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Adult Teenage Relationships we Either Love to Hate or just Hate

Now and again I think back to high school and the many series that try to represent that time spent. Most of the shows now exploit relationships, highlight the downfalls of student awkwardness and express the enjoyment in rebelling as a teen. It is something that just makes us human. Lately however, there has been a glamorization towards the student-teacher relationship. Where the hot older dude falls for the teen in school and they both cannot resist the temptation of being all over each other. This can point to the many stories we've probably concocted among each other, about the professor and Miss thing hooking up after school hours, but is it something we live to fantasize about at that age? Or just another one of those eh moments.

Here's a look at the older-younger, student-teacher love affairs that have been highlighted on television. You be the judge, should they date and play age as just a number, or should they just dump each other for the relationship being just too creepy.

Gossip Girl 

Nate and Diana Payne

Remember these two? Well I stopped being a Gossip Girl fan long before they became an item over night, but it still should be mentioned. Elizabeth Hurley was an actress I first knew from Austin Powers. Gossip Girl had the tendency to use the art of seduction for you, while having the main cast act older than their age suggested. Sure Nate was probably far from being a young boy, but he still had not grown up. Let's chalk one up to Gossip Girl that threw us this pair.

Date or DUMP

It was probably best that they did not last, even Diana had her own agenda to cause more Payne.

Jenny and Nate

Even though this pair were closer to each others ages, Jenny was still a younger version of herself. Worse yet to find Nate and Dan were like brothers at this point. Come on Nate, Jenny is like your sister here. This is why this relationship did not last. Jenny was still finding herself and trying to become too many people at once. She was not ready for a serious relationship and neither was Nate.

Date or DUMP

I am most certain you guys can come up with many more odd pairings from this series. I'll leave it to you guys, but like I said, I stopped watch Gossip Girl a while ago and stopped caring along with it. (Ouch)

Pretty Little Liars

Ezra and Aria

As much as many people may either extremely love or hate this pair, these two are up for debate. It's how they met that sets these two apart. Aria was at a bar drowning her sorrows, because at her age she has loads of problems, at least far more than the average teen. Ezra saw a girl roughly his age that spoke his language and liked his interests. Chalk one up as being 'too good to be true', but these two within minutes of knowing little of each other, began making out in the bathroom. Did they exchange numbers? Aria led Ezra to believe she was older, probably in college. She knew he was in to teaching English. Maybe everything about this relationship went into impulse and lack of thinking things through.

Which makes the perception of them being completely wrong sort of an exploit. It's complicated to say yes or no and stick to it. Frankly Ezra should have DUMPED before things escalated into a romance. When intense feelings are involve, it's hard to pull your heart away. Still, there is just enough time to make the right call before things reached to that point. Ezra was responsible for making that choice. Probably they are suited, in terms of maturity, they both match each other. Now if we're deciding if these two should date, it would be towards who they became as a couple, while struggling through a lot more than most couples.

DATE or Dump

DUMP is only highlighted for this situation before a romance. There be it, if they ended it earlier, the wound would be smaller and easier to heal than the wound now created because of the love they now share.

Life Unexpected

Lux and Eric

This was one of my favorite series for the first season. We focused on Lux's abrupt lifestyle, where she sooner had to become an adult. She did not really get to live out her childhood and be a teen, because she was too busy taking up adult responsibilities that tested her as a teenager. This could explain why as soon as she went to school, she escaped into an identity that rediscovered her childhood. Let's face it Lux and Eric looked about the same age. Eric looked about two or three years older than Lux. The only thing that made this pair seem wrong, was Eric's title as Lux's teacher.

There were so many things that did not work for them. Firstly, Lux interchanged being an adult and a teen too frequently. She imposed on her best friend and came close to sending her back into the foster system. Lux became rebellious, which only helps reinforce the belief that 'you're just not mature enough' and lastly Lux wanted to keep Eric to herself. As much as the idea seemed thought provoking, it sought to alienate this pair into nothing more than a stereotype.

Date or DUMP
This arc should not have been even considered, probably what sent this series home packing.

Switched at Birth

Daphne and Chef Jeff

Daphne showed many lengths of her maturity by aiming for so many goals that could help better herself. She even reached a point where she could help others and prove even the most judgmental wrong. Chef Jeff was introduced as a potential love interest for Daphne, probably as a way to showcase how mature she was, but it did the opposite. Daphne became jealous, angry, focused too much on her physical attributes, which didn't matter to her before, and possessive of something that was not concrete.

Daphne had a complete character transformation, which happens when you're still growing up and figuring things out. You begin to think that the good thing in your life, would be the only thing that would ever happen. What made matters worse, was that Chef Jeff was mature and knew better. As a boss and a more responsible adult, he chopped Daphne up for left overs. The chemistry people hoped for was thrown out the moment Jeff treated Daphne like a lovesick teenager, telling her she could find someone better. What an A&$.



Marti and Julian

Hellcats showcased the college side of growing up, but still managed to still be high school. It had the same recipe to what made a high school series work; the mean girl, the boyfriend, the jealous girlfriend, the love triangle, the ex, and the list goes on. To throw in the teacher student love affair or even past teacher, ex student love affair, only places the icing on the cake. Marti got to experience some of the many challenges that came with dating someone older; the ex and the child. As much as Marti was more grown up than most stereotypical teens TV represents, she still wasn't prepared for this other life.

Unfortunately this story arc felt more like a distraction from Marti actually hooking up with her best friend Dan, which might have worked better for the series. Sadly we may not ever know.

Date or DUMP

Desperate Housewives
Gabby and John

Remember these two? Many of those fans of this suburban tale would know of Gabby carrying on an affair with the young and irresistible gardener that was still in high school. At that time John was still the impressionable boy who was manipulated for his looks and as an outlet for a lonely stay at home socialite. Poor boy made this relationship into something more than it was. He did what anyone who fell in love easily at that age would do. Gaby had the responsibility to sway her temptations to get with the gardener and work on her marriage, but who are we to impose.


Jane By Design
Jane and Jeremy

Well well, if you are faking your age and representing yourself as someone older than you appear to be, then why not invest in this co-worker relationship. Sadly Jeremy's brooding body and masculine developed features made him more like a father or brother figure for Jane. Anything other than that would seem odd, like a man taking advantage of a girl. Happily Jane did not feel the same way about him, though Jeremy's choice of relationships should make for an interesting case study.

Date or DUMP



Amber and Bob Little

Saving the best for last. Not only has Amber played the parent in her life, she has also grown up far more than many others her age. She is smart and tough, both qualities some adults don't even have. Being out of school and in a job post would encourage opportunities for Amber to focus on the main side to her that showcases responsibility.

This love affair was bold, but both shared a level of confidence and maturity in what each other stood for in life so far. Even when Aunt Christina tried to break this pair up, in the midst of heat, things didn't spiral out of control. There was an attraction and a closeness that was already established. Unfortunately Amber chose her career over the romance.

Still what happened to Bob Little? He lost the campaign and was free to move on, Amber had already moved on. Still if the opportunity even presented itself again, I wouldn't mind a relationship for this pair. Even though he was the boss, they mirrored each other far more mature than irrational teens. Little is far more a character than his name suggests.


So there it is guys. You may have your own doo's and don't s for some pairings that television created for us. They already have been represented in society. Do you agree with the Date and Dump. Which couple in your opinion do have a chance of making it against all odds?


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