Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dollhouse 'Vows' Review

'Do You Promise To Love Honor and Cherish Each Other For as Long as You Both Shall live'

Well do you? A lot of people seem to get asked that question on a regular basis these days. The answer is sometimes hesitant especially the 'For as long as you both shall live' bit.

It wasn't long before Echo's engagement involved getting married - or so far we've seen. I wonder how many times has Echo been married?

I actually believed this guy was crazy enough to fullfil his life long fantasy of being married to the love of his life and that he was actually part of the dollhouse, but it turned out to be all Paul Ballard's plan to bring down a mercenary by making Echo believe she was a cop partnered with Ballard for three years.

Did he really need that stick it note to remember how many years they were partners? And did he really need to listen into the 'Post-Wedding' activities? I find it strange that Ballard is working for the Dollhouse, is it all for Echo and his crazed obsession over her?

We finally got to see where Topher sleeps, not that it mattered before, but it is interesting that he lives in the Dollhouse. I believed it was reckless of him to leave Dr. Saunders tweaked like that. Maybe she should have gotten a treatment to bring her back sane, she is still a doll and has a number of years to complete before her contract was up. I didn't really notice a connection between Topher and Saunders before, I didn't even pick up on any angst between them. So why the sudden urge to tease and seduce him? Was that also part of her messed up imprint?

I could tell you though waking up to an nearly naked woman in your bed was probably Topher's dream come true, but the reality was too much for him to handle even if his minority vote wanted it to be real. :)

Who saw that Ballard would become Echo's handler, it was obvious he was on the sidelines in the Dollhouse and he wasn't leaving without satisfying his sudden obsession and maybe he freed Madeline because it was easier to let her go.

Eliza Duschu played her new engagement with such ease that I actually believed she was another person especially when she turned to cop mode.

It took a man to slam Echo's head to a table for her to get back to picking up flashes of her old engagements. What kind of husband would slam his wife's head in a table, even if she betrayed him. She was convincing until she called him by the wrong name.

I think back to reading about Dollhouse's renewal in the news and imagine my shock. There were many shows axed this year, some were even good ones that would be missed, but Dollhouse stood strong. I understand now that it is an interesting series that shows great potential. It is unique and no one has really ever done a project like this one before, but if Dollhouse wants to keep a better poll it would have to pull off a series of back to back exceptionally flawless episodes.

As much as I may have appreciated this episode, I still believe for a season premiere it could have been better. I expect nothing but the best from this series and I wonder what would happen to Dr. Saunders and whether she has gone rogue. Would we ever see Madeline again? Are Victor and Sierra an item?

Boyd was right, why would DeWitt go through so much trouble to fix Victor's face and spare Saunders nothing at all? At least we might know why?



Three and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+


Roger Market said...

Her name is MELLIE (or "November"), not Madeline.

And your review system doesn't quite make sense. LOL. You gave the episode a 6.5 on, but then turned around and said 3.5/5 stars, which equals 70%, which would be a 7.0 out of 10, not a 6.5. And that would be a C- in terms of an actual grade. Just FYI.

Lexa Cliche said...

Next time you are trying to correct someone, make sure you get your facts right.

I have the prerogative of setting my own grading standards, take it or leave it.