Monday, September 21, 2009

Gossip Girl 'The Freshman' Review

The season has already begun and Georgina took her spin in this episode with a few battles and missed swings, but did she live up to all the hype?

This week was all about everyone finding their niche in college and overall life. 'The Freshman' showed the tug of war between Georgina and Blair which didn't really portray the angst I anticipated. Their shenanigans were a minor representation of the tension they created in the past. Now Blair's in love and Georgina has lost her touch a bit.

At least we now know why Blair preferred to live in a dorm as opposed to bunking with Chuck; it actually gave her time to climb the social ladder.

I actually knew that Blair would have some trouble fitting into NYU; people focus on studying as opposed to style and no one really pulls up in a limo for school which is exactly why Blair's attire and bulling couldn't fetch her more friends. She actually learned that private school is far away from public school.

The biblical reference with respect to Georgina was out of whack. I really did not believe that she changed. Georgina was 'fake nice' and trying too hard to have a clean slate, that her true motives were apparent. At least it came off as a surprise when Vanessa showed more compassion for Georgina than Blair. We all know what Blair wants; a status, social gratification and control, so Blair's motives are always obvious. Georgina on the other hand would always have that extra card up her sleeve; she may feed you for a while, but bite your hand off later.

She and Dan didn't go beyond the awkward kiss, hopefully for the viewers that is, because that revelation was a jaw dropper, even though I somehow knew that trick was somewhere in there. Really what was Dan thinking, even after he came to his senses?

I really felt sorry for Blair when Dan gave his speech. The tables actually turned since High School; Dan is the leader and Blair is the one on the bench. For all those Dan and Blair (Dair) fans, I sensed a connection between them on the staircase towards Georgina's party when he threw her headband on the ground. I actually thought it was cute.

It seemed as though the only people Blair had in her life was Dorota, Serena and Chuck.

The Chuck and Blair love affair was still in the air. Couldn't really turn away from their huge make out scene before she went off to NYU, it actually looked as though he wanted to 'make love' to her lips right there. Chuck and Blair have this on screen connection that I really admire and they're not too 'mushy mushy' in love. I was happy to know she could turn to him, make his day seem brighter and lift hers as well. No more dorm for Blair. The one thing I am concerned about is what Blair would do next? She always had a goal, so what's her goal in NYU?

Chuck's scenes were more business like; trying to turn a vault space into a club. I must admit a trendy idea, but he chose the wrong person to confide in. I didn't understand why Serena believed she could count on staying with Chuck to hide out from Brown. Was she actually seeing him as the brother icon, or was he second to confiding in Blair? It still left Serena obsessive over her father. Why the sudden urge to see him? Why didn't she even consider him in her thoughts during high-school? Is it that she's getting older and really wants to get in touch with him? She did fine without him for so many years, so her obsession remains a mystery. I also don't understand Serena and Carter of all people she would consider confiding in. It actually looked like those two were entering into a relationship ... with Rufus being the 'father' temp icon, what would he say about Serena and Carter?

Serena was also finding a way to settle down, just like Blair and Scott. I am really trying to figure out what Vanessa sees in Scott, who's true intentions aren't really revealed. Scott seemed interested in finding out about his half brother, but does he have real feelings for Vanessa? It would look awful on his part if it was revealed that he was using her.

The most out of place scenes were those of Nate and Bree, spending all day alone, hot and sweaty for each other. Were they falling in love so soon and was she willing to risk rekindling with her family for him? I find them interesting, but I wouldn't really place a bet on their long lasting relationship. Nate's grandfather surely had a trump card to play and that leaves us with something to look forward to. Wasn't Nate supposed to go into Columbia, or was he too occupied with something or someone else?

So maybe 'The Freshman' didn't earn the goal medal this season. Gossip Girl, just like many of the characters on this series, is finding it's niche and we now have to get accustomed to the college side of the show. The storyline is still being developed. We might hopefully get the high school drama with Jenny being the new 'Queen B'. Would Blair regret giving her that title? I would love to know how Jenny would deal.


Blair really needs to find her stance and the bottom isn't it, maybe she shouldn't try so hard.

Vanessa should also try to stop being so angry with everyone, she should give Blair a break.

Chuck is hanging in there with Blair, but I would also love to see his business side more.

No updates on Cece, so we have no estimate for a presence from Lily.

I hope this Carter and Serena -Dan and Georgina thing doesn't last, because it's some of the few couples that really give you a slight upset stomach,

and What would Georgina do without her roommate?

Change is inevitable. At least next week we could sit back and enjoy another episode....until then.



Three and a half out of Five Stars

Grade C+


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