Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 2 Episode 23 'Red Sky in the Morning' Season Finale Review

In the beginning I was concerned about Jane, because I knew it was his first date. The first time he has actually admitted to himself that he had feelings for another woman since he lost his family an shot down all of his emotions. I understood the denial and the hesitance to commit to anything as yet, the tension was felt at the dinner table. Kristina herself was a bit on edge, she obviously had real feelings for Jane. It didn't surprise me how well she read him, especially since the 'stunt' in Jane perspective, she pulled at the table. Jane is convinced that she is working a scam, because at one point in his life, he was that convincing as a psychic, so everything she said could be easily contested in his eyes or based on pure luck.

The funny thing is, Jane would not once admit or attempt to analyze how she comes up with some of her facts, how she suddenly knew the waiter's name, or even the members in his family, or why she would even care to let the waiter know half the things she told him. Cause for better service or a discount on the meal would be the reason for that and a means to impress or convince Jane, because of course it wasn't her first time at the restaurant and she once overheard the same waiter talking. It is all debatable, but Jane didn't once attempt to figure her out in detail, whether her story checks out. He is just dead set on proving her wrong with no cause or genuine reason.

I admired the scene where he sprung up from the dinner table and rushed off to the bathroom. He seemed out of breath and out of practice as she suggested. He finds himself attracted to someone that did exactly what had is family killed so his dilemma is evident. He was sure ready to pack things up had his phone not rang in time to give him a valid excuse to leave their date. I admire what the writers are trying to do. This was actually the first 'Red John' episode in a while, and actually the closest Jane has gotten to discovering who's behind the mask. His compassion for Kristina was erratic and misplaced, but we got the message. He cared about her, and as we all thought when we saw her talking on live television to 'Red John' "What was she thinking! Is she crazy" and soon enough a feeling of deja-vu overcame the audience, especially when the one who interviewed her, did not have a decent end.

Jane was considerate enough to see her to the elevator, in his awkward state, after he wanted to have her removed from the case. It surprised me that Hightower gave in to Jane's empty threat to leave, as though the CBI cases rested solely on Jane's participation in their classes. Even more surprised that she didn't threaten to have Lisbon removed if he continued with his ramblings, to omit Kristina altogether. What is Hightower's story? Lisbon has the utmost respect for her, and she proves to be a proficient leader. I don't think we have the full story yet. Just on the sideline note, it's been a while since we have seen the group get together to strategize, just something that was noticed.

For a season finale, a little more episodes after this revealing episode would have made a decent appetizer. I would like to see Jane happy for once, so Katrina as a temporary guest star should be up for grabs. I still have hope for a Lisbon and Jane connection, anything's possible, and they have known each other for too long. So here we are back to square one, and Jane hasn't found what he is looking. Another so close and yet so far situations. Do you feel Jane's pain, the writers have surely created a prize winning setting for Jane, his broken heart still in need of a mend or two.



Four and a half Stars

Grade B-

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