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Smallville: Season 9, Episode 9 'Pandora' Review

Usually when I get this excited for an episode, it always blows out of proportion and does a complete 180 on the quality I expect. Smallville has delivered some overwhelming Clois moments and the conflict among Clark, himself and Zod has been well established, but I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop and it kept on strong. The effects were widely attractive, like the action scenes and the consistency with Season 8 Lois.

'Pandora' dealt solely with Lois' missing three weeks of memory and her sudden divulge into the future. I kept channeling my thoughts to the season 8 finale, where Lois finished speaking to the 'Red, Blue Blur' back when he was still called that and her sudden altercation with Tess, and I actually tried to mesh my trend of thought with Lois' mindset. Basically she and Clark didn't kiss before, so when Clark embraced Lois as if they were lovers in the future I kept thinking 'maybe they had a connection', but then I reminded myself that it was the first time Clark saw Lois in months. The same reaction he had to seeing her in the train was close to the one he had when he gave up his watch to possibly save her life. (That explains how that ninja chick got the watch).

Clark has matured so much over these nine seasons and I am beginning to adore Season 9 Clark, really. Tom Welling has managed to turn the boy into the man and it suits him handsomely. I assume the shirtless Clark was for those Tom Welling fanatics and possibly Clois lovers, but I thought Clark was rather passionate and slightly forward for his love scene with Lois. Where did all those 'I did it for you' or even the 'Lois after you disappeared I couldn't be around Oliver or Chloe, they reminded me of you and that hurt to much' come from? I knew that Jimmy's death had the greatest impact on Kal El's decision to leave Clark behind and seeing Lois gave him a reason to bring Clark back, but I would not have guessed that Clark stayed away solely because of Lois' disappearance, I believe that Clark would have tried to find her if she did mean that much to him then.

Still they basically gave away that love scene through Lois' dreams and it came to a level of catch up as opposed to the greatest love moment between them. I wonder if that was the reason Clark worked up the nerve to make it official between him and Lois for real. Lois couldn't remember the future, but Clark still has to live with that over and over in his head. Clark's ability to admit to himself that the games between them were worthless if he did nothing about it, showed his maturity as a man with a destiny. The only thing I am concerned about is Lois' safety around him. The reason he tried to isolate himself from his emotions before was to protect the ones he loved, has that changed? I believed that Clark has reached a certain point where he knows that Lois is already in his heart and he would always find his way around her, so the only way he could protect her, was to be in her life.

While Lois and Clark bore the prominent scenes in Pandora, Tess and Zod also did a number when it came to impression. Future Tess is misguided and thwarted. She believes that forming an alliance with Zod would save humanity when it did the opposite. The only moment she realized she was wrong was when Chloe stuck a knife through her heart, in this case and arrow. I sympathized with Tess when she died in Oliver's arms. Tess was completely different from the one Lois left in the present. That Tess was actually willing to consider Zod a true enemy and wasn't willing to trust him completely. Yet I still have to consider that future Tess didn't have Lois in her past, because that Lois vanished months ago, enough time for Zod to take over the world.

Future Chloe shows a possibility of what present Chloe could become (phew). Now Chloe is manipulative and also admitted to keeping secrets from Clark, future Chloe was willing to kill without consequences. I hardly doubt Chloe could easily kill Tess now, but this is also a Chloe that was locked up in 'Watchtower' for a good couple of months without dealing with Jimmy's death. I believe that move made by Chloe before she was killed was reckless. Even though Alia (ninja chick) didn't give Chloe a fair fighting chance, Chloe seemed to have lost her track in life, without true cause.

Everyone's future looked bleak actually, even though Clark managed to get the better of Zod, he still surprised Clark with the Krptonite knife. I realized a lot of people were complaining about Alia's ability to super-speed even under the influence of the yellow sun. The theory is that the red sun is the Kadorian's main power source. Even if I were to somehow develop a theory that some of the clones bare certain abilities even under yellow sun, Alia should have an essence of her powers even now. I could go further and say that we were able to see Clark regain his powers, but Zod didn't appear to lose all of his. It could also be that Zod's abilities weakened when compared to Clark and Alia was surviving on the remnants of what she use to have.

That still doesn't explain how she had her abilities when she came to the present? Maybe they were still wearing off? At least I tried, I leave it in the hands of the writers to give us a full explanation. The fates of the present and future have not collided yet and some pieces are still left out of place.

It's strange, I actually thought Clark and Alia had some kind of relationship in the future. It didn't necessarily have to be an intimate one, but a friendship on the same. She came to the future to assassinate Clark in 'Savior' and when she looked up to Clark and apologized before she died, as though she owed it to him, I wondered.

Another questionable fact would be the duration of the three weeks Lois spent in the future, which more or so felt like two days and could possible stretch over to three. Did Oliver really think he could take on an army with one arrow? Why didn't he do something to save Chloe?

Don't get me wrong, I did love this episode, I could easily point out a load-some of scenes I replay over and over, (probably not the love scene ;)). One would definitely be the Lois and Clark holding hands in the elevator scene. It not only established a huge change for these characters but it actually made me love Lois even more and despise the anticipation for next years episode.

Smallville has been giving us back to back thriller of episodes this season, I would just have easily loved to replay the episode over from memory and not have a few question marks in my head. I must commend Cassidy Freeman for that dying scene, it really hit the heart. As for Pandora, the only evil that was let out was probably the knowledge of the future.

I am looking forward to:

**Lois and Clark of course. (Could the writers possibly top this union?)
**How Tess would deal with Chloe knowing how she dies in the future.
**How would Chloe adapt since she knows her fate as well (definitely do not listen to past Lois when she tells you to run).


Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smallville Countdown Speculations

I don't think I've been more excited counting down the days until Smallville airs the next episode. I noticed a few changes in Smallville lately and not only have the writers succeeded in giving Lois and Clark their real love story, but everything else is equally mesmerizing.

I focus solely on Clois in my reviews and sometimes I hardly find the room to squeeze in some of the other story lines that have been exceptional this season.

Tess Clark and Zod

Tess has this commitment to saving the world, but she also comes off as a villain. The one thing that sets her aside from the villainess is her heart connections. Even though she secluded herself from Oliver, she still holds a piece of their relationship close to her and I believe if Oliver was in trouble she would spend one second out of her obsession to save to world to do it. She could easily sway over to the other side, but I'm glad she could still be trusted slightly. Her connection with Zod, I believe is to get inside his head, if she did form an alliance with him it would be to get the better hand.

I also fear that Tess would want to conquer the world if she does save it. She risks a lot having two things against her; her femininity and her human heart. I've noticed her ability to cling on to fighting skills as her armor and she sometimes uses her femininity to her advantage and she has managed to close her heart off to anyone that was once close to her. She shows compassion or desire towards Clark because of his superhero complex and she would not be any match for him if they got in a battle. In 'Kandor' Clark admitted to being the blur and he intimidated her into giving up his father's location. Clark is not afraid of Tess, she has been hinting it to him that she knew since last season, it only took a confession from Clark to remove any little doubt she had. Clark believes that Tess could be harmless for the moment, she has proven that she wanted to help him and if she wanted to reveal his identity she would have sabotaged him a long time ago.

Tess wants to prove to Zod that she is capable of being as strong as steel and she cannot be intimidated easily. I think the Kandorian Tess eliminated was a message to Zod to back off, and consider a partnership between them. Zod sees humans as peasants and working with Tess is like an insult to 'his kind', but Tess comes off to be more than human and I believe he is somewhat intrigued by her strength, but I don't think he trusts her, they both manipulate each other to get on top of things. The one thing I feared most in Kandor was Clark's identity being revealed by Zod, because now he has the upper hand, like he has an explosive in his hands he could let off at any time.

