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Private Practice: Season 4, Episode 1 "Take Two" Season Premiere Review

Private Practice is back to its old stunts, opening with steamy sex scenes, this time with a twist; more out of breath for fans, showing fragmented positions. The only couple from last season that weren't "doing it" were Addison and Sam who had an awkward turn in their relationship, compared with Violet and Pete, Cooper and Charlotte, who were all over each other.

I was happy to have this series back after this long vacation, I actually missed the drama. I feared I would have have lost the connection between each couple as this season started off soft. It related to depressing moments some should live without; couple on their last hope for getting a child, and a guy who needed his brother's organ to keep him alive. Both stories have this saddening appeal to it that makes you either root for those who suffered based on situation, or just blast writers choice of topic.

The first case dealt with the couple who lost their first child because of reckless neglect; a father leaves his child in the car, things heat up and worst case scenario occurs. This situation would have anyone sympathetic, and discouraged to give this couple a second chance, at the same time. Addison claims she was there, that she saw the damage that was done, and could not encourage the same couple to throw away another opportunity to nurture life, only to leave it for dead. The irony of it all was that they recovered and they wanted another child. No one would allow them to adopt, but to ask someone to carry their child full term for the family, someone that could relate, that would work well in their favor. If only Addison was not the 'only' one in the few that could perform the procedure. Frankly, they give Addison too much credit, and so much of Addison's 'great' work has been just about average, they need to give her more out of the ordinary cases to prove her title.

The second case dealt with two brothers; Kevin who has the mind of a toddler and Ryan in need of a kidney. These brothers have been out of contact from each other, simply because Ryan could barely stand raising his mentally-challenged brother. Slightly selfish indeed, but warming knowing that he would die if he did not receive a kidney and Kevin was the convenient sponsor. Makes you think about that distant relative you neglect ever so often, how much you would need them from what ever situation. Still when a relative is sick, you want to do almost anything to make them better, especially if you had the power to do so. Kevin just didn't want his big brother dying when he could do something to prevent it.

Charlotte's only concern was Kevin's condition prohibiting him from making a logical decision that could change his life forever. It did not matter in the end, even if Kevin had not given Ryan the kidney, he would have had the same fate. Surprisingly, even when Ryan was painted as a self centered jerk, who only looked out for himself, he honestly made the effort to change after he got what he wanted from his little brother. It might have been a challenge for him (no pun intended), but he pulled through and did the honorable thing when the kidney was rejected. Even through dying he showed his changed state and his brother was indeed loved.

Aside from the cases which filled in the gaps of the show, each doctor had their own dilemmas surfacing. I especially paid attention to Addison and Sam who gave each other awkward stares and glances along the hallways. It often made each situation tense when they were in the same scene together. The was one thing not consistent with their actions and kept me wondering "What happened after Addison stripped for him?" Sam looked jealous when he saw Addison talking to Pete at Violet and Pete's wedding, as though Addison still had feelings for him. The final scene between them in the tub together was a shocker and would confuse anyone that didn't catch on to their 'hidden' relationship. Why keep the relationship secret at all? Is it that they fear once it's out on the open, it would be vulnerable to 'break-up' moments. Who's idea was it to remain hidden from everyone else, including the audience at the time?

A common factor in the equation would be Violet and Pete's wedding. Cooper had a problem with it partially because he still has feelings for Violet. Even though he and Charlotte have this strong sexual relationship that eventually became emotional, his friendship with Violet is unspoken for. It often makes me remember the moment when Violet stripped for Cooper in order to get the 'must sleep with a best friend' off her list, but that failed soon after, because Cooper did not want to ruin things by it just being sex between them. Violet had her own doubts and while Cooper was elated to run away with her she still had her doubts, and Pete just had to rub his nose all over hers to do the trick and she was ready to get hitched in no time. Still I figured Violet and Pete did move to quickly. Either that or I just didn't feel the same connection between them.

The most interesting topic for me was between Dink and Sam. Dink wants to be a good father to his child, but Naomi isn't giving him the chance to do so. In fact, I was happy to have Naomi in her grandchild's life, for her and Sam to teach Dink the lesson that 'no matter how hard someone else tries, no one should be able to break the bond between a father and his child, or a husband from his wife. Dink learned well from that lesson, for a teenager he still has a lot more to learn. I was also surprised that he and Maya weren't living together. They didn't give much notice as to how Maya lived last season after she got married.

Finally, Cooper and Charlotte have a long way to go before they get married themselves. I believed it would have been more exciting had there been a double wedding, much easier for the wrong names to slip at the alter, because Cooper could have second doubts himself. Sheldon proved to be an essential key and remains upset with Charlotte for ditching him and sat a seat away from Charlotte in the wedding to teach her a lesson; way to go Sheldon. I was surprised that he could not figure out the connection between Addison and Sam sooner, I guess his thoughts are split elsewhere. This was an okay start for a Private Practice Premiere, I look forward to having bigger reveals, topics and subtle relationship scenes.

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Three and a Half Stars

Grade B-

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, i don't see any other feelings from Cooper that friendship when it comes to Violet. I actually never saw it as anything more than friendship. And the way Cooper said "she's Violet" to Charlotte just make me think it even more. She is like his big sister.