Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dollhouse: Season 2 'Stop Loss' and 'The Attic' Review

After this double dose of Dollhouse, I must admit that I would have appreciated the Series more if they went with this approach in Season One. I might not be a great fan of the series, but I loved the story type and I would not have minded another Season had the writers not really screw with the cherry of the story.

I felt as though they cheated time away from us, especially when it came to character development and suspense. The moment they received a possible thrilled idea, they would ruin the recipe by adding a cheesy-mess. Had the writers taken the approach to develop Echo, as opposed to crowding her with character development which frankly felt rushed for these last episodes, they could have held on to a few fans and a possible more seasons.

Sierra and Victor have the potential onscreen favorite couple, but the spark between them just isn't there for me. The writers held all the cards and the played all the wrong ones. Season one should have focused on the changes in Victor, giving us a brief introduction into his past, however small. Sierra herself could have revealed some Pria qualities.

Dewitt has now begun to annoy me to the point where I really couldn't tolerate any scene with her. The end scene in attic, where Echo sort of formed a truce with DeWitt, would have been more clever, if that was the sole purpose she brought Caroline in, as opposed to them making the pact before she sent her off to the attic.

I really tried, I mean there were points I literally zoned in and out and felt as though a fifteen minute snack break could have been accomplished even while the show was going on, but I blame it on the writers. Eliza Dushku showed some real talent as an actress, especially with what she had to work with. Had the storyline taken a different approach... oh well no use there.

The only scene I possibly found interest in was the return of that Dominic character from Season one, as we learnt he was sent to the attic then, and Summer Glau, but she was in the earlier double dose Fridays and hasn't returned since. Some things just go so far off to the point of no return, I really hoped Dollhouse would get back on track and renew a season or two. All weren't completely horrible, maybe Echo and Sierra should have had more scenes together in their doll states, and maybe some more animosity between Adelle and Topher. There is only so much that could be done now.



Three Stars

Grade C-

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