Chloe, Clark and Lois' Dreams

In all of the Superman, Lois and Clark themed shows I know, Chloe hasn't been sso popular with screen time. In Lois' Dreams I've noticed that Chloe lays flat on the ground, eyes opened and it presents the idea that she could die in the future, because Lois' dreams give flashes of what to come. Chloe has lost everything in her life, she no longer has any emotional connection. After Jimmy died and she begged Clark to bring him back and he chose not to, I believe Chloe still has a grudge. Even though she and Clark get along good, there are still issues between them. She no longer appreciates privacy and she occasionally showed some serious negative energy towards Clark and Lois bonding. I believe that although she hides it well, she misses Jimmy and she misses the times when Clark depended solely on her. Now Clark is steps closer to revealing his secret to Lois and that's probably bothering her a bit, that was the one thing she and Clark shared together.

Without her strong goal to figure things out and use her skills for the betterment of mankind, I really don't know what Chloe would have to do. She has now dedicated her life to protecting others and she could get killed doing it. I don't want Chloe to be knocked out this rounds, I really appreciate the contribution Allison Mack has made to the series especially since she was a cast from day one and still going. I don't think I would ever be okay with Chloe leaving, if the writers had that story line in mind, or Lois' dreams are some sort of trick to deceive us, I hope it is the latter. Chloe needs to find some grounding in her life.

What ever happened to the hacker she recruited? He hasn't been mentioned for two straight episodes, so I wonder what use Chloe could have for him since she's been solitary all this time, would she have room for someone else? I still can't believe that Chloe was the one to get Clark to fess up and tell Lois how he felt. Maybe she got tired of hearing him whine about her all the time. She notices the connection between them. Could it be in a selfish way that she knows Lois is one reason Clark pulled away from Kal El 100 and came back to earth and it's the only way Clark would communicate with her?

Lois' Dream and Everything Else Surrounding It

Lois was obviously not offended or turned off by the dream, which also means that she has probably had the image of them together flashed through her mind before, especially since their almost-kiss in Season 8. The three week lapse in Lois' memory suggests that what ever happened in the future took three weeks to unravel and she came back to somewhat prevent it from happening. Whatever 'it' is, it involves Zod, since his arrival and the ring came about the same time.

Lois' dream got more intense after Clark kissed her. Before she just had vague flashes and now after that 'Crossfire' WOW!, she had an entire intimate moment play out in her head. Which explains why the second kiss possibly placed her in a sleeping state. 'Pandora' according to the myth suggest that she opened a box containing the evils of mankind out of share curiosity. The next episode reflects something being opened that should have just stayed dormant. I believe Zod has a lot to do with that.

I watched 'Idol' clips over and I noticed Clark's cheek being bruised when he held Lois from behind. I was too busy fixating on their moment that I barely paid any attention to what the scar meant. Now Clark is invincible, any scar leaves within seconds. His 'I wish we had more time' before he held Lois symbolises a sort of escape for them to be together or the last time they would ever be together, since he probably lost his immortality.

In 'Crossfire' Tess put forward a solar system she was working on. I tried to figure out why Zod would be interested in becoming CEO of anything, especially since he despised the human race, so why would he want to work for them? Zod is trying to regain his powers. The main source of Clark's powers is the Yellow sun and when they focused on the orange-red sun in Lois's dream I figured that maybe that was responsible for his absence of powers. Zod wants Clark defenseless and he uses his hatred for Jar El to defeat Clark.


This is my speculation of the series so far, it could go either way. I don't know about Oliver and his sidekick or even partner, but I believe that they would show them selves again probably even to help Clark when he's down. This just crossed my mind does Lois know about Clark's secret in the future? What do you think?
I absolutely loved the way these writers captured Lois and Clark, I mean really, well done. I just now count down the hours until it airs, is it Friday yet?


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The Office: Season 6 Episode 10 'Murder' Review

A good way to take your mind off of losing your job, is to play a game centered around 'Murder'. At least that was another bright idea placed by Michael to take everyone's mind off of bankruptcy. Dunder Mifflin has faced many dilemmas throughout each Season. In Season One Michael was faced with letting someone go from the office; from then on there was the issue of branches closing, then the merging branches, followed by the scare of other job losses. A friend of mine once suffered through the possibility of their branch closing down and almost went crazy, especially since there was not any kind of game to ease the worry. Which is what makes 'The Office' so far fetched and somehow related to real life.

'Murder' was particularly placed as a front by Michael as a strategy to remove fear and replace it with fun. I am not even sure if Angela got the baby carrots Michael promised if she stayed to play the game. What surprised me was Jim describing his role with Michael as the parents of the office. Jim has had his issues with Michael's approach to running the office, ever since he was just 'the employee'. Now we find Jim being sucked into the very same strategy Michael takes on. Running the office is clearly not as easy as he rationed it would be when he took on the manager role. At least he was able to comfort Pam in a way Michael could not in the past, by being frank with her.

My favorite scenes would be with Andy and Erin. They are the most clumsiest character yet, and they cleverly found a way to twist 'the date' mix up. Although I thought it was strange for Nelly's brother to ask her out, if they did remain in character, but her name was 'Naughty Nelly' after all, so the title could have been misunderstood. I actually admire their relationship, they have this 'will they, won't they' thing going on, and I felt sorry for Andy when it turned out that Erin was interested in a date.

There is always something crazy in the office, be it Dwight or some crazy report from corporate, but Dunder Mifflin always pulls through. Let's hope they pull through for this one. Who would ever think that Pam would be sucked into a fake 'gun draw', it looks like she's forgiven Michael and it bears no hard feelings on Michael part that she slummed him in the face.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Last Days of Disco Stick' Review

I am going to be frank from the beginning, I really do not like the direction the writers of Gossip Girl are going with this show. This episode bears no exception. I mean I really tried to find some interest in the new Vanessa Dan storyline, Blair's crazy obsession with the play and Jenny's experimenting stage, but I couldn't. I have accepted that Gossip Girl has found its way into this type of political drama and lost sight of why fans loved the series in the beginning. Yet for the past few weeks now, washed down writing has become frequent and honestly I could do without it.


The Threesome sequel to last week's 'They Shoot Humphrey's, Don't They?'.
Olivia and Dan's relationship became very plain to me, the threesome more hurt than helped their relationship. Dan is completely out of character, since when does Dan get off on being 'The Man'. This is certainly not the Dan Humphrey we knew in Season one. Ever since he and Serena broke up he's been like a wild horse, almost compared to what Chuck Bass used to be. Even now that he's dating a movie star his ego must be on a serious high. I was glad Nate was around to give him some perspective about sleeping with the girlfriend and the best-friend.

Dan has real feelings for Vanessa and even if the writers wanted to screen them together, the possibility is blurred by the threesome. I was hoping for the threesome to be some sort of dream sequence and where Vanessa pushed Olivia away to get her share could easily enlighten the hilarity of the dream.

Blair, The Play and her Lady Ga Ga Project.

*sigh* Blair is back to using petty stunts, blackmail and foul play into getting the job done, only this time it wasn't fun to watch. I really don't get it anymore. I don't get Blair's obsession to fit in, I don't get why this play was so important to her or even why she would work with Dan and Vanessa and I don't get those minions...

It's just tiring hoping for Blair to have a character change or instead of fitting into NYU, try blackmailing some other schools into an acceptance that suits her. The NYU domination theme is getting really old and boring. There was once a time I would anticipate Blair scenes, now I can't wait for them to end.

I understand using guest star appearances and performances to shape up ratings is what Gossip Girl has succumbed to lately, but does it really help? I may have enjoyed Lady GaGa's performance, but it's like the show is using these stars to define itself as opposed to shining on it's own.

Serena-Tripp and Nate

I was very disappointed in Serena here. She has been on the low many times, but I'm sure she not foolish enough to fall for the married man-marital issues ploy. Did Tripp really get upset about his wife's drowning gimmick to have an affair? I could understand it if he was a guy of morale principles who held the people in his life on a pedestal, but the writers didn't take the time to establish Tripp's character.

Nate is one to be on the sidelines lately. They either need to give him an official storyline or just kick him out of the show until they get one! When they flashed back to Serena and Nate from Season One, I thought they were going to put them back together and that really would be a huge mistake. They could barely make any guy in Serena's life interesting, who knows how they would recreate Serena and Nate without adding a bit of messy on the side.

Jenny-Damian and 'I'm Chuck Bass'

Damian: "What exactly does an Upper East Side Queen do? Wear designer clothes, boss people around?"
Jenny: "No, go to parties and openings and stuff."
Damian: "Where you wear designer clothes and boss people around? Sounds like kind of a yawn."

