Thursday, September 24, 2009

The New Adventures of Old Christine 'Bahamian Rhapsody' Review

There's no doubt when you are watching 'The New Adventures Of Old Christine' when a passport is misplaced on a plane in the Bahamas and Christine resorts to flashing anyone that could help her get what she wants. Who knew what went on in that room after Old Christine decided to unbutton a few from her top and the television went straight to commercial.

We do know that she returned with a happy smile on her face, without being detained, hopefully with her passport. No one would have liked being the air hostess in that position; blowing up your life vest as a form of a pillow was rather innovative and would have anyone belly rolling on the floor.

How did she get to the Bahamas? Barb's detainment in prison sure was reason enough for outing her illegal immigration status. It was a sure good thing she confided in an immigration officer, what are the odds. He seemed to have her back even though he was the one that implicated her in the first place. I wonder how would he feel dating an engaged woman.

Is new Christine gone for good? Maybe when she takes a whiff at her watered plants she might fully make up her mind about the man she was going to marry, hilarious.

Non-the-less Richard and Barb would not make it to the altar. Certainly Barb might switch rings with her handsome crush. Couldn't he have let it slide that she was an immigrant to begin with. He could have saved himself the drama. Maybe he didn't want to be with someone married to another woman.

Brilliant season opener, even after the half hour is up you still find yourself all about the floor trying to control your laughter. It still gets to you. Leave it to 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' to have a joke dangling on for weeks.



Four and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade A-

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