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Missing "The Hard Drive" Season 1, Episode 2 Review

A human storage machine; this is someone who has the capacity to store every bit of information. They don't forget unless they choose to place the missing pieces at the back of their heads, yet pieces of information would always crumble to the surface. Simply Hard Drive. "Missing" provided a character that was very early introduced to television and caught on in "Unforgettable". Yet another one of my favorites in storytelling removed from television. Hard Drive was rough around the edges, but had a bundle of personality stored inside. Like the real machine, you wouldn't know what kind of person he was, unless you opened him up. It was a fair play for "Missing" to provide such a significant character so early in the series. Unfortunately with a series short of ten episodes, you can't hold anything back.

We pick up where we left off in the pilot. Becca is seen floating in the river after she was shot. By the look of the blow she was clearly hit in the shoulder. As Becca is the main character, we had a clue that she would have survived. I still couldn't wrap my head around it. Becca was going on a huge leap. How many friends did she have and how long would she have lasted in a place that was not her home? Becca was out for survival because of the one thing on her mind 'her son'. That is a terminology that would be heard throughout this season. Until Becca finds her boy, not even a gun shot would would slow her down.

It was made clear that Becca had no choice in the circumstances surrounding her. She needed help. When she stumbled into a restaurant drenched in water, it was clear that she wasn't there to eat lunch. She knew someone there that could help her wound. This adrenaline also led her to dealing with her worst enemy through blackmail, Antoine Lussier. She was in his country and would have had to play by his rules, but he also held the most power. Becca had leverage that proved Antoine to be as dirty and crooked as he looked. He had the cards. Becca badly wanted Michael back and it would have surely caused Antoine to take advantage of that. I just didn't trust him at his word.

Bring me the 'hard drive' and you will get your son back. Not those exact words, but that was practically the deal. If Michael was still in his city, he would bring him back to Becca. When they mentioned a hard drive I kept thinking of some 'thing' Becca hid. A machine like a flash drive, or some kind of tech, but it was actually human? Someone that used to be on Antoine's dirty payroll. The one thing I thought would have gone against this series would have been the title "Missing". Once someone is rescued, there would be no point to this title. Longevity would have been out the window. It also causes viewers to be comfortable that no matter how close Becca gets, Michael would always slip away. Why not rename the series, "Escape" or "Advantage". Something, that is so vague, it could carry many story arcs. I still ponder on that thought.

Yet "Missing" proved to overpower that aligned pattern of thinking. Michael could be freed or rescued, but still lose his mind. Something else could go. The writers played with that possibility of thought. It still pulled you into the storyline long enough to allow you to to be lost. That in yourself, your mind goes missing into the plot. I was amazed with the depth of information I learned about Becca in the short of two episodes. It wasn't like Becca was an open book either.

Lothaire Bluteau as Hard Drive was a unique character for television. He reminded me of a brother of my good friend. It was so natural and he acted with ease. He was in his element. When Antoine Lussier turned the tables on Becca by bringing the deal on his terms, I was not surprised. He used her. She was willing to trade an old friend in Hard Drive to get her son back. I admired when Becca found out he had children, she hesitated giving him up so easily. It humanized him, and it showed up her motherly instincts. Antoine made it look as though he had Michael, but it was too easy. He would not remove this bag from the boy's head. Becca should have asked to see his face first. I was surprised Becca did not do that, but it leads you to think about what happens when desperation takes over your mind. Someone could give you a box and tell you there was gold in it. You don't trust them, but you want to believe it is badly gold that you would go through lengths to get that box. The video recording of Michael Becca got didn't help either.

It was good to see that Becca did make friends even through her dealings with enemies. Already I appreciate Giancarlo for his small appearances. He helped Hard Drive be a free man with his children and he was willing to help Becca with anything. Becca needed that support. I was happy Hard Drive got his victory and safety. He risked a lot for that.

Becca found a plane that was being used to transport something. As soon as she saw Michael she began running towards him. How heartbreaking that Becca was so close. She was recovering from a bullet wound and she still ran on adrenaline. She couldn't let him slip through her fingers. As the plane took of with Michael, I cried. Becca was grieving. She had succumbed to her wound, she was out of breath, and her boy was gone. That was epic and saddening. To see Becca suffering for her son had done it. I am sure it wrapped the audience into an uncontrollable grief.