I feel really sad for Jenny, she hasn't only lost sight of who she used to be, but she's lost everyone she would consider a true friend. Her brother Dan is too busy with his threesome issues to notice and her dad is completely oblivious. This Ambassador's son might have been a drag, but he did define Jenny's Queen gig well - 'kind of a yawn'.

Jenny is just too young to have all this burden on her shoulder. She revealed to Chuck that she was more lonely and bored than when she was in Brooklyn. Blair always had someone to accept her ways non-the-less and Jenny has no one. I knew Chuck would have been the one to pull Jenny out, and I admire his brotherly ways towards her. I still don't buy how clueless Rufus is as a parent towards his daughter and how Lily keeps encouraging Jenny into to stuff she's not really ready for.

This was another one of the 'I'm Chuck Bass' lines, but it felt overused for some reason.


Maybe I mentioned this before, but I am getting tired of the same old story lines and there doesn't even seem to be a silver lining. I keep hoping that the following week would surprise me, but it always turns out to be just the same old material as before. It looks like next weeks 'The Treasure of Serena Madre', Serena and Tripp have this affair thing going, Vanessa's mom is making another appearance. I actually liked Vanessa's mom and she might provide some - thing, but I'm not certain how I feel about that, probably the same ole quality.


Nate: "Serena, I didn't tell you about Maureen because Tripp's a married man. If you go with him now you're going to cross the line."
Serena: "Thank you for everything, Nate really, but that line just got a little blurry."

Then Wear Glasses!



Just One Star


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Smallville Season 9, Episode 8: 'Idol' Review

There would be those moments in classic television history where scenes get so steamy that your mouth waters at the sight of it. 'Idol' had its effects and the eye capturing moments between Lois and Clark would have any Clois fan drooling over the sight of skin and Tom Welling's err Clark's nipple hanging at bay, his chest caressed by Lois...
I guess I'm swaying away with it and anyone would. What sealed that opening scene was Lois falling helplessly into Clark's arms as he caressed her into a kiss.

No wonder Lois got lost in her daydream and even if that moment was happening in her head, it was still worth every second. I knew it had to be a dream of some sort, they wouldn't make Clark and Lois kiss and then skip a chapter, the strange orange light and dream-like scenario gave whiff to the daydream's being. Lois was just classic here, trying to cover up her emotions and the reason behind her sudden disappearance for two weeks. Clark really did a number on her and I couldn't understand how he was so calm in front of Lois. "We should talk about it" and "Are you turning red?", well 'go figure' stud, she's blushing, you don't just open a can of worms and expect them to stay in one place.

I suppose given Clark's isolation from human emotions, even what it means to have someone blush after haven kissed them two weeks ago means zip to him. I'm sure he thought Lois was tough enough to handle it, but in the end it boils down to emotions anyone couldn't ignore, no matter how tough they are.

This was definitely a Clois oriented episode, which explains why I am going into such detail trying to adjust to the range of emotions expressed between them. It is literally breathtaking.

'Idol' definitely had its moments in the spotlight, and Clark's identity came close to being revealed many times over. It's good that Smallville links the social world of Twitter, Facebook and Blogs so we could easily relate. It's not everyday one would find a superhero as their plus one friend and it was good that Clark wasn't the one behind his 'Brand \S/' collation. The Wonder Twins were wonderful indeed and proved to be the biggest fans of 'The Blur'. They were definitely a new additions to the cast and I really look forward to seeing them again, on top of that they did do Clark a huge favor by setting up blogs in his name, it is the modern way of communication these days and the best way to get a message across.

The one person that has been scaring me a bit lately is Chloe. She acts as though she has everything under control, but she's not exactly bulletproof and could easily get hurt. She also acts autonomously and lately, irrationally 'for the sake of all man kind'. I commend her for getting Clark out of the hot seat with Lois. I want Lois to find out about Clark's secret, but somehow it felt too soon for Lois to find out and I'm not sure who Chloe did it for exactly. The way Chloe is sounding these days, she would easily clunk you over the head ten times and then tell you she was doing for your well being and that a headache would have been inevitable.
I'm not sure how friendly or family oriented Chloe is, since her only focus is recruiting and protecting the world and even Clark from himself.

Everything keeps pointing it's way to Lois and the three week lapse in her memory. I admired that therapist a great deal, she is assertive in her depictions from Lois' dreams (which, may I add are WOW!) and involve clothes - coming off according to Lois. What I gathered from Lois' dream is the entire three weeks coming back to her. After all we do know she went to the future and brought the ninja girl back with her. I believe that she and Clark's relationship is intense and passionate in the future, but there was some sort of war going on between Zod and Kal El (referencing vague symbols symbolic of Zod's nature and Clark in some sort of cell), especially since Zod knows Clark's true identity and has even bothered to show his face since, which isn't good. The last time he did that he tried to have Tess killed.

Somehow Chloe gets caught in the crossfire, being human and strongly hero motivated it doesn't surpass her, but was that a Chloe unconscious?
What I don't get is why would the ninja chick try to kill Clark to save the future? My guess is his human side gets in the way of his objectivity; definitely something to do with Lois, which explains why the ninja chick knew Lois was the best way to get to Clark. This is all speculation though, but Lois' dreams have always been consistent with her being with Clark intimately (hopefully there would be no problems in that area).

I love the new direction Smallville has taken. I am officially hooked and can't get enough of it. I actually get excited for more each week and... attempt to reconstruct the way in which the writers would take the Lois and Clark angle, but they always surprise me and I don't believe I could think up something so intricate between them and connect the chemistry bubbles they have together. The glasses was a sweet angle and Clark should take Lois' advice about the contacts, maybe Clark really didn't know about contacts or the glasses thing was just a cover up from Lois almost revealing his secret. So how would CK cover his identity when he does reveal his secret?

I also commend Lois for taking charge back into her own hands you know! Let Clark whine and blush over her for a while. Kicking the box over with her stiletto heals was the first nudge, stepping on top of it was the second, but grabbing Clark's head in like that, even he was surprised and that kiss well it surely knocked heads out and blew the whistle. The cherry on top would be Clark's concern for Lois as she fell unconscious in his loving arms... (sigh) That was a real gem.



Five Stars

Grade A+

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Private Practice 'The Hard Part' Review

I don't question why I fully committed to Private Practice being one of my favorite series of all time. There was a time where some episodes slipped through the cracks, but I always enjoyed being humored by Addison and got sucked into the constant chaos, yet 'The Hard Part' surpassed all my expectations. I knew Private Practice had it in them. I don't know whatever skill the writers caught on to during the season break, but it's working. After 'Strange Bedfellows', I didn't think it could get better and it did. A few moments later I am writing this review and I can't stop thinking about every detail and moment that would sink anyone's heart in.

Addison and Sam established a deep bond, being neighbors and single who would really blame them. Even on their break, they still had to work the hardest and Addison almost got killed doing the very same job she was passionate about. Private Practice has a knack for delivering heartfelt guest star appearances. Kara played by Ever Carradine was exceptional as the pregnant woman trapped in a wrecked car. Her panic and disarray was nerve wrecking and out of the middle of nowhere, their chances of survival was very slim. Jake and Kara's only hope was Sam and Addison, had they not been hiking together, they would not have found a straying Jake bruised and weak searching for any help for his wife and his child.

This entire scene was moving and it kept me glued to the screen hoping things would work for the better. Any series that has the ability to derive that grief which overcame me after Addison delivered Kara's baby girl and crashed upon being saved, is brilliant in deed. I couldn't help but shed that deep feeling of agony after Kara promised to name her child after Addison and died in her arms moments away from rescue. I soon became teary-eyed upon confirmation of her death. The support her husband gave her throughout the distress was warming and it would touch anyone's heart that they were still able to say they loved each other. Her death and Addison's reaction to her death and brief friendship was heartbreaking and I am certain a silence overcame the room as Addison struggled to escape the car to cope with her sadness.

