Saturday, September 25, 2010

Castle: Season 3, Episode 1 'A Deadly Affair' Season Premiere Review

Castle is back and this time he's taking hostages. Not in so many words, the camera tricks gear our attention to Castle as a suspect on Beckett's case, what are the odds? What if it had been another cop? Castle was in too many places at the same time, what was he thinking? He would solve a case and have Beckett on his side in no time? After Castle left Beckett heart broken last season with more clueless than ever I kind of hoped for a different reunion. A gun to his face was not what I expected so thumbs up to that guessing scene. Obviously we knew Castle didn't commit the crime, the last time he tried to shoot someone his aim was completely off, instead the worst damage Castle could have caused with a gun would be an irritating flesh wound, probably for him to clean up.

I couldn't believe Beckett arrested him for murder. She didn't know who was murdered, why Castle was at the scene above all things. It seemed to perfect to be true, the murderer standing over the dead body right when the cops arrive, even Castle has written better plots himself. I think Beckett enjoyed cuffing him too much and questioning him as though she would have tossed him in jail herself; judge, jury and executioner. Fortunately for Castle he managed to wit himself out of further questions. He came back not only as a suspect in a murder case, but also unavailable, no wonder Beckett got infuriated with him after he kept showing up in her face.

Beckett left Deming last season to explore her feelings for Castle, right before Castle pulled the 'I'm getting back with my ex' wild card. As though he tried to wipe it in Beckett's face 'I can have a relationship just like you'. The words of his ex are still traumatizing "I'll stay on top of him until he finishes his book", I hope she meant figuratively. That must have given Beckett some displeasing images *yuck*. There's still hope, Castle mentions this new relationship, but we haven't seen or heard from this mystery reconnection with his ex. Just wait until Castle finds out when Beckett exactly called it quits with Deming, I'm sure he would see the big picture.

It obvious the writers are stalling, trying to strategize before things get steaming between Beckett and Castle. They are hoping for the perfect moment that would last and hold audience feedback, not something that would disappear as fast as it began. Still you can't take too long for fear of causing the same fan base reaction.

I admire Castle's connection with his family, it's what makes the series complete, his daughter's new boyfriend sounds interesting enough for us not having seen him yet. Did she mention whether or not it was the same guy we met last season? Her prancing around wondering whether or not to call the guy reminded me of a friend of mine. The best advice I gave her "Just call him already!" Ironically he called later that day before she got a chance to call him, but I believe I just wanted to get her to stop talking about him so much. When you're in love. It nice to see Alexis happy, his mother the same.

The case itself was intriguing to begin the season, counterfeit cash, many villains made to fill a piece to the puzzle. Anyone could have done it right? Except for Castle that is, anyway, I found it surprising that Castle didn't show much more of a connection to the woman he was assumed responsible for murder. Castle also got the cold shoulder from Esposito, Ryan and even Montgomery had his issues with Castle.

Castle to Montgomery: "You too!"

After giving that, "Don't think you can get away with breaking my little girl's heart" stare. Esposito and Ryan had the same stares, but it more resembled "I'm going to kick your butt for hurting my sister!"

Esposito: "Put the gun down stupid!"

He must have had serious issues with Castle, can't really blame them either, Castle should have called! Glad to have him back though I think it would take him a while to fit back in completely. Beckett did stall revealing a clue, just so Castle would claim the glory himself and win the deal to stay, so there's still hope.



Four and a Half Stars

Grade B+

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