poking around, like a for and against, rather than this Cop actually having some compassion for the manipulation of people by the Dollhouse. Why did they use the name Dollhouse to begin with; walking dolls in one location. Too many unanswered questions.

There are many pieces which do not fit together. Still in a show the early in the developing stage I wouldn't really grade it as yet, because there is always room for improvement.


Requests are being taken so patients is a virtue.



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24 'Day 7: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM' Review

A round of Applause.

That is what I gave this show after it met it's dreaded 9:00 hour and it's anticipated 9:00 to 10:00 hour.

Breathtaking; another episode which kept me on the tip of my toes. 24 gives us different approaches to the same act and it always seems to be something new.


I knew Jack could not just walk out of the safe room without a Plan B. I must admit, I felt for Bill, his death was heartbreaking, he was a cherished cast member for 24 and I'm sure he would always be remembered. They hadn't mentioned Karen Hayes this season and whether or not she was still married to Bill?

Agent Moss agent feels threatened by Jack's hold over Renee, when will he admit to himself that not everything is done 'by-the-book' and that is why Jack's methods work. Even though Jack is framed for murder, that scene was just brutal on every level, but well played.

The President's role played by Cherry Jones is a strong one and she pulls it off; she plays President Allison Taylor beautifully.

This show just knows how to give us a good deal and I usually am left thinking it couldn't get better, but is slapped in the face every week.

What a day we have ahead of us. I count down on the hours left hoping the day doesn't get any shorter on 24.


Four out of Five Stars

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Private Practice 'Ex-Life' Review

Talk about a wake up call for Private Practice (PP) and it took the collaboration of both shows to do it. Every single character in the plot was used to their fullest capacity and they kept me plunged into the drama of it all.

This is why I watch this show, this is why I stay tuned in.


So Addison returns to the one place she left and it felt like a homecoming. Bailey was hilarious especially around Sam and Naomi. I actually felt like Sam and Naomi were old friends of Derek and they weren't out of place at all.

Everything fit so perfectly, I couldn't believe how much history and chemistry was created between these characters. It was a tough job, but the writers pulled it off. The only thing I didn't take to was Archer's consistent whining, but that had no impairment on this weeks incredible installment. Even the transformation from Seattle to L.A. was beautifully done.

If I had to point out my favorite scenes this review would be incredibly long. Credit still needs to be given to Mark threatening to hurt Archer for sleeping with his girlfriend, even though Archer was going to die... or so we thought. The twists and turns delivered for it fans. This goes to show that those who were Grey's Anatomy fans got a taste of what PP had to offer and vice versa. I liked how Addison was able to help Derek and rattle on about Derek's Hot Dog saving days when they were married... during an operation. :) That is what makes Addison-Addison.

Talk about Sams love attack- eh em- asthma attack :). I really didn't figure Archer for the 'couple' type, but he seems to be trying for Naomi. I wonder how long would that last?

What's with everyone singing Derek's love song for Addison, I wonder what the writers are trying to pull off?

Is Sam rethinking his separation from Naomi? :-?

Is Pete ready to be a father when the opportunity passes his way?

Is Cooper ready to admit that his relationship with Violet transcends friendship, or is it just a friendship indeed?

I really do not like the new Charlotte, all lovie-dovie over Cooper, I actually miss the no-strings-attached Charlotte.

Overall a brilliant episode, there is lots more to be said, but let's hope the good quality of this show keeps coming.


Four and a half out of Five Stars

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