Friday, June 10, 2011

Covert Affairs: Season Premiere 'A Hit or a Miss'?

When this first aired last season, I was not completely a lover. Usually when a show sucks for me I move on pretty fast. I watch series that show growth and genuinely entertain. I was happy to give Covert Affairs a chance, because it did impress -- eventually.

After re watching Season one on DVD, which I felt was pretty short lived, I could not wait until Season Two aired. Honestly I did not like Annie and Ben Mercer in the beginning. Their 'love' was exaggerated and that could play either for or against this couple, because their chemistry had to be just as on point when they finally met post honeymoon. Besides, I was holding out for a Annie and Jai Wilcox romance.

Regardless the season still impressed in the end. Annie did not present herself as spy material when she first joined, but that fits the unrecognizable criteria they go for. She was sweet and hardly that bada%$ type you would recognize on screen. The series opened many arcs to explore:

Joan and Arthur - The conflicted in house 'agency' marriage with spy conflicts. Joan is particularly a unique character. She clearly knows what she wants and is willing to own up until she gets it. Arthur is more laid back and subtle, but he gets the job done.

Auggie - He is definitely a character fit for television screens world wide. I admire his charm and his growing relationship with Annie. He plays his character's weakness as his strength, so that shows some moral growth in character and strength through an audience.

Liza Hearn - The reporter that stirs up trouble and probably the most interesting driving plot line for this series. At least just until the others blossom to its fullest. Until then, I want to have this story line gradually surface, nothing good comes from too much information all at once.

Conflict with being an agent and balancing love with duty - This definitely came up a lot last season. At one point Annie did not know who she could trust in the agency. She had to negotiate whether Ben's words were those she could trust outside agency regulations. I specifically admired this conflict because it showed her human side and made her more likeable. Joan was also forced to balance her love for her husband with her duty to the agency. I wonder if they would always choose love.

What sets this series apart is its characters. The premiere touched on every inch of character growth, while delivering a good action segment. Annie's hysteria towards 'doing the right thing' came off too strong at times and it became a concern as to how she figured out the real villains in the story. The clues just didn't add up when she painted the picture.

Surprisingly, Ben and Annie did have a spark. Even in his weak state Ben was willing to risk it all to save her and that makes me like him a bit. I am still rooting for Annie and Jai, he is just too handsome to not have a romance arc. He had concern for Annie when it came to Ben and his 'solo act'. Could Ben actually believe in a partnership?

So even if this wasn't a big hit of a season premiere, it is still worth it. Ben working with Arthur does have it's perks as a new twist and Auggie and Annie make decent friendship pals, so give the series that. I couldn't bare the 'C' word attached to this one, I want a third season, if only to have those characters on screen a little while longer. So get cracking guys, it's actually better than you think.

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