Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smallville 'Savior' Review

Talk about hot, what's a good season premiere without a new improved Lois Lane, a rogue hero complex, a steamy love interest who used to kick terminator butt and well another step closer for a man in a cape to become the 'Man of Steel'.

What would the world be like without Clark Kent? In all the Superman based movies we've grown to admire, Kal-El and Clark didn't last long apart from each other. It is his human part that makes him who he is. That is why this is called Smallville and not Superman right?

Here we are again, where we open with the Smallville cliche's; dark and stormy, a distraught Chloe and a MIA Lois. At least someone always seems to be missing or supposedly dead in a typical cliffhanger, but when Chloe reached a point where her search for Lois justified hacking into personal software then explaining why she was doing it, defined a new side of crazy Chloe we haven't seen before.

This mystery filled Smallville was over pouring with non stop action and unending questions that would have you twitching your lip upward and scratching your head slightly. Upon watching the new storyline involving Zod and dips into the future, my fond memory of 'Superman' based shows like 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' and the definitive Movie 'Superman' itself came to mind. I found myself relating his character to the icons we knew of. Zod is nothing but human without his powers.

Clark mentioned an important factor when he encountered Lois' crazy killer, he had one year to figure out why he betrayed 'them', which is one season for us. I know Zod would not remain powerless forever, he would find some way to regain his powers and destroy Kal-El and take over the world like so many before him has tried to do. I still think it was foolish of Tess to allow herself to be captured and beaten, especially since it was all in vein.

Doomsday is out of sight, out of mind for now, but what about Clark? The only thing that made him come up for air was Lois. What are the odds, the one glass Lois landed on, when Clark saved the falling train, was the exact part Clark held for them to share their moment. Don't get me wrong is was 'dreamy'. I am sure Clark leaving a symbol meant something territorial like 'The Blur was here', but was it necessary really? Maybe he needed a count of the places he's saved before he erased Clark completely. It actually was nice seeing him squirm over Lois.

I didn't think I would ever say this, but it looked as though the cancellation of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle' freed Brian Austin Green's schedule to be Lois Lane's love interest. Did you get that spark?
If Clark doesn't clean up his game someone else might just win our hearts over, and it really wouldn't be so bad either.

The most heartbreaking plot of this series was watching Chloe beg Clark to 'bring her Jimmy back'. At one point I believed he might do it and Jimmy would be a part of the theme, but lost hope when he wasn't seen in the credits. It was still heartbreaking when she practically called Clark a ruthless SOB. Was that fair of her though, or was she right. He did mean it when he said that Clark Kent was dead.
Some questions though, why would Oliver join a death ring unless he seriously wanted to be killed and how much paparazzi news did Lois read to find him.

Smallville has set its standard so high that each time it has to come bigger and better than before, just to keep viewer interest. This series has the most loyal fan base and would no doubt gain support. So, for a season premiere it was satisfactory, the production style has changed to dark and misty and there are many unanswered questions which I would like answered, but Clark standing on a roof top with his overcoat blowing in the wind was well... to corny and could have been mellowed down a notch. I can't complain though, I know I would still watch this series until the season finale episode. Until then let's hope some lose ends start tying themselves up.



Four out of Five Stars

Grade B-

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