Every week a character is highlighted and this time Kate Walsh shined through her delivery of Addison's grief, concern and warm heart such that moments were cherished and deeply felt.

Even though this heartbreaking plot out shined this episode, I am happy they were able to balance off the depressing and the enlightening. We were able to see what a weekend was like for Violet, Pete, Sheldon, Cooper and Charlotte.

Charlotte and Cooper spend a lot of time together and I have grown to admire the strength in their relationship. Charlotte bears her own burdens and they learn to lean on each other for support. It was interesting to see Charlotte's Sexology skills be put to use involving the Newly Wed couple and a husband's desire to over-perform on his wedding night. They made an interesting couple and added that humor this episode needed to mellow out the mushiness. The writers gave the couple their happy ending, but I could not have easily forgiven her for sleeping with someone else and getting pregnant. I don't care what Charlotte said about her wondering 'what if she did forgive him?', because of that mishap he would not only have to live with the affair, but father a child that is not his. The consequences of her actions would cause in dent in their relationship sometime, but they are young and in-love and she did take wrong advice from her sister (a person you can usually depend on).

Aside from the over-erected scenes, Pete's desire to 'get back on the wild horse' was explored and he winded up crossing parts with Sheldon, also willing to get back in the game. It was amusing the way Sheldon convinced Pete to leave his heart open for Violet; it actually meant that he had accepted the situation at hand. I know I really wouldn't want to have a friend like Sheldon who shrink-ed away every bit of conversation had with him. Even if Pete did get the girl, at the end of the day he realized that he was a father and Sheldon was the 'single dude' eligible to date, but I would have preferred if they didn't treat Dawn like some kind of trophy, even if she didn't mind it.

I wonder now how Violet is doing. Sure she may have Naomi (who was surprisingly omitted here), but she has to live with the distance from her son. How does she cope at home? Since she rather spend her time in the Practice as opposed to home, does that mean she is moving on from the Katie incident? Violet wraps herself in work most of the time and portrays the image of 'wellness' but does that mean she's fine? I would love to see more of Violet and her coping with this difficulty she has to overcome. I am really worried about Lucas and Pete; what if he stops holding out for her and moves on, could Violet bare that?

As much as I was impressed with this episode, I accept that Sam and Addison went through a difficult moment together and maybe the kiss was a way for them to cope with it, but I really wouldn't want it to turn into something more. I knew where the 'I had a crush on you first' talk was leading and if it wasn't for Naomi, Maya would not be in their lives. (Where is Maya these days, by the way?) I am sure Naomi would have some issues with their bondage, if not noticeably, then subconsciously. I would give them a break for now because they did go through something traumatic and Addison not only lost a patient, but a friend.

They did this one so beautifully and this series is beginning to live up to every fan's expectations. I really wonder if they would be able to top this one, because they were able to warm their way into our hearts. If only there were more like this!



Five Stars

Grade A++

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The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Dr. Little Man' Review

This is a new change for Christine, where get to see Matthew's side of things and the way he handles his job. How long did he think his blossoming relationship with his sister would, last and did Christine really think she could give advice.

Now that Barb and Richard are married, they haven't really been in the marriage mood really and Barb's potential love interest hasn't really been in the picture since he imprisoned her then gave her advice to marry someone else. It didn't stop Richard from making the moves on New Christine in her vulnerable state of the 'single life' and dating'.

Speaking of dating, Christine has been doing a lot of that lately and this time it's with Matthew's work associate, also into the psychiatric session. I knew he wasn't talking about having sex with Christine the first time, but I wonder if their relationship would go beyond just sex and he could be a recurring role keeper.

Another good one, but I really want to see some pieces coming together and for Christine's life to be smoothed out. Richie has hardly made any appearances worth talking about this season. He has really grown though so I wonder if they would give him more grown up roles to work with?



Three and a Half Stars

Grade C-

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Gossip Girl 'They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?' Review

Talk about hilarious! Even through the melodrama of Olivia's movie dilemma, Blair's fallout with Serena and Jenny's midlife crisis, I really couldn't help myself.

I would give Gossip Girl one thing, they surely made Jenny into a B**** and if they could shoot Humphreys I'm sure she would be the first target.

Whew, there was a lot of battling going on and a bit of madness everywhere. The main event this time was the Debutante Ball and it was Jenny's goal to score a date before the night was up or she would have surely turned into the Brooklyn pumpkin she dreaded.

Each character from season one has their imitator; Jenny is supposedly playing the old Blair Waldorf, the new clingy girl is the old Jenny and Graham Collins - the old Nate Archibald. While these moments bring back fond memories, I would have preferred if things remained the way they were and for Jenny to be in something more original. While Jenny keeps prancing around in shorts, all blacks and goes backstabbing her brother, I can't understand how Rufus could stand back and be proud of his grown daughter without any resentment towards the person she is becoming. Maybe he could be busy with post-nuptial arrangements, but I remembered the time he freaked when Jenny once went nuts and stubborn. Now Jenny is willing to kill her principles and chill with no-brainers all for what? Popularity? If she thought having Nate as an escort did the trick to score some points, I ask myself, what is a guy like Nate Archibald still hanging around a group of high schoolers, doesn't he have his college frat boys to hang wit'.

That also goes for Blair, Chuck and all the other people that seemed completely out of place here. I understand why Lily would want to host the Ball another time around, her credibility stands, but I really cannot appreciate the moments she has with Rufus anymore. They've settled down and the writers have done nothing to rekindle that flame I once admired.

The Threesome theme was reflected in every promotion and it also placed an odd thought as to what three was it going to be. What a huge let down it was to see Olivia-Dan and Vanessa flaunt it all over town then head back to Dan's place to get-it-on. Didn't Vanessa feel like the third wheel at any point, enough for her to decide it was too hot for her to bathe in the shower with her Best friend and his girlfriend. Vanessa seemed to be the one drinking the most and they were pretty hammered, but even before the partying and the heading back to Dan's place, didn't Vanessa see where that article was going to lead?

Uninteresting plots:

I just knew they were going to pull the Tripp and Serena card.

Jenny was just disappointing, I really wanted to slap her and not in the love to hate her kind of way.

The Debutante Ball

Oh oh it looks as though Eric has it out for Jenny...

I'm glad they made up, but Blair and Serena's feud got really old.

Lily found the letter!

Chuck and Blair couldn't save this one.

The End

I expect a little level of credibility from Gossip Girl, that's all. So Yeah, I want Nate to get a life (I would have preferred if he kicked Jenny to the curb and teach her a lesson, what happened to her not being the same person). Rufus needs to see some change in his little girl and Dan, well I don't know, it really seems like Olivia has done him more harm than good. Doesn't Olivia have her own goodie-time place, like a loft or a mansion of some sort, why is she always by Dan's?

Unfortunately, there weren't much Highlights this round worth pointing out. I found myself humored by the attempt to recreate something that was once good, but that can't be done so the writers need to focus on what is already there. Sadly this episode turned out to be the exact quality I expected.



Two Stars

Grade D-

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Smallville 'Crossfire' Review

This is what we've been waiting for, the biggest moment in Smallville history and the time actually came for - Oliver to admit his true feelings for Lois. On a realistic note, that kiss was to die for, at least most Clois viewers fainted when Clark's lips met Lois' and it was for real this time. At least I stood up and shouted at the screen in awe. Crossfire did it! Was all the trial and error worth it for this head over heals kiss? Absolutely!

'Crossfire' was filled with comedy from beginning to a surprising end. The only thing that could have improved Lois' career was a time slot in television and 'The Morning Show' was a good enough start to make her name. I knew she couldn't remain angry with Clark forever, just the sound of his manly voice and muscular built could have anyone thinking twice about remaining angry. I loved how she was able to make him squirm, his uncomfortable nature during the interview was more than obvious, which leaves me wondering why Lois would choose Clark as opposed to Oliver who could win her some points.

Sure Clark's extremely attractive and with a boost of training he could grab a good anchor gig, but I also believed Lois chose Clark so she could spend more time with him. It also meant that she had already forgiven him for lying to her and for standing her up twice. Although Lois didn't grab 'The Morning Show' anchor she dreamed of, she may have gotten something much better - to work with the man of her dreams (literally).