It still doesn't get old. Michael is missing, and the writers are giving us enough detail to keep us on edge. This is truly another reason we need to have more of this on television.

Sign the Petition and Bring Back What is "Missing"

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Rating 5 Stars


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Missing "Pilot" Review 235@W'

I understand the meaning of attachment. When someone becomes a part of you, they are so attached to the limb. Even when you are apart from them, you are still close. That is the kind of relationship I understood for Becca and Michael. She loves Michael. It's that simple.

A strong relationship exists when you can create a special language that only the two of you understand. The pilot chose to open with Becca running, which is ironic since she spends the whole series doing so. Everyday is like a chase for her 'missing' link. Normally when you hear the term 'missing' you become instantly concerned, because it is an abduction case and you put yourself in that situation. Which also makes us feel for Michael and how Becca must of felt when she watched the tape of Michael's abduction. That is every mother's worst nightmare.

The episode already establishes this parent connection. I liked how they gave us a brief look at what Becca's life was before she lost Paul. We got to know her as a family person and when she told Paul she wanted another child, I rooted for this couple I did not know. They just seemed so much in love. It made seeing his car explosion even more devastating. We all know in television when the camera focuses on the keys in the car of any scene, we expect some kind of danger. I thought that was when Michael would have gone missing. Some guys circled him afterwards as though he was cornered, but he was surprisingly returned to her. A few years later Michael is an old man outrunning his mother, I just thought this was picture perfect. Why hadn't Becca began her search for what happened to Paul? It wasn't an accident, somebody had him killed.

That didn't matter after a while when we saw how much Becca settled down. She owned a flower shop. Oddly why would they choose a flower shop for her profession? It didn't have any great significance except to connect Becca and her long time friend. I still felt their closeness. This hour was packed. I mean there is so much to talk about, but the main highlight for this episode is meeting Giancarlo. For me he seemed so polite towards Becca. When Becca needed help, he went no question. It was strange they hadn't contacted each other in years, he was married 3 times (really). I guess there was some history between them.

Finally this pilot was able to execute what most pilots rarely ever do, form a lasting connection. The cast was not forgettable, and I found a way to admire Becca for her strength as a mother. When she first fought the guy that came to her son's room, I thought she was a goner, but as soon as she saw Michael's picture she pushed through. Becca took her punches and snapped that man's neck like a twig. Becca was clearly trained for years, we know nothing about her history except for a thin file. This also makes her a brilliant agent. I found myself looking at reruns of this episode, then I went by a friend who had recorded it to watch again. I was hooked. Becca had me convinced that she was on a mission.

Dax's input here was small, but I kept thinking Becca was right to say he had no children, because he was cold. He clearly did not get why she was so determined to get Michael back. When he let Becca go, I thought maybe there was hope for him. I was glad Becca saw 235@W' at a place where Michael was being 'held'. All the pieces connected, from beginning to end. Exceptional writing.

I appreciate shows that give this amount of detail in a single episode, it shows you what to expect for the rest of the season. I heard there was going to be a short season and there was a frown, I wanted more episodes. I also wanted these writers and cast to continue to wow me.

235@W'- Michael's deepest love for his mother and a code for his friends not to know whenever he told her so. Most likely he did so often.

Remember guys SAVE MISSING - Sign the Petition
5 Stars


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Missing "Rain on the Evil and on the Good" Season 1, Episode 10 Season Finale Review

Becca is left with no one else to trust. Giancarlo is shot and recovering in hospital, Paul is in jail and Martin is the one 'father figure' in her life that stabbed her in her back. At this point, I have no idea how Becca is getting to Michael. I keep hoping Michael would come to his senses and escape to find Becca himself. That would be a twist. Especially now we know Michael is a very curious boy. What was Martin thinking anyway, he is truly a cold hearted person. There is ice in his veins. He fooled me when he said he loved Becca and acted as though he cared about her, and that rarely ever happens under my watch.

