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Private Practice: Season 6, Episode 13 "In Which We Say Goodbye" Series Finale Review

Sometimes life throws us those chapters that are tough to get through. We experience heartbreak, love, concern, admiration and aspiration among many other roller coaster relationship turns. It's a puzzle. Private Practice has made a complexity into a simple ending. Did they all live happily ever after?

When Jake first joined the crew through Addison, he would have been a late addition getting used to everyone, but he fell in. He is the type of guy you spend a few minutes with and already you have a greater appreciation for an underrated piece of life. He fills in the blanks, but as perfect he was painted or made out to be, his humanity showed more. He was a single father with a troubled ex-wife. He had a daughter that fell for a man that could have easily grown up with her father. In fact Jake was far from perfect.

Private Practice took the journey through Addison's eyes. She moved to find something better. She needed a change in her life. She felt cheated out of love and kept punishing herself for cheating on her husband. In fact, that was how she always defined herself, by the actions of her past. The end of the series came with the end of the chapter for Addison and this series gave her the happy ending she searched for. Addison learned that her past mistakes were made to better define her character for the present. So she no longer needed to punish herself. She was free to be happy, without the baggage.

Moving on carried itself through the identity of the case of the show; Violet's patient. This young woman lost her family and her boyfriend in an accident. Ever since then, therapy sessions with Dr. Turner brought her out of her misery and she was starting over new. It was time for her, almost six years seeing Dr. Turner, to end. It is bitter sweet, almost as though Shonda Rhimes used this girl to reflect the fans' sentiments. Private Practice is ending, it's time to move on to greater things and each character has reached a point in their lives where they could stand alone and be free.

Closure, that is what we all needed here. Rhimes spent this entire final season preparing us for this last moment. Naomi was another character that left the series without getting her closure. It seemed pointless having Naomi and Sam apart for all this time, to bring them back together. It goes to show you the things worth fighting for. Sam was so sure he did not want a child and there he had a child. Sam's problem with life was that he overthought it repeatedly, that it caused unnecessary heartbreak to everyone in his life, including himself. He was my least favorite character, in fact I ending up disliking him for his hurried actions and inability to truly make up his mind. Naomi was right to be hurt.

His happy ending with Naomi made me question whether he would have truly been happy had Addison accepted his proposal. It didn't matter since things worked out. I would still wonder how Naomi and Sam would handle a child together. Would they truly be happy? Saying you love someone doesn't always make a relationship work. As fans, however, we wish the best for this couple.

Finally Sheldon gets to have love in his life and Cooper has a huge family with Charlotte. It's ironic the way things turned out for this pair. You would not have expected them to have such a large family or live the 'happily ever after' with a few kinks, but it worked. Amelia and her doctor are in love and you also wish the best for her. If Kate Walsh did sign on for an additional season, maybe these stories could have expanded. Still the reason most of us signed on to this series, was to watch Addison get her happy ending. That is closure for most of us.

As for Violet's new book, "Private Practice", it would be interesting if all these stories we grew to admire and cried for deeply, were based on it. In an alternate reality, old Violet is reading the tale of how a strange woman came to the practice and how everybody's lives changed significantly.

Frankly no one likes goodbyes, but in the end Addison's video told us all the information we needed to wipe the tear from the cheek and smile at the last time we would have a new episode of Private Practice on our screens.

Best of luck to you Addison and goodbye to the wonderful cast together for the last time.


Private Practice Season 6

5 Stars

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