Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Break from Work *sigh* - of relief

A few weeks ago, I stood over a pile of books. It was for a new course I took up in psychology: The study of mind and behavior. Part of what astonishes me about everyone is that each individual can create a multitude of new possibilities and new creations. We all have talent. We all learn to grow from our mistakes and we also find a way to escape. A week ago I realized why I began watching so much television, it was a way for me to escape all the trials that come along with work and studying. I remember finishing work late. I was stressed, tired because my co-workers kept sending me documents from the temp job I took up for my sister. She too needed a break and I offered to help. I took on too much and it distracted me. I couldn't understand why, but I also stopped blogging for a while. It's really hard when people judge you from the outside, they don't truly get the stress everyone has to go through. This made me understand that everyone would have their problems, even those that seem flawless.

I stopped watching television altogether, but I knew that I would be letting you guys down. I received an email just asking about a show, and I didn't know how to respond. I guess it happens, I couldn't review a series the way I would like. I realized a long time ago that these series not only give us an escape, but it also encourages us to see more than we understand. It gives us a moment to laugh for a half hour, or cry or even be angry. It encourages us to reach places within ourselves we didn't know existed. While this isn't completely a review of a series, it still reviews how many series impacts on our lives. I did not know how much people loved the same shows I did.

I am not guaranteeing a regular review tribute week after week, because I now realized how much I would have to catch up. I still hope to continue somewhere. I recently started watching this series 'Missing' starring Ashley Judd. I saw a clip of what a friend sent and I didn't like it. I thought, based on that clip of the pilot, that it was going to be slow and unoriginal. I couldn't believe how attached I became when I did watch the whole pilot. It was one series I began watching when I had an hour to spare. You ever felt a connection with characters on a show, so much that you root for them? You cringe when they do? You cry and shout at the TV screen? I missed that feeling. I really missed creating a forum for you guys to discuss and contemplate. Let's start somewhere now. I truly want to change the way this blog speaks, hopefully for the better.


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