Dax's faith in Becca is renewed, especially after Violet revealed her hand and more. If Becca needs someone to trust, then he would be her guy. He is no longer chasing after her. Once she reveals what she knows about Violet, Dax would have to trust her. Becca doesn't know that he knows the truth yet. She didn't know Violet was in custody. Dax almost showed Becca guilt. She led him to the passport place, and when they met he helped her get Paul out of jail. That was unexpected. She probably saw the strain Martin placed on their family. Martin did not only frame Paul, but he pretended to love Becca and Michael. Martin turned Becca on Paul, then lured Michael into danger. He is truly ruthless. It is unimaginable that people like Martin exist, especially when it caused this family so much pain. He caused Becca and Paul's split.

The scene between Dax and Paul was fun. After Dax told Paul to knock him out, I expected Paul to surprise him. Becca drove that truck with full confidence. She really wanted to hold Michael in her arms again and she seemed to have forgiven Paul for his absence in their lives. Meanwhile there were flashbacks to 1997 between Paul and Becca, dealing with a prisoner being transported for torture. I kept wondering what was the point of showing them. It had nothing to do with the storyline at hand. Unless you counted Violet being transported.
Why would they not chain Violet down? She is capable of being deceptive. I knew she would have successfully escaped the vehicle when Dax made reference to her meeting them for questioning.

The one scene that probably made me cry a little was Becca having to torture Violet. When Violet was recaptured I thought Becca was going to shoot her right there. She practically admitted that Michael was dead, why not empty a barrel just to shut her up. See it as payback for those snide comments. Now I understood the purpose for those flashbacks. Becca wanted to free that prisoner. I expected the roles to be reversed, because Paul is usually the voice of reason in flashbacks. It showed how much Paul had changed. As for Becca, she did not want that prisoner to be tortured so she and Paul saved him together. What would have been a more appropriate flashback was to watch Becca torture someone and show how it had affected her. It is clearly defined she had a shady past and she probably tortured a lot of people for the agency. I am just not accustomed to that side of Becca.

However Becca frightened me. No one would want to be Violet in that chair. Becca was going to hurt her badly, and I believed that. She wanted to see Michael's smile. That is truly love. Whose mother wouldn't do something like that? Show that amount of love? That gives you true hope. I was happy to see that final scene between Michael and Becca. At last they found each other nine episodes later. There was no way she was going to be separated from him again. It was good that Michael didn't punch Paul for being absent either when they reunited, maybe later.

Hearing Martin's response for keeping Michael alive was just cold. He didn't spare him because he loved Michael, but because Michael loved him. I am glad Becca put him down.

It all seemed to 'happily ever after' when Becca welcomed Oksana and the four were a family. I kept saying, Becca what about Giancarlo? Is he okay a week later when Paul is saying he would work things out from now. I guess that's complicated.

After this finale, I wanted more. Besides the fact that they left on a cliffhanger with SPOILER Becca being abducted (I kind of laughed at that one. I was like REALLY steups). That definitely had a tendency to be cheesy. The cast spared their time to talk with us, so they care and they were just excited with us to watch it together.

Light Moment:
Violet: "All my relationships usually end like this" Maybe she should change professions.

This Petition needs to be circled. I am sending links to my friends and hopefully their friends and their friends will pass on the message. I hope you guys do the same. Remember they need to see numbers for there to be any change.

Save Missing

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Keep good

Rating 4.8 Stars

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Renew "Missing" for Season 2

Here's a few facts you need to know before you let the finale sink in.

What we have learned so far?

Michael is a fighter.
Becca is a persistent woman.
Paul is a loving father.

These three factors made up a family. No matter how hard they tried to incriminate Paul I always knew he was innocent. Why? Because the first time he saw his wife after he was presumed dead, he wanted to tell her something and he didn't try to have her killed. Secondly, Becca knew Paul too well, to have her blind sided by her husband being a traitor was not going to be one. He was a loving father. Paul loved his son more than he loved money. Finally, when Becca kissed another man in front of him, he didn't retaliate because he wanted Becca's happiness.

The stories are intricate and complex, yet simple to interpret. I could not believe how much this series grew into a passion for loving it every week.

Who else admired how with little physical interaction, the writers were able to make us fall in love with Becca and Giancarlo? It takes no effort for this "Missing" team to produce such creativity. Even with Michael away, some said this show would get old. They criticized and formed drinking games whenever Becca said my son, but when we want something badly, how many times do we repeat it to ourselves and others? I have no qualms with Ashley Judd. I do not judge her prior work or who she is as a person, but I merely focus on what she brings to "Missing" which is a lot of talent.

