Friday, September 17, 2010

Life Unexpected: Season 2, Episode 1 "Ocean Uncharted" Premiere Review

Cate: "I am sorry this is a two person show, we cannot have three 'Co-hosts' Co means two! