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In Plain Sight: Mary, Mark and Baby?

Thinking long and hard. This aint gonna be easy!
For as long as we've known Mary, family is not her strong suit. While most people dream about finding the one, settling down and eventually raising a family, Mary is more the type to sit back and nod at their silliness. Still, what does this mean for her and Mark? Could Mary really sit back and raise a child, or would Mark now be in the picture?

I have been loving the character Mary McCormack portrays as Mary Shannon. It is uncanny that they both share the same first name and now playing similar roles on screen and off screen. Mary McCormack's real life pregnancy was rumored to filter on screen. I only expected the father to be, well someone other than Mark. He's a sweet guy, but unfortunately too sweet for Mary's liking.

Mary is also not known for her subtlety, she speaks her mind and she goes all in with her well represented believes in humanity. She is a fearless woman and her strong presence on screen has made 'In Plain Sight' a huge success. What I have probably wanted more from Mary, is a relationship with Marshall. He knows her inside out and might be the only person that she could share her life with. It didn't surprise me that he knew about her pregnancy before she did. Their final scene together made me appreciate their closeness.

I hoped Marshall's new girlfriend was an attempt to get a rise out of Mary and change the odds of their relationship, but Mark came along and I just kept hoping that he was simply a distraction. Unfortunately it was just the opposite, he was quite the obvious solution to the real changes occurring off screen.

What this challenge has presented for Mary, is the ability for her to parent. Supposing she hasn't found other alternatives to counter her reality, she would learn ways to become a mother. All of these new changes could alter the perception Mary would have about families and she may instead nod her head in agreement to the everyday struggles, rather than stand from a distance and laugh at it. Mary handles relations in her work life better than her personal life. This makes her an incredibly great person, but limited to one side of her life. Separating lifestyles can only split you at both ends.

Mark's influence in Mary's past was a simple quick marriage, that ended just the same. Years later, trying to rekindle an old flame, he stumbled into another quickie with Mary, but could he handle being a father? Would Mary even let him know?

These are new arcs that could be beneficial for this series and for Mary. I personally enjoy Mary's transition throughout this series and watching her grow. As much as she is closed off, she has a huge heart, and great strength in her personality. Dealing with a pregnancy is one step, but a baby, a child, can affect you in an even bigger way.

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