Monday, November 19, 2012

The Good Wife "Here comes the Judge" Review

In the game of politics, it sometimes creates a perception that you had not yet considered. The Good Wife creates thought provoking topics that pulls you in either way. Sometimes you can't look away. In 'Here comes the Judge' Will certainly could not run away from his past. Even though he is hardly seen lately this season, his contribution to law comes with a wittiness. Which eventually ties everything to this game politics encourages, where there is one side that tries to win you over.

Lockhart/ Gardner vs The State Attorney's Laura Hellinger

Laura is sinking into her role well. She even bested the firm. We've seen The Good Wife deliver some thought provoking cases and this one was minor. We did not get a sense of who their client was, nor did we care to. The accused seemed guilty without even saying a word. The guy she influenced to have kill her husband , seemed so one dimensional. Maybe she saw that and easily manipulated him. However, this was one case Lockhart/Gardner took because of the money needed to get out of debt. Which probably explains the lack of knowledge towards her true innocence? Shouldn't Kalinda been on that?

Since the case bore little importance, none of those questions mattered. The focus shifted to the judge. For the first time in a while, Will ran into his old flame Giada, coincidentally around the judge that was presiding over his case. Giada was the law student Will got in trouble with as a 'pretend judge'. Which is uncanny as she returns during Will's confrontation with the judge in front of her. Does Giada have a thing for judges? Who knows. I just couldn't care for Will's relationship with her. No offense but $180 for a glass of wine, could Will really afford that luxury at this point?

The States Attorney's office had a decent lawyer. Alicia got Laura the job, but wouldn't that be a conflict of interest? Alicia could soon ask to have her removed, but I doubt that. Could these women separate their professional lives from personal. I wondered why the writers kept Laura as a recurring character. Is it to start to build on her as a potential love interest for Will? There was definitely chemistry. It's funny, one day the firm is representing her and the next she putting them out to dry. All in the name of doing her job.

The Judge Recusal Banter

Here comes the judge; was there any relation to 'here comes the bride'. At least that is the first thing that comes to mind. Walking into something you may not know the entire outcome yet. Here there were similar parallels. Will crossed the judge and asked for him to recuse himself and he traveled down unknown territory that could have ended very badly for the firm. Maybe it still did. If Lockhart/Gardner needed a favor from a judge, then they may have to wait a while. The judge seemed drunk when he spoke to Will about the case and Will encouraged it. Will could have walked away, but the judge did speak in contempt of him.

Who knew of the fallout from Will's six moth probation? Will made a human error and is being outed for it. Sometimes going back to undo the wrong, doesn't distract from the problem being there before. I hoped Giada would testify in Will defense. The judge was rude. Did he forget speaking with Will? Did he even remember meeting him? This was a serious prelude to the problems the judge had and it only sought to make matters worse.

Alicia and her Children

Finally we get another look at Alicia's children. Zach working for the campaign team and Grace, well that was an interesting way to open this episode. I wasn't sure about the direction the team was going with Grace's storyline, but it is interesting to have her feel connection to this new guy because of another Grace's death. It was however odd that the guy started to somewhat date another girl named Grace. I hope Grace's relationship with this guy doesn't impact on her negatively. How creepy it was to have the other campaign teams follow her to school. That's a low, still in politics, that's the game played to win more votes.

Kalinda and her Men

Why would Kalinda have any interaction with Cary that suggests flirtation when her husband was in plain sight. She knows the jealous side to him. A lot of people have resented this storyline for Kalinda. As opposed to adding a few layers, it made her look weaker. We can assume that Kalinda doesn't know the meaning of a functional relationship. Maybe her husband was one of her firsts, but it would help this case along if we found out how they met. Poor Cary, he didn't have a chance. It was a sad way to treat someone.

Although this was not my favorite episode in reference to case of the week, we got some development in characters and a possible storyline for Grace, let's hope this works out for the better.

4 Stars


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