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Human Target: Character Study "Guerrero"

When you saw Guerrero he was always on a job. You could tell how much he loved his car, there was either somebody in his trunk or a load a guns in that persons place. Doesn't all that sound a bit dangerous?

At first he came off cheesy and typical wannabe bad-like. The random way that Chance called on him as though he had all the chops, it didn't surprise that he was supposed to be the 'off the books' type.

"Don't mess with me or you'll be sorry" It seemed all a bit too cliched for me. Which is also why I gave 'Human Target' a bit of a hard time in the early stages.

In order to truly get 'Human Target', you have to go a few more episodes in. After a decent while 'Human Target' was well spoken of, by a few colleagues and after watching an episode mid season, the flavor was in. Guerrero was really the bad egg, but it complimented this group.

-- "Just don't cross me"

He has this brotherly way about him, so it showed that he had a human side. Even while he got his hands dirty, he still had compassion. So that sets him apart from any other character on television. Still, where does this compassion come from? This was hardly revealed in the first season, as it focused solely on Christopher Chance and the mystery that surrounded him, but Guerrero had a story to tell as well.

What we gathered in Season one was that if anyone could get the job done, Guerrero was your guy. His conflicting relationship with Winston added for a laughable drama. Indeed 'Human Target' had a lot of Macho tension, showcasing only males and romantic interests at a minimal. It worked for this series later on and Guerrero had a lot to offer. The action literally jerked your attention, and one would admit Guerrero knew his stuff.

If you want a good, trusting friend Guerrero's your guy. This was revealed later on in Season 1 and embraced in Season 2. Although he handled a lot for one person, he became his own army. What made me appreciate him more was the Season 2 side of him, when he embraced his family in Chance, Winston and surprisingly Ilsa Pucci. Guerrero surprised me when it was revealed he spent his off time following his peers, to ensure their safety. That came off both creepy and humble at the same time. He always put his family first.

Writers added the extra touch by revealing he was a parent. Honestly as bad a Guerrero was, he seemed to be more loving as a father. I would have actually liked to have this explored on a deeper level.

Not everyday you would meet a character like Guerrero, someone you warm up to eventually. His bad reputation took a life of its own, from the moment his name was mentioned, people actually ran away in fear.

This character study was meant to give a full insight into who Guerrero is, and it was also meant to give the production team a thumbs up. FOX needed this one on its schedule, nothing else works without it. Jackie Earle Haley made an excellent interpretation of this character and I hope to have him on television again ...sooner rather than later.

If there is any chance for another station to pick up the series, or FOX to make an exception many fans would appreciate this. Why not? I am certain the actors and actresses would not mind. I did not grow to appreciate this character then to have it meet the axe.

Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero
5 Stars

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