Adriano Giannini had to speak a different language. He is an Italian actor, but he brings so much depth to Giancarlo (FUN FACT Giancarlo is his father's real name). This cast had to travel to many places, just to give this plot true authenticity. No green screen, or matched places, the REAL DEAL. They need to be given credit for that. I am certain making this fine product for us, did not come with ease. It was an experience for them and an experience for us. This is why I am shocked ABC cancelled it, because it is so good. Did the writers make time to produce a pilot for season 2? I just cannot understand their reason.

We need to now show that Missing is worth it. Their hard work does not go in vain. Guys sign the petition please and you would see what I mean. Writer/Producer Gregory Poirier has also suggested we " Start writing to A & E, Netflix, USA and TNT". He said they were "Re approaching all of them. Let's save "Missing" " via his Twitter.

Fans, let's start sending emails to our friends (those who you know would appreciate this) and to each network.


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Missing: Series Premiere "Pilot" Analysis Part II

Becca is cornered and being choked and suffocated. Her hope is probably gone because of him, maybe she wants to die as well. A picture is thrown to the floor of her and Michael together. If there is any hope for Michael she cannot give up. She had to fight back. This is how the series pulls you in and it doesn't take much words to tell you what was going on. Television is best told when you are able to use less words. For Becca as a mother who seemed to know nothing about the country before, she spoke the language really well when she turned the tables on this strange man. Becca is clearly more than she seems and maybe her past could explain her fighting skills and her knowledge of this foreign language. Becka snaps this man neck when he would not answer her "Where is my son?". She has killed before, she showed no remorse. He was her only leverage.

We soon meet up with Adriano Giannini's character Giancarlo Rossi. We do not know who he is to Becca or how she knows him, we just know that she is desperate enough to call anyone, especially someone she was not supposed to be in contact with. On the run from the police, this is her only out. Giancarlo is able to tell her who was the guy she killed given his connections with Interpol. Maybe they met on an assignment before as the pieces come together. He also helps her with her wounds later on. They have chemistry. They both have history together and it is represented warmly on screen. It is almost as though they would kiss, but shouldn't we root for Becca still loving her husband? They share a quiet moment together and inquire about what wasn't spoken about in years. The writers/producers did an excellent job here.

We learn about her CIA past when the agency starts tracking her. Becca was a special agent, her file being thin means she was one of the best. We don't have the whole picture, but that's enough for now. Becca clearly crosses path with the wrong people, as her life is continuously threatened. She uses skills she put away years ago to get closer. Agent Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis) is not sensitive to her situation at first. He doesn't understand her crazed actions. Her son is missing, but that's it to him. That clearly shows he has no children as Becca reassured. Dax clearly had his reasons for letting her go in the end and giving her a limited time to get what she needed to get done. When Becca finally sees the symbol of "I Love You" carved on a wall, in an abandoned building, she knows her son was there. She is one step closer to finding him.

This gives a detailed analysis into the series' pilot. When Becca is shot in the end, although we know she would survive to fight another day, the experience is traumatic. Pictures she captured of her son's surveillance now floats in the water. Your eyes are still peeled to the screen when the credits run at the end.

We understand these characters in under an hour. It takes skills to give an audience a lot of information and keep their interest each minute. We need to acknowledge that principle. These people put a lot of work into this just to air one hour, think of how much they had to do for 10 episodes.


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Missing: Series Premiere "Pilot" Analysis Part I

We meet the cast. The series opens in this well crafted design for Missing, with the I in missing gone and what seems like a man running, filling the space. This is true art. This series is definitely beyond anything we have seen before. Can we truly get it?

In the span of a few seconds, a woman is seen running. This place has a lot of trees. It looks breezy. I want to be there, just for that run. A morning jog. Sometimes you need to take that stress away before it starts and the day progresses. You imagine many possibilities of her life. She is probably a waitress. She spends everyday serving after others and using this one moment to care for herself before she goes of to work on a Sunday. The boss wants to make her work lazy hours. She cannot wait until her application for another job pulls through. Maybe it may not be that cliche.

