Sunday, June 17, 2012

Missing Fans "TNT Network" Save Missing Event -June18th

So after finding out more information on this topic it became amazing how much support this series had. On Monday, July 18th 2012, all of Missing fans are gathering, now I am not sure if it is in front of the TNT Network. All I was told was that all fans make every effort to get TNT's attention. I was overwhelmed with the participation of members across the world. Since TNT is based well here in the US, those located internationally can spend time contacting them as much as they could. You can read up more here on how you can help. Members agreed that TNT Network is the most suitable choice to house our series. So here's how...

The site mentioned some details that would be helpful for Missing fans that want to get involved.

Our first MISSING assignment! On June 18th, 2012 we all fans are going to contact TNT Network for saving the show.

TNT Network

-Karen Cassell (Atlanta/ Senior Vice President)
-Jennifer Greene [Atlanta/ VP (TNT and TBS)]

-Gina McKenzie [Atlanta/ VP (TNT, TBS and TCM)]


--Also you can post on TNT Network Facebook page and Twitter page about saving Missing.

I was happy to hear that this series had impacted others in this way. Most times I fall for a series and whenever it is cancelled I usually settled for an "Oh well". I would write a post on how sad I felt to have my series leave, but that did not seem like enough. You ever had that feeling where you could have put your best foot forward, up until the moment passes for you to do so?

So guys we have an appointment June 18th, 2012? It sounds like fun. The information the site provided has given us a lot of information to work with. I know you have been busy with my posts on sign the petition, but those who want to go the extra mile here's a good start.


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Anonymous said...

i love this show i hope they dont leave us hanging from the last ep of season 1 it is a awesome show same as ringer and gcb they suck for cancelling these shows