Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Office: Season 6, Episode 12 'Scott's Tots' Review

Michael: "I've made some empty promises in my life, but hands down that was the most generous"

Michael has done and said many crazy things in his lifetime, promising to pay for an entire class' college tuition was one; and worst yet that they believed he would follow through his word without any written proof or contact over the years. it's clear that Erin isn't everyone's favorite person. Had the tables been reversed and Michael said the things to Pam as he did Erin, he would have surely gotten another punch in his mouth. Could Michael afford to sponsor even one child's college fees, I highly doubt it, so what gave these teenagers the hope that Michael would fulfill their dream, especially since he could barely afford to take care of himself.

I felt the students gave Michael too much credit, not to mention the teachers. I was surely doing my research before even trusting any word from Michael. The only good thing that came out of it was hope and faith that if they did do well in school, they would have made it to college, which is the exact point Erin made to Michael in the end. The funniest part was Michael believing, some computer batteries could mend the mess he had already created.

On the office side, Jim authority is threatened by Dwight again. I actually feared for Jim in a second, but I highly doubted that Wallace would axe Jim's title because of the Employee mishap. I would give Dwight one thing, if it was really 'Rainn Wilson' (Dwight) mimicking Stanley, Kevin and the others on the phone to Wallace, he did a brilliant job. I would have easily thought it was Kevin through the impression he delivered. Sadly, Dwight's vendetta got Ryan on board, I guess he couldn't stand his box for his office anymore.

Michael: "I can't pay for your college, but you don't have to go to class, to be in class. Online courses are a viable option, to a traditional college experience. The best way to access those courses is with your own personal laptop, which is rendered useless without the batteries and I have one for each of you"



For Stars

Grade B+

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