Chloe had her head tangled into something else involving Tess, another one of Chloe's save the world complex. Chloe and Tess basically share the same goals, I wonder if they would ever team up for the good of the world, Chloe did manage to grab her hands on Tess' 'Tech Boy' in the end scene. Wasn't he afraid that Tess would kill him, so why join with the enemy?

In Crossfire I noticed several color changes. Clark and Lois had the bubbly colors of red, orange - along those lines, so did Chloe's scenes, up until she joined forces with Tess' tech guy. Tess's colors with Zod was more silver-blue and it felt cold. Tess seems genuine enough when it comes to saving mankind and she obviously doesn't trust Zod enough, she also knows more about The Blur than she's letting on. She strikes me as the person that wants to control the cards. Zod is helpless without his powers and Tess knows that, so she keeps her trump card very close. I wonder how Tess was able to get rid of Zod's assassin? I know she could kick butt, but is she really that good. They didn't really show much of a fight for fans to admire, but Zod's reaction to a disappearing Tess was priceless. How did Tess pull off that disappearing stunt, is she a magician as well?

Speaking of assassin, I actually admired Lois' assassin from the future that really came for Clark. There are many questions that still haven't been answered. What did Clark do that it's worth killing him in the past to save the future?
Her battle with Clark however short-lived felt in vain, such that there would be another attempt on his life, if so it's really just a matter of time.

The only thing that could be saddening about Lois and Clark's new found relationship, is the fact that Lois could be in serious danger because of it. the woman that came to kill Clark tried to get to him through Lois, that should strike up all the bells in Clark's 'cautious' head. I am sure Chloe has perspective with respect to Lois and Clark's relationship so why encourage it, especially since she hasn't really been completely supportive of them. Doesn't she care about her cousin's safety?

Aside from the dismal side, I just adored Clois' dating game, they prove to have deep chemistry together. It was endearing watching Clark probe Lois for a second date, which meant that he really couldn't suppress his feelings for her anymore - just give me that second date already! I saw the jealousy in Lois' eyes when Clark possibly met 'The perfect girl' or according to Lois 'Mother Teresa in six inch heals'. They most rather be going on dates with each other, so when Oliver tried to confess his feelings for Lois (...just all of a sudden he decided to have an epiphany), I saw the awkwardness in her solely because she knew Clark was listening. Erica Durance has given Lois such a grace this season that I admire, so no wonder Clark finds her more than irresistible and their connection is more profound than it has ever been.

There was always something that came in the way of the two of them, and this time it could have easily been Oliver. Clark wears jealousy on a very amatory scale and he went nuts over Oliver's confession of love for Lois. There was actually a moment went Lois an Oliver was caught in a crossfire and the bullet was inches away from Oliver's eye, a split second later and that could have been deadly. That was actually a new touch in the slow-mos with Super Clark. The only fault I had with that scene was Oliver standing in one place shielding Lois as though the bullets would bounce off his skin, why didn't her dive to the floor. Anyway, it did give Clark a chance to save Oliver's life with a jealous sneer added.

I am not completely into Mia Dearden, Oliver's way of helping someone out I guess. I thought she was a bit naive, but she shows potential and had some sweet moves. I wonder if they'll be writing in a possible love storyline between them since Lois clearly stated she was only interested in Clark. There are many videos plastered all over the internet citing 'The Legendary Kiss' between Lois and Clark. I'm just glad that the only thing able to silence Lois was Clark's lips against hers. The moment just made you smile at the screen and if you recorded it, replay would become your best friend.


Lois: "...if you want these main frame matchmakers to pick you're a winner, you really have to be careful to choose just the right words."
Clark: "I filled mine out in ten minutes this morning."
Lois: "I guarantee that's the only ten you're getting out of it."

Lois forgot his lightening speed typing skills (whoops)! Anyway I'm sure Clark's picture was what did the trick, the words would be the bonus.

Lois: "Couldn't this heart to heart have waited until the cameras are off?"
Oliver: "No. I'm not hiding my feelings anymore Lois and I kinda figure by saying those stuff with the cameras on I could prove that to you."
Lois: "I had no idea, you still had such strong feelings."

Neither did I, I am sure what Ollie was feeling was Lois' support for him throughout his good and bad, he was the one that noticed the connection between her and Clark. I guess he figured since Clark wasn't making his move, he should make his.



Five Stars

Grade A

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Castle 'Vampire Weekend' Review

'Vampire Weekend' was surely creepiest one for Castle to solve a murder case dealing with a stake through the heart. Now we all watch these in movies and the occasional series would be centered around the Vampire, but when it comes close to realty that is when the fingers start scratching heads. I really was intrigues by the coffin and the fear everyone had surrounding it. Beckett and Castle crossed a guy who was staked through the heart, what if there was a real vampire in the coffin. I seriously pictured Castle screaming like a girl. So when the guy snuck up behind him and his skin began to burn because of the sun, I really wondered how they were going to explain it.

The medical condition that causes your skin to burn by the sun, was a good touch. That guy really believed he was a vampire. This episode truly showed what anyone could harvest in their thoughts even from a young age. How sad it was for this man to find out that his second wife was responsible for his first wife's murder. Anyone would have a serious breakdown after the fact, especially since she was able to kill another member of the family. That was seriously crazy squared, how could he not pick up on the pieces sooner?

Castle's family is always a sideline story, but it always works to see them on the side. Castle's daughter is known to give him some insight, I am glad it doesn't always end with Alexis pointing Castle in the right direction and that Castle could actually solve a case on his own. Who would have thought a man good with a pen and paper could solve the same mysteries he created.

Beckett's Halloween trick was hilarious, she sure fooled Castle.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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The Office 'Double Date' Review

I really didn't believe that this thing between Michael and Pam's mother would last longer than an episode. Michael is not really relationship material and the only person that really complimented him was Holly. So I wasn't really routing for his new relationship, especially since he he referred to his lover as 'The Mom'. What was uncalled for was Pam assaulting Michael the way she did. Anyone that breaks up with someone on their birthday upon realizing their true age is a huge loser, but I really think that Pam knew the relationship wasn't going to last as she rightfully pointed out in 'The Lover'. So maybe it was the hormones? Anyone who slaps their boss doesn't get away with their job in tact and I truly believed it was disrespectful of her to cross that line.

Pam got really hysterical when it came to Michael dating her mother, which means that she may actually have a close relationship with her. Still, Jim could have intervened somehow and as a Co-manager he could have done more, but as Pam's husband siding with Pam would do him good. I don't always support Michael's crazy stunts, but Pam's mother was in a phase zone, crazy enough to fall for her daughter's boss. She knew what she was getting into, I sure she just wanted a moment of fun more colorful than what her marriage was like.

The Double Date was interesting enough; more awkward than fun. It was funny to see Pam try to get out of it by faking an important call, but Jim definitely wasn't going to be the third wheel.

Okay so this was an interesting episode. I don't know why Pam seems t be annoying a lot lately, let's hope things die down since Michael and her mother went separate ways.

Dwight and Andy's thing was well...just 'The Office' like I guess, let's hope they are even this time. There wasn't any updates with Dwight's recording device he planted in Jim's office. I wonder what's he up to?



Three and a Half Stars

Grade C+

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The Mentalist 'Black Gold and Red Scare' Review

One week after Van Pelt and Rigsby's relationship revelation and the chemistry was the ready, set and going. I am happy the didn't dip too much into it and focus solely on Jane instead. They might think that Jane isn't fully aware, but Van Pelt should know better than that. His sensors goes up like crazy for those things. Given the right moment, all would be revealed. It's just like the pilot, only when Van Pelt question him, did he throw out the heat between her and Rigsby.

On the side of everything, the one thing I wouldn't imagine was a Patrick Jane in prison. It's about time Boscow discovered the bug in his office and he may have intentionally wanted to teach Jane a lesson and get him out of his way. At first I believed that he had the 'hots' for Lisbon, but it could have easily been the material she held over him. I did nt believe the 'happily married stunt'. Boscow knew that Lisbon could compromise herself as well as him for the cover up, but he also developed a fondness for her.

