Monday, September 14, 2009

Gossip Girl 'Reversals of Fortune' Review

Season three, I'm sure for you Gossip Girl fans, was the most awaited season all summer.
Now that we've seen it, was it worth the wait?

I was surely satisfied with this installment.

Summer's about rapping up, just like for us fans so we can relate, but it also seemed as though a lot of loose ends still needed to be tied up.

Chuck and Blair are together - in love - I actually liked seeing them together. The romantic Chuck Bass (A line repeated to many times 'I'm Chuck Bass') was hitting it with someone else in the opening scene and Blair came in the nick of time to break up the charade. I kept thinking 'I knew Chuck said he loved Blair, so he wouldn't really deceive her so early in the game, there must have been some trick we were missing out on' - and there was.

Chuck and Blair were of playing a cat and mouse game all summer. Really and truly that game could have gotten old fast, who brought the idea up initially, Chuck or Blair? The sweetest part was watching Chuck suppress the urge to do a three some and stick to being a one woman man - this we have to see.

As for the Humphrey's, Jenny has been spending a lot of time with Eric. Do you see Jenny and Eric as brother and sister, BFF's or something more. I always believed in the first season that Eric and Jenny would become more than friends, but that was before we found out Eric wasn't a Jenny loving guy. Anyway Dan actually shaped up this summer; growing out his hair, he actually looked very cute. Speaking of hair do's, what was up with Jenny's, it was as though she spent too much time in the pool and didn't find the time to see about her hair much.

This episode focused solely on Serena and her urge to get a good snapshot for the many camera's after her. Last season we were left with the cliffhanger of Carter finding her father, so I kept trying to put the pieces together. I wondered whether or not Carter was the problem or solution to whatever secret Serena was keeping from even Blair.

Blair and Dan teamed up again, not much of a surprise. I think Humphrey is really starting to grow on her and Blair has actually changed since we were introduced to her character in the first season, being in love probably helps.

A lot of people hooked up here actually;
Blair and Chuck (Obviously)
Serena and Carter (That sex scene was well.. unexpected, but predictable).
Vanessa and Scott (a.k.a Rufus an Lily's love child) which explained why was drawn to the Humphrey's. Do you think he's just using Vanessa to get closer to Dan, that kiss sure seemed real enough.

Not to mention Nate and Bree Buckley? It seems as though we would be getting a new storyline for Nate, this time a bit more interesting. What about that speech he gave last season to Vanessa on the other hand, maybe he took the friendship thing on seriously. Still if you were a 'Privileged' fan you would recognize Joanna Garcia played by Bree. What do you think about this knew pair? Would it even last long, we do know that secrets often reveal themselves and you can't really keep a secret away from Gossip Girl, not for long anyway. It also seemed as though Nate's relationship with Bree was an eyebrow lifter for his grandfather who saw their relationship as an advantage? What did that mean? Probably he is going to use his grandson's relationship with a Buckley to get what he wants. It was a sure good thing they were seated next to each other - coincidence?

Rounding off this thrill of a season opener, we learn that Serena is getting the attention she wants because she was trying to get her father's attention. I wonder what would Lily say about that?
We also learn that Cece, Lily's mom, is sick and is not really doing so good, which would explain Lily's absence.
Blair really couldn't put up with the thrill seeker that turns on their relationship on a twisted note. They might very well have to play it singular for the role of the waiter and the unhappy customer. How long would Blair and Chuck last this time? I'm really liking them now, but college could put a spin on tings differently.
Dan and Vanessa had an argument that could possibly terminate their friendship. Vanessa said that Dan changed, but I really don't agree with her, except for his grown out hair, the rich lifestyle didn't really matter to him much.
Well... Georgina wasn't here either, but college hadn't really started yet, so I guess we would all have to wait for the next episode.

I'm still in awe over the delivery of this one. The writers pulled it off here. If they keep this up we would sure be in for a wonderful season. Fingers crossed.



Four and a half out of Five Stars

Grade A

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