Maybe she is a lawyer. She strides with confidence. She definitely has learned a fact about life that we haven't yet understood. Maybe she is an officer. The people she greets knows her name. She runs here regularly. What is Becca's story? These questions are simply introduced in every new pilot, especially if you haven't yet seen the previews. So you don't know anything about her past. She steps into her car after her run. Does she have a sip of water? That would have seemed appropriate to tell how long she had been running. She gets a call and we see that she has a family. A husband and a son. The perfect family, but were they really perfect. We all know or should know that everything on the surface is not always what it appears to be, but Becca seemed okay.

When her husband's car explodes after he told his boy to go and retrieve the ball he forget. Becca's expression explained it all. I was hooked from that point. Ashley Judd gave a remarkable performance. I actually gasped. Her husband Paul was now dead. It gripped you into that scene. Poor Michael, watching his father killed in the most extreme way could affect him for the rest of his life. What was his father in too? That was not an accident.

We then see Becca running through the same field of green again. This time with an older boy. Becca's hair is now shorter. Her son now an adult. He is curious about life, but seemed unaffected by what happened to his father years ago. How did this family move on? Was Becca trying to figure out what happened to her husband? As Michael is older, Becca's protective hold to keep him close had to be loosened. She had no other choice for his safety. Michael still has more time to grow and follow his dreams, because he is like any one of us. He wants to succeed in life and Becca had to let him do that. So he travels to Rome for his architecture course. It is inspiring. Some people I know are afraid to leave for another country to study, but Michael had a thirst for adventure. He wanted to create things for himself, with his hands. That showed his strength. Becca and her son had a secret language, an "I Love You" symbol in his own artistic way. Only the two of them would understand what it means.

When Michael suddenly stops calling, Becca's mother senses go into overdrive. She soon travels to Rome to see her son and make sure he is okay. He doesn't respond to her calls. The one thing that got her to this point was a call from the school saying that Michael practically dropped out from all his courses. The plot starts to build when she finds his dorm, but he is not there. His cellphone is left idle on a desk. Breakfast is uneaten. A man soon enters the room with a gun and Becca takes her only form of defense, a clothes hanger. What can Becca do? She is frightened. Who is this guy? She courageously uses the hanger to rip the gun from his hands, but a fight is started. Becca is tossed around like a rag doll. This man tries to have her killed. Did he see her when she entered? What was he looking for? It could have very well been a concerned neighbor, frightened.


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The 'Missing' Petition for ABC Part II - The Cause

Petition Address - People have already begun to state their reasons for loving this series.

I have decided to focus on detailed reviews to truly captivate each moment, but it is something you have to see as well for yourself to truly grasp what I mean. Each episode is like a mini movie each week, with each following week being the sequel. I admire the cast and their backgrounds. They each come from all over.

Ashley Judd - A Country Girl at heart born in Granada Hills, California.
Cliff Curtis - Definitely not new to television but is good at executing the American accent. His voice sounds nothing like it does in the series. He was born in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Nick Eversman - Born in Wisconsin. Mostly homesick throughout the season.
Adriano Giannini - He's an Italian actor. He commended the script for being the most well written that he has seen.
Laura Donnelly - Born North Ireland. A surprising addition, but cleverly cast.
Sean Bean - An English Actor born Handsworth, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Source: IMDB Missing

There are rarely few series that encourage me to explore each actor and actress, but this is one. This is really a strong cast that surprisingly grows on you.

We seem to forget the passion that goes into creating a show for entertainment. Everything becomes a money game to boost financial appeal, but we should control the outcome. This show reminds of a project I did for a class a while back. The topic was clear and I had to deliver my pitch and present the final project to the class. I wanted to be innovative, because this was my passion. I had to ask favors from my friends who were doing film studies to borrow their equipment because part of the project needed a small filmed tribute. I put everything into it. I met with random people and I learnt from them. It was a great journey. When I presented it to my class, most said they truly liked it. I got an applause and I thought I accomplished my goal. Then the teacher gave me my grade and I barely passed. She told me that I didn't follow guidelines. In other words I did too much work. I shook my head because I knew how much work I put into it and she didn't even tell me whether it was good or not. That truly hurt.

I saw that passion in this cast. We have to appreciate each effort. They shot this series in so many different locations. This was challenging for everyone and made some homesick. For our sake they pushed it through and saw the beauty of each country they filmed in. So this is not just for money, not for them. It is for the experience and joys of filming and creating a grand project that they think people would love as much as they do. We can't forget that or ignore it.