Van Pelt's 'I see the way he looks at you' gave that away. Boscow could have easily lost all respect for her when she threatened to reveal his past if he didn't cut Jane some slack. I didn't believe that it was so easy for Jane to break out of jail and for him to get away scot free. I would have thrown in some community service to make it believable.

On the Jail topic, Jane was surely the psychiatrist in the prison. He leant an ear to his cell mate about his parent and to the labeled 'bad boy' in prison, which officially made jail time his big break, especially since he broke out just to solve a case. Jane's smart boy routine could only last him so long. He has lost all perspective and has set his life on one goal, finding Red John. He broke out of prison, because her knew he could and solved a good case to get back in good faith with the CBS, but his action could bare its consequences and land him in a place worse than jail - where he would have nothing to do with Red John.

Somehow I keep getting this deep connection between him and Lisbon. I believe Lisbon sympathizes with him and lends him a bone once in a while. Jane is scared on a deeper level since the loss of his family and compassion is thrown his was. Even Rigsby and Cho was willing to get their hands dirty to help him out of another deep pit he got himself into. Jane remains smirk because he believes that his friends would always lend a hand to help him.

I was glad Jane was able to point out Lisbon's connection to Boscow, I really thought he was head over heals for her and jealous of Jane, I still think so, but on another level of devotion. Now let's see what conflict Jane would stir up next round.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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The Office 'Koi Pond' Review

'The Office' s showing levels of consistency with humor lately and this time it went out with a splash (Couldn't help it)! I recently took in the full recording of Michael's splash into the pond and it was super hilarious. Everyone came down on Jim for his reluctance to save Michael before he took a dive, but I really couldn't blame him. Michael is naturally clumsy and it really looked as though he would have gladly took Jim for a dive with him if Jim hadn't stepped away. At least Jim was willing to get his hands wet enough to pull him out of the pond. Michael should have just gone home and changed to avoid being mocked the rest of the office day. My perception of Erin this rounds is that she wants be excepted by everyone. if she was oddly devoted t Michael as I presumed before, she would have tried to avoid making fun of him and warn him instead. She acts like a poppet that just does what she's told (harsh).

On the sidelines, with Andy and Pam being the ones to gain the least sales, their job is to recruit as many customers as possible. Pam and Andy having the least sales was not only believable, but I wonder who came up with the idea to have them scouting for customers. Andy is oddly strange and I understand why he would be offended when a potential customer implied that they were a could, but why rub and kiss her belly? I am sure Pam tried to withhold giving him a punch in that moment, either that or she accepted the weirdest of things Andy could possibly do.

In 'The Lover' it was obvious that Pam had some issues regarding Erin. It was clearly shown when Andy suggested her as a possibly mate for himself, Pam shrugged at the thought of him and Erin, probably just the thought of Erin alone. It was nice of her to query whether Erin saw Andy as hot, but she would still be weird in Pam's eyesight.

There wasn't much insight into Michael's relationship with Pam's mother, that was probably why Pam spent the entire day out of the office, she is definitely still holding a grudge and Jim could be the mediator between them. I am actually taking a liking to this new approach, it is incredibly appealing the way they make use of each character. However minor each small input is appreciated.

Koi Pond Quotes:

Erin: "David Wallace Called"
Michael: "Oh he did! What did he say?"
Erin: "He heard you made a big splash at the meeting. Oh My God! that was so mean, what I just said and I didn't mean it, it was Kevin and Meredith that put me up to it"

Stanley: "Michael you don't listen to them
Michael: "Thank you Stanley"
Stanley: "You just ignore their carp-planing"

Creed: "Hey Boss! Did you Find Nemo?" (Good One) :)

Michael: "I can name Pixar movies too! Toy Story"
Oscar: "Don't you mean Koi-Story"

Phyllis: "When you fell in, did you flounder?"

Michael: "I'm not usually the butt of the joke, I'm usually the face of the joke.I wish Jim had fallen into that pond. Then he'd have to put on my suit, and it would be too short, and he'd look—dammit, he'd still look good."

I actually found the Halloween theme interesting this time and Jim's quote reflecting his personality perfectly.

Jim: "We are doing a haunted house this Halloween, which is actually kind of spooky because, as legend has it, on this very site, there used to be a productive paper company."



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B-

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Private Practice 'Strange Bedfellows' Review

If there was ever a time for Amy Brenneman to win the 'Best Female actress' Award, 'Most outstanding Actress in a drama series', 'Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series' or even the 'Actress of the Year' award, this is her moment of true accomplishment. I not only applauded her for her confrontational with Katie, but those words " made me crazy and now you want a free pas From Me!" would forever have me applauding her every time that clip is replayed in memory. Bravo Amy Brenneman, I look forward for your speech when you receive that award!

Violet's testimony against Katie was the highlight of this episode and only towards the ending of it all could you truly rationalize the concept behind 'Strange Bedfellows'. I am happy that Shonda Rhimes chose to put the spotlight on someone else for a change. The heat was placed too many times on Addison and now she has a break to work with and improve her character. Through Violet's resentment, she sided with Katie in the end, there was no doubt that Katie was crazy when she committed that vile act against Violet, but I don't think anyone would have showed the deepest level of humanity by admitting that. Anyone else would have fed Katie to the wolves.

Katie played by Amanda Foreman was also a best addition to the recurring role cast. She placed a certain touch on Katie's crazy character that enabled anyone to despise her and also relate to what crazy could do to anyone. That made Violet's decision to send her to a psychiatric ward for help as opposed to jail all the better to accept. It made sense why Pete would try to have Violet change her mind about the way Katie was going to be convicted, because as Violet said, that entire incident affected him too. I admired everyone's contribution while Violet rehabilitated herself. This Practice is truly a family. Naomi plays a crucial role, despite her promotion away for 'the family', she was still able to hold Violet's hand.

It was also interesting having Sam play the crucial friend role when Katie's father came to visit Violet at work, it was like Violet was reliving every horrid detail all over again and she would soon run in the closet to hide from everyone else. Katie's father mentioned Pete's testimony, like Katie herself and the both of them found his testimony harsh and deplorable. I wonder how Pete phrased his testimony, I would have loved to hear it. I am sure it definitely contradicted Violet's testimony which gave the jury a softer approach to their ruling, which is ironic because Violet was the one that went through the 'baby being ripped out your belly' fact.

Aside from the Violet-Katie theme, which I obviously found as the center thrill for 'Strange Bedfellows', there was also a recurrence with two characters from Season 2, Episode 22 in the episode 'Yours, Mine and Ours' last season. It was impressive of the writers to give patients follow up roles. It was decent to know that the practice didn't dump these pregnant women after that one episode, with a new and improved storyline to boost. Many of you may or may not know this but Zoe (One of the pregnant women) played by Tessa Thompson, also guest starred in the Grey's Anatomy episode of 'Losing My Religion'. Seeing as these shows are linked this kind of crossover cannot be accomplished if the character passed on another show and appears in the same reality linked to another series. That is unless she is a very good look-a-like, distantly related or a reincarnation.

Zoe and Amelia played convincing roles as mothers who bonded because of the children inside of them. Amelia and Zoe's embryos were switched and they are now carrying each others child. This mishap, revealed in 'Yours' Mine and Ours' was caused on Naomi's watch and Zoe still holds a grudge against her for it. It was touching watching these women bond despite the conflicting situation with the babies and Zoe's estranged husband. I admired these characters contributions especially when Zoe lost Amelia's child and how she dealt with Amelia taking off with her child when Zoe's husband returned. This also means that we could possibly receive another appearance from these characters as Amelia is still on the run and nothing was ever resolved.

Going back to Violet and Katie's interaction in the visiting room, I must highlight that entire scene, when Violet placed her chair away from Katie. It showed how she still feared Katie and would have preferred some serious security and distance before she ever entered that room, but her speech sold that scene completely.

Katie: "...I need help, I need someone on my side"
Violet: "Y-yo-you gutted me like a pig, you ripped my baby out of my body, you left me there to bleed to death and now I should be on your side! I should care about how sorry you are! I should give a damn about what happens to you! You made my life hell, you made me crazy and now you want a free pas FROM ME!"

