Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bachelorette: Season 6 Episode 1 'Week One' Premiere Review

This is actually the first time I have taken an interest in the 'Bachelor'-'Bachelorette' themed series. A good friend of mine recommended I watch this series after she became hooked two years ago, but this season I decided to actually take a peek at the series. Frankly the idea of finding the right person that completes you is something I celebrate. Loneliness is a serious condition, which I am certain most people suffer from. Some people find the right person at the wrong time in their lives, while others do not ever find that right person for them. My friend broke up with her boyfriend and subsequently became addicted to this series, because I am certain she is still looking for that special person. What usually kept me from watching this series was the competition feel to it; the constant jealousy, throw-downs these guys or girls suffer through, the feeling of rejection and emotional string-along that come with the package.

Love transforms into some kind of twisted game for attention, and while I don't believe this show would produce the right guy that is husband and family oriented, I hope Ali finds her true mate. Once that happiness is found, the loneliness goes away, and believe me that feeling is beautiful. For now, my reviews would be more of evaluations, since it is reality based. I don't really know how the show works, but if Ali were to have a television glimpse as to how the guys treat each other without her presence she would have a huge advantage, because they can be like animals.

Firstly I am going to point out the guys that made a good first impression when they were introduced from the limo scenes. There were so many guys to keep up with, so I would be just happy evaluating the final ten that remain, whenever that comes along. For now, Tyler B. was the first guy that had my attention. He has the most adorable features and although adorable would not be the best description a guy might like to here or even a quality of a husband one would look for in a man, he still made it to my top ten. John C. also stood out for me but more in the creepiest sense. He did the traditional 'I would propose to the girl on the first day we meet' routine, but his proposal was for more time to spend with her. I don't know if his approach was executed as funny as it would have been in his head, but it came close to one of the most cheesiest scenes. Ali herself knew something was up, being engaged while she dated other guys would not be ideal in her eyes- not to say she would have said yes. I would be uncanny if they did end up together in the end.

There were a few repeated cliches of 'I'll give you this rose, because the lady should have the rose first'. After the second guy, the sweet became somewhat stale and landed some eye-rollers in my book - get over it. I just didn't understand why Ali turned as the guys walked inside as though she were checking out their behinds (for a simpler word). She herself kept repeating the fact that she was nervous, but there were those twenty five guys all competing for her interest. As the guys piled up, all Ali had to worry about was whether the fighting and name-calling on her behalf was controlled. These guys know that they each want to be with the same girl, all twenty five of them. It's hard to imagine that any friendships or casual conversations formed would be sincere.

Justin aka 'Rated R', was another guy that stood out. He seemed to be the punching bag for most of the guys, but he stood out for Ali landing himself a rose. I thought the guys were a little rough on him, in fact Craig R. was the most harsh on him. He had Ali's sympathy, I am most certain about that, but flashing his 'Rated R' shirt came off as the most shocker. I believe the guys figure Justin to be some sort of show off to advertise his work, but the threatened part comes in where Ali clearly holds something for him. Hunter stood out for me the moment he mentioned wanting to take a leak the moment he arrived. In his shoes, anyone would have held it in and go inside without mentioning a word. He redeemed himself when he began serenading Ali with music. It had the guys' eyes rolling with jealousy.

Roberto was definitely a favorite for Ali as he landed himself the first impression rose with his smooth dancing lessons with Ali. Way to go! Johnathon the weatherman and Frank the newly out of a job, living at his parents home, were a few guys I didn't expect to make it. Ali surprised me with a rose for them there. Actually Johnathon was the guy that stole Craig M.'s thunder, which I gather he wasn't trying hard enough. Craig clearly did not like the weatherman for that either. I actually did not like Craig either. As for that guy with the funny voice whose name I can't remember, who Ali hasn't pointed out, well I really didn't understand him or why Ali chose to keep him. I guess judging a book by it's cover doesn't work when it comes to you heart so one would have to pull out all stops. As for Derick aka Shooter, I do believe the reasoning behind his name was too much for a first date, or even first impression. You don't want a girl to hear that story and then take you seriously. There were several other bachelors waiting for the moment to steal any moment.

*Sigh* At the end of it, everything becomes a game, but Ali doesn't seem to be playing, which is refreshing. Another guy that stood out for me was the outdoors man Kyle. Was he the one that played the fishing rod pull on Ali and tried to wheel her in? I don't know if he was trying to make an impressive first impression, without the impressive. I just don't think he and Ali truly had any connection whatsoever. At some point one begins to wonder whether or not these constant battles are placed for audience entertainment.

My Top Ten Guy for Ali are:

Tyler B.
Jesse (The sister that told him to make a heart was a sweet touch)
Justin (He wins the sympathy card)
Roberto (I just liked the Spanish Rrrrrr)
Johnathon (subject to change though)
Chris L. (Close to Mom and Dad, thumbs up)
Frank (I really didn't like him, so I would keep a closer eye on him. Ali was what made me consider him at all)

I think all these guys would forever pay Ali compliments, because they all want to be with her, let's just hope the object of their affection would not come off to be some sort of a prize.


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