Friday, June 24, 2011

Rookie Blue: The Butterflies Begin

Well my favorite series is back, although I was a bit harsh with it last year, it is a fresh idea that could last a long time. I expected Rookie Blue to step up its game. It already established itself as amateur cops learning the way, they had to now take it a step up. Without hesitating, this cop show removed the melodrama nonsense which soaked up last season and focused solely on these cops' hearts. It worked, shined and above all delivered.

A huge break between Season 1 and Season 2, could leave most people out in the wilderness when it came to remembering a cast that was off screen for a long time. Their personalities happened to leave a memorable impression that stuck, so these characters were not forgotten. One thing I could not put down was McNally and Callaghan. I am not satisfied with the McNally and Callaghan pairing. I wanted them to take a break since last season their relationship seemed false. It was as though the handsome detective hooking up with the rookie was too cliche. We know nothing about Callaghan except that he was McNally's boyfriend.

Callaghan often came off false in the end and it made his input to the series pointless. Still we did get to know his ex in "Butterflies" and it seems that the writers are aiming to improve on the big question mark dangling over Callaghan. Callaghan's ex "Detective Jo Rosati" (Camille Sullivan) also starred as Emily (Red's ex-wife) in Hellcats. It was uncanny how much her role here mirrored the same role she portrayed in Hellcats. The typical ex reigning on her ex's new relationship. It would be too much of a replica if she ends up trying to break McNally and Callaghan up. She looked pretty upset seeing McNally and Callaghan together.

The surprise element when McNally was shot, was the highlight of the episode, completely unexpected. At first it seemed as though McNally was shot herself, but it had greater impact knowing that the sweet girl, was the real target. Swarek is so head over heels for McNally, that it became overwhelming to watch him comfort her after she was checked out. I kept thinking, why aren't they together?

Still this show had so much promise for this series premiere. A little more Nash getting screen time with Williams would have added a little push to the already interesting premiere. Also when McNally had the man who shot her at gunpoint, when the friend ran into her saying he's going to kill her, it was really annoying. McNally had the guy, to have this girl run into her. It had me thinking she was in on it somehow, but she was just crazy scared. McNally redeemed herself by catching the guy with such wit (no pun intended).

Other than that this was a solid introduction to season 2.


Season 2, Episode 1 "Butterflies"
4 Stars


Harker said...

Hey, are you going to be blogging about this upcoming season?

Lexa Cliche said...

I was hoping to, since the season is now finished I wanted to focus on the finale which was really good! ...but I have also taken a break so most likely reviews would not be as recent as they should be. I hope to be back in full force soon.