Wow, there are not many scenes on television these days that leaves you speechless, but somehow I couldn't stop applauding her for that flawless reaction. Thumbs up Amy Brenneman, an Emmy is headed your way!

Oh and welcome to the Practice Charlotte!



Five Stars

Grade A+

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Smallville 'Roulette' Review

This was definitely a Oliver Queen - Green Arrow episode. It was proven in 'Echo' that Oliver had sunk to the lowest of lows and had given up his Green Arrow saving days. He was even willing to gamble away all that he was worth, enough to consider risking is entire life. I don't believe it's all because he blames himself for Lex's death that has his him portraying suicide attempts. Olivia believes that there isn't that one person in his life he can count on. Even Lois is pre-occupied with 'The Blur' and Clark and Tess has her own 'Let's save the world' issues to bare. She basically used him for hr advantage to get the Toy man on her side.

Although there was no mention of the Toy Man or even Tess this hour, Clark and Lois did share their moments together. Their movie moment was classic, especially when Clark raced into his home to find Lois fixing her laundry. Clark stood there long enough for Lois to turn around and catch him, but I bought the 'Oh I'm checking my laundry and there you are' thing they had going on. My Classic Clois moments would be Clark holding Lois' bra and Lois' Da duum da dum... she actually did the voice overs quite effectively. Though they fell out soon later when she figured out that Oliver tried to commit suicide an Clark hid the fact from her. The whole movie time was a sham for her to deal with the fact that Ollie couldn't spend the time with her - and I thought Lois just missed Clark.

We're back to the game of Roulette and soon after Oliver takes a drug that knocks him out, he wakes up in a coffin. Now that could be anyone's greatest fear, but as soon as he got out of it and saw Lex's coffin next to his I wondered if Lex was actually going to make an appearance, if not in person, at least more than a coffin worth of screen time. They completely blew that hope out of the water. It is revealed in the end that Chloe forged the entire deal for Oliver to get over himself and wake up to smell the coffee. I admire Chloe's passion, but with Chloe there is always more that meets the eye, she is up to something.

Cloe and Clark have formed a sort of truce together because I remember the time she basically begged Clark to bring Jimmy back and he refused, she was more the upset with him. It's either she actually reasoned how silly it was for her to ask, or she has suppressed her feelings yet again for the bigger picture. Chloe has developed this hero savior complex. She sets a goal in her mind and she carries it out. What time does Chloe leave for herself in the mid rim, everything is either for Lois, Clark, anyone else but herself. Chloe needs to be selfish sometimes.

I was glad to see Oliver pick himself up, I didn't like the fact that Lois got in the middle, but Chloe was quite aware that Lois would do whatever it took and most of the times gets in the way, why didn't she try to warn Lois or even detain her, Lois should not have been in the Crossfire. It also looks as though lately Chloe has been harvesting some deep issue with Lois and Clark and I wonder if Lois is just a contingency in Chloe's opinion.

None-the-less, I know Clark and Lois would rekindle their flame towards each other, she cares about him too much to avoid him for much longer. The producers are making a could spin of the Lois and Clark theme and as a fan myself I appreciate the direction they are taking the pair, no matter how long it took to get here. Let's hope Oliver's suicide streak is really gone and he gets on board the hero wagon like the rest of the crew, Clark could really use all the help he can get.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Grandfather: Part II' Review

Gossip Girl has resorted to political drama, celebrity gossip and child play in order for a good story to have its punchline. All they manage to achieve is constant chaos and overachievers that just grew up too quickly. In this case, politics and celebrities does equate the vile drama and disarray with the touch of gossip somewhere in the middle, but I got lost to the point where Gossip Girl kept narrating the lives of the tarnished and the only text message received was to Dan's phone about Olivia's personal spill on live television. I think Gossip Girl has lost her touch, her witty remarks are effective enough to bring about a smile, but at the same time (she) has lost her target audience. The scores of her targets have lost interest in her material and she has yielded to reusing circulated gossip.

The life of a celebrity can be complicated and engaging, which leaves me wondering how Olivia would have time to cuddle up with her boyfriend and play boardgames for five hours just to keep him from seeing her 'bathroom boy' slip in a Jimmy Fallon interview. Olivia and Dan's relationship is rendered like any ordinary relationship. There seems to be a struggle when it comes to separating the lives of teens to that of adulthood.

Nate's ability to portray himself as an eligible political idol seems unlikely. In a matter of a few seasons Nate jumped from being a seventeen year old ladies man to an incisive mid-twenty year old playing eighteen. Too much responsibility is placed in Nate's hands. It may seem that he has potentially raised himself all his life and took care of his mother by playing the 'father role', but Nate's character still lacks the necessary development needed to be appreciated.

The center around his grandfather should give cause to wrap up last Season's Part one. He was given the strong corrupt role last season, but it seemed like he was dethroned by an unsuspected rivalry within the family - a wife who always felt out of the loop and controlled by 'Grandfather'.

Vanessa was once on the other side of the struggle when she was with Nate and he chose and internship over her. I believe that Vanessa is given too much credit; she sweeps in and out of plots and she is always with this camera in her hand - she surely likes recording stuff. There is a fine line producers may cross when it comes to delivering believable story-lines and making characters the heroes in plot lines, but Vanessa's filmography felt fabricated. The fact that she was around to capture Tripp's hero moment was slightly touching that line, but being the 'Only' one to capture the whole thing may have crossed it.

Gossip Girl has reached a point where the reason we fell for it in the beginning is being washed away with drama we might get from other shows. There was always something that separated 'Gossip Girl' from all of that.

Blair has gone into official spoiled mode, even though she recognized that she has to focus on NYU, she still manages to throw cheap shots Serena's way. Serena's herself has lost her significance, her storyline is far-fetched and almost useless.
Jenny herself falls into the shade and I can't even point out one scene I may have appreciated seeing her in this season.

I have no idea where they would spin this series, I am almost certain most fans feel lost in the wilderness. While the producers are picking at straws the only thing I feel eager to see is Chuck and Blair together. At least they managed to get something right. Chuck's character feels fallible at times; especially since he seems mature for his age, but I enjoy Ed Westwick's contribution and his ability to pull off a convincing accent besides his own.

Olivia and Dan are too much the Hollywood couple you don't really hear about and I expect a bit more drama with their relationship, but maybe I'm just pulling at straws here. Still waiting for the punchline.


Given what Hilary Duff has to work with, I think she's doing a good job so far, but I need something more for her character to be realistic.

I watch a couple of celebrity interviews, rarely do they ever talk about one month anniversaries and first dates, they usually deny everything.

Patrick was Hilarious, but I really do not want to see anymore of him.

We have yet another main event and all the characters circle around it, the producers seem to be following a pattern.

I absolutely loved the final scene with Blair and Chuck, please don't fight again.

Bree Williamson made her first appearance as an escort in Gossip Girl, the soap and the gossip can finally wash together.



Three and a Half Stars

Grade C+

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The Office 'The Lover' Review

Michael has done some crazy things in the Office, sleeping with Pam's mother topped the list of the craziest. I did admire Pam's attempt to persuade Jim into believing that Michael was practically sleeping with his mother. The thought could even make anyone queezy in the stomach, but I really found Pam exceptionally annoying towards Michael. Pam's Honeymoon in Puerto Rico did a number on her given the slightly romantic scenes between her and Jim, but she just couldn't rationalize the concept that Michael got so close to her family and despite what Pam resented, Michael could actually be the father-like role model in her life.

Pam preferred to keep things separate from the office to her home life, but her mother knew what mess she was getting into the moment she crossed that line with Michael. Michael is somewhat a childlike person, but treating him like a dog seemed offensive on many levels. She probably felt obligated to B**** about him because Jim was the second boss and her job was essentially safe. It was fun seeing Stanley and Pam on the same page regarding the meeting Michael concocts.

The writers made exceptional use of each character this round. Stanley got to share some enjoyment with Pam's chant against Michael's meetings, Creed had his Opera moment while Jim scammed Andy, Toby and Michael bonded over Pam's hostility (however long that lasted). Now thinking about it, Toby did feel appreciated when Michael showed him a friendly face and even though it could have been short lived, he still hung in long enough to give Michael a pat on the back. Does that mean he sees Michael as a father figure or even like a brother you would love to hate?