I found a petition that truly speaks to this. It also speaks to those that have the same passion for this series. This is a show that has executed a plot line with great effort. Don't be like the teacher that couldn't see beyond a grade. Let's see how much influence we truly have as fans other than truly sitting back down. I think there is hope.


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The 'Missing' Petition for ABC Part I - The Narrative

I was really shocked when I found out Missing was cancelled. It usually airs on a Thursday around eight on ABC. The finale is tonight. So all now I usually gear up with my popcorn eagerly telling my co workers during break in the lunch room everything that went on last episode. Already I am think about getting the groceries on time, I leave work on time and I race home with a silly grin on my face. What has really come over me? Those who are just as obsessed with this series probably know what I mean. Tonight was what supposed to be the season finale, but quickly turned into the series finale. I guess before I continue, I need to get you guys familiar with the plot of 'Missing'

Petition Address - People have already begun to state their reasons for loving this series.

Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) begins her morning jug. It reminds me of an early Sunday morning, the breeze is just right, the trees are oddly greener. It is a perfect day for a run. Sadly she hasn't seen a morning like this often because she usually had her hands filled with her husband and her little son. One can only imagine how happy Becca must be to have this morning out for herself, while her husband and son are off for what seems to be a vacation. They both share that in common. It is unknown to us at the time that Becca is a CIA agent who gave up that life to have her family. The few minutes she has spared after she takes a breath, she gets a call from her husband, Paul, who talks about his trip. He clearly loves her and so does her son, Michael. Becca is ready to have their family grow bigger. When Michael is separated from his father for a few seconds, Paul's car explodes. Becca gives a shriek. This is any mother's nightmare. She has no idea whether her son was a part of this explosion or what happened to her husband.

I have seen some interviews from the cast of this series and they have expressed how well written the script was. Sometimes a series is given crappy writing, and relies solely on acting skills and vice versa. Here it was balanced. The story advanced to Michael who is in early adulthood. Still it is unknown to us Becca's past life. The story unravels when Michael goes abroad to study and is abducted. Then leads Becca's search to find her son that she truly loves and this is seen on screen, apparent. The rest of the story then becomes a journey. Becca is able to appeal to the mother and child inside everyone and we root for her.

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A Break from Work *sigh* - of relief

A few weeks ago, I stood over a pile of books. It was for a new course I took up in psychology: The study of mind and behavior. Part of what astonishes me about everyone is that each individual can create a multitude of new possibilities and new creations. We all have talent. We all learn to grow from our mistakes and we also find a way to escape. A week ago I realized why I began watching so much television, it was a way for me to escape all the trials that come along with work and studying. I remember finishing work late. I was stressed, tired because my co-workers kept sending me documents from the temp job I took up for my sister. She too needed a break and I offered to help. I took on too much and it distracted me. I couldn't understand why, but I also stopped blogging for a while. It's really hard when people judge you from the outside, they don't truly get the stress everyone has to go through. This made me understand that everyone would have their problems, even those that seem flawless.

I stopped watching television altogether, but I knew that I would be letting you guys down. I received an email just asking about a show, and I didn't know how to respond. I guess it happens, I couldn't review a series the way I would like. I realized a long time ago that these series not only give us an escape, but it also encourages us to see more than we understand. It gives us a moment to laugh for a half hour, or cry or even be angry. It encourages us to reach places within ourselves we didn't know existed. While this isn't completely a review of a series, it still reviews how many series impacts on our lives. I did not know how much people loved the same shows I did.

I am not guaranteeing a regular review tribute week after week, because I now realized how much I would have to catch up. I still hope to continue somewhere. I recently started watching this series 'Missing' starring Ashley Judd. I saw a clip of what a friend sent and I didn't like it. I thought, based on that clip of the pilot, that it was going to be slow and unoriginal. I couldn't believe how attached I became when I did watch the whole pilot. It was one series I began watching when I had an hour to spare. You ever felt a connection with characters on a show, so much that you root for them? You cringe when they do? You cry and shout at the TV screen? I missed that feeling. I really missed creating a forum for you guys to discuss and contemplate. Let's start somewhere now. I truly want to change the way this blog speaks, hopefully for the better.


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