Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good Wife 'Pilot' Review

When I heard about the series 'The Good Wife' I thought "...not another one of those again", talk about judging a book by it's cover. The opening scene established the basis of the promotion; a good wife who stuck by her husband just up until his cheating and fraud scandal. In those moments the premise of 'Jack and Bobby' and other politician based shows with the extra drama came to mind, but then the series took a new spin when Alicia Florrick stepped into an apparent law firm to continue her career after her husband had been jailed.

I think back to court based shows like 'Boston Legal' and placed them together to see if it measures up, because I wasn't certain of the show's identity few minutes into it. That was wrong without reason, I usually give a series four episodes for the most for it to be appealing, but in a sudden twist 'The Good Wife' spun a new definition of interesting and kept me watching till the end and surprisingly looking forward to the next installment.

Not only does Julianna Margulies have presence, she gives a definition to her character that I find myself loathing her husbands character and questioning his credibility. How would you feel about a leaked tape of your husbands infidelity, you surely would not like to be in Alicia's shoes. She started off shaky in the court room but managed to hold her ground which might have been based on weak evidence. Non the less I wondered if the Judge really despised her or was just not into the case as much. He did despise her husband, they probably shared that in common.

I didn't grasp the full concept of the show, as I'm sure more would be revealed as we get the know these new characters spending some time on television with us. I did learn that Alicia's children aren't really tuned into the full details of their father's conviction. She seemed more like a rookie intern than the real deal, that's what you probably get from spending time away from work and being 'The Good Wife'. There might actually be a relationship that goes far beyond friendship between her and Will Gardner. Alicia may also have to be on the lookout for Diane Lockhart who seems to be threatened by her for some apparent reason. Let's hope her husband's enemies keep themselves at bay, especially if it turns out that he's innocent. I'm not to sure about the affair though, that would take more convincing on his part.

There is still a new whiff to this series and there is a fine line between it and resembling a remake of another hit series. 'The Good Wife' is making it's name and the drum roll would hopefully get louder as the season progresses. Things don't become gold in one make, if only it were that simple. Who knows, it might actually outwit our expectations.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B+

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