Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Office: Season 6, Episode 11 'Shareholders Meeting' Review

Re-cyclops and Polluticon and another day at The Office. I admired how the placed the correct Secretaries throughout the years, while Jim gave a run-through of Re-cyclops time of reign; they reformed Jim's position by Pam's desk, Ryan's clueless look as the then receptionist and the other receptionist who Michael tortured for not being like Pam, can't really remember her name though, and now Erin. Dunder Mifflin had a lot of receptionist in its lifetime. I still can't get over Pam's promotion to sale, but 'oh well'.

So, Michael is greeted with a limousine to be taken to a shareholders meeting to be hosted with David Wallace among many. I am almost certain they treated Michael with a hint of loyalty, so that he could endure the harsh remarks from the extremely dissatisfied patrons at the meeting. This reminded me of a meeting a friend hosted and she was placed in the spotlight when it came to clarifying expenses and fair-use of welfare savings. Michael is not one to be considered a failure, which is why he preferred being cheered, even if his claim was bogus.

Oscar always speaks intelligently and could easily stand up to Michael about the boards in the company and the diversification of money spent within, yet he could not stand up to Wallace and his clan. If he began rattling off about the 'Dunder Mifflin Stock Symbol' being 'DMI', which according to him stood for 'Dummies, Morons and Idiots' because 'that's what anyone would have to be to own it'. If Oscar stood strong and uttered those words to the members of the board, to their face, he would have certainly been out of a job.

As Michael's presence is absent from the office, Jim apparently takes charge, being co-manager and all. The irony is that no one respects him and he comes off as less of a boss than Michael. That could mean that they really have no respect for Jim, who was once a member of them or they have been without an idealistic leader for so long, that they have lost sight of how serious a boss can be. Even Pam couldn't really see Jim as the boss he claimed to be. Could Jim really fire someone? I am certain he could, but Michael would make it his priority to seek vengeance if he axed Ryan.

Ryan himself has been much more childish this season. I don't know if Michael spoiled him, but he's managed to treat Kelly like the teenage girl he 'hooks up' with, without defining his relationship with her, and he also doesn't respect Jim and his title. I was happy for Jim when he took a stand and placed Ryan in a lonely office, (box more like it) to teach him a lesson. That was one way to show who was in charge, by making an example of the person responsible for demeaning his authority.

The Office is catching on this season and as a message to Pam, you don't only support your husband because you have to, you also mean it.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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