I am still adjusting to Erin's character and her role in Pam's replacement secretary job. She is overly cheerful at times, part of why she and Kelly hits it off as friends. Her highlighted moment was among her, Pam and the sweets Pam brought back from Puerto Rico. She obviously comes of as being weird in Pam's opinion and completely devoted to Michael. She doesn't even try to be everyone's best friend, but she comes of as the girl that is the way she is. She and Andy also developed a thing during Pam's wedding in Niagara Falls and they compliment each other perfectly.

There was still no mention of Kevin's credit card scam while Jim and Pam were honeymooning, it doesn't seem like it would be resolved anytime soon. Maybe Jim had another credit card for them to meet ends. Dwight has had it out for Jim lately, ever since he got the promotion. I couldn't imagine what the office would be like if Dwight got the promotion over Jim. Kelly and Ryan would not easily be able to scam him without fear of scrutiny, but I'm sure Ryan could have easily stolen Kelly ten bucks and then turn around and mention the three she owes him for gas. It's classic how manipulative Ryan could be towards Kelly, any other person would seriously kick him to the curb.

Good episode, except for Pam's whining, every bit managed to pull off a big laugh. Michael doesn't cease to amaze viewers on the weirdest things ever done. On an ending note, what would Dwight gain from eavesdropping on Jim? An advantage to supersede him in the future? Anything crazy is possible.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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Private Practice "Pushing The Limits' Review

'Pushing the Limits' embraced a previous 'Privileged' actress who faced the many dilemmas that goes with being a single teenage parent. Lucy Hale played the convincing role of the lost fifteen year old mother on her own. Her deep concern and admiration for her child was deeply reached, especially when she found out he was sick.

'Pushing the Limits' showed the lengths anyone would surpass to get the job done. Addison faced her own trials from last season and she is still coping with the loss of Noah and her inability to command a male influence in her life intimately. Which explained why she was on-board with 'The Volunteer Clinic Day' session. Addison has resorted to fixing lives because she cannot mend the tears in hers.

Addison has been the center of all seasons, yet this time Violet is shinning in the same light. Amy Brenneman's ability to grasp the concept of trauma and childbirth is astonishing. I admire Pete's attempt to pull Violet into her child's life, but it only makes me feel so much more grief towards what Violet went through. The entire Katie plot line was a spec in last season and is the entire reason why Violet is the way she is. How could a mother watch her own child and be so cold? There is a bit of conflicting emotions on her benefit, Lucas reminds her everyday of what she went through and why she went through it. It is saddening that Lucas is the innocent through all of this and the fact that Violet asked to hold her son right after she came out of surgery shows that Lucas would not suffer forever without a mother.

Anyone looking at Violet from the outside would throw hurtful words her way, but also throw in the fact that you had your baby ripped out from you and maybe a sympathetic ear would be opened.
The quality of Private Practice grows deeper this season, especially with their guest stars that provide the heart of the storyline and gives the main characters something to move with. Violet's ability to counsel others when she couldn't even help herself must have been a challenge, especially when she decided to impose her own beliefs on one of her patients.

Naomi's distance from the practice carries its own burden. She is no longer seen as part of the group Addison even showed her share of difficulty trying to reform their friendship. I always felt as though their friendship was artificial and there wasn't true heart to it, but I there was a level of warmth attached to their friendship this season and I actually believe that a long time ago they were best friends that lost their connecting roots.

Sam is another character that felt out of place at times, and more or so his character revolved around Naomi or Addison. It was nice to see the writers define his character on a deeper level by giving him more surgeries to work with. Sam has been getting his hands dirty these past few episodes, some of his scenes may be over exaggerated, but Taye Diggs pulled it off in the end.

There are question marks circularizing Addison and her relationship with Noah. Since Josh Hopkins has picked up a costar role in Cougar Town next to Courtney Cox, I am sure we wouldn't be getting much out of his character. The mere fact they brought Morgan out to deal with the Noah situation highlighted Noah's absence, but it was well resolved and it does leave room for speculation. Addison complained about not having sex in the opening scene, which reveals her urge to get back in the game, but I'm glad the writers are giving Addison an 'on the low' storyline, she really needs a break when it comes to men and deciding which one could be boyfriend material.

I must highlight Violet and her ability to come off human. The writers doesn't just have a baby ripped away from her to let her get over the fact quickly, she takes her time to adjust and reform her new character and I also commend Amy Brennemen for that.

The cases within this episode reflected each character, especially for Dell and his midwife patient. Dell's a father full time and has to worry about Betsy all the time, even while he's at work. His impatience towards his patient was amusing. Although I believe that Dell's storyline last season was a bit washed down, he seems to fitting well through the little pieces they give him.

Private Practice has shaped up well and it's becoming the series I look forward to every Thursday. When characters could place a teenage mother back into the arms of her mother, things occasionally become moving, especially when you know that most of the time that rarely happens. Still I would prefer it if Addison stops referring to her



Four Stars

Grade B+

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The Mentalist 'Red Scare' Review

Mysterious and murderous seems to be the theme for most series, Halloween is probably the main reason why every series has this sneaky, scary-ness going on. At least 'The Mentalist' found a way to put a little love in the mix. How about that kiss between Rigsby and Van Pelt huh - sure steamy. I can tell you one thing, I am sure Jane caught on to their relationship epiphany the moment after they came out of that room. His eyes whiffed across the both of them and it was like he gained some kind of insight into their relationship. They've been hinting it for two seasons and they finally opened up to each other - the wait was worth it.

Jane found new ways to make all of his cases into some twisted game of 'Clue' or even 'Let's find out who don' it'. Everything is like a merry-go-round for him and since there wasn't no updates about the 'Red John' case things would continue to be that way. I find it shocking that Boscow didn't find that bug Jane placed in his office. It's either Jane was clever enough to place it in a too obvious-well hidden place or Boscow' would be waiting for the right moment to nail him good.

Seeing that Boscow and Lisbon have some kind of thing going on, Jane would not be too concerned about him finding it.

This weeks case file was interesting non-the-less, if we didn't know how to create the illusion of a ghost, this was one fun way to portray it. A neat trick learnt for those trick-or-treaters. Lately all these cases have something in common; a witty Jane, a mouse trap and the revealed suspect who admits why they did it. No matter how monotonous the plot is, Jane always brings a measure of humor to it.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade A-

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Castle 'When the Bough Breaks' Review

It looked as though we were going to see what it was like for Castle to move on from Kate Beckett, in this case Niki Heat. The sole purpose of Castle's partnership with Beckett was to earn him the heart of his prized novel, which unfortunately met it's completion and could have easily ended his partnership with Beckett.

I recently tuned into this season of 'Dancing with the Stars' and was shocked to notice Debi Mazar's appearance in 'Castle' the same week she was let off from the dance flick series. She and Castle did share some history since it was mentioned that they had a past fling together and earned a chapter because of it.

Mostly I enjoyed the closeness between Beckett and Castle. I knew the entire 'leaving to score three rounds of British Spy madness' was a hoax, at least I hoped so. They kept beating around the bush the entire episode. I must admit the revelation in the end with the double phone call was cheesy at most. I almost, just almost believe that maybe he and Beckett would just bump into each other at times after that, but to find out he took a bigger and better deal revolving around his Niki Heat character was a bit of a *shake of the head* and a *deep sigh* on the side.

Was it the fact that Castle wasn't going to make anymore books centered around Beckett which kept her on the low, or was it the fact that she wasn't going to be seeing his face and hear his witty remarks? Was she going to miss Castle? Were they actually going to kiss - I doubt this one, but the writers (hmmm why is that funny) seem to be pushing Kate and Castle closer together. Not a surprise. Loving Beckett's 'Nikki Heat' dress, was it meant to lure Castle in, or just another one of their flirtations.

I admire all the episodes this season Castle is growing into this 'Show I must watch every week' don't you just despise those series. One may have better things to do and watch, Castle falls into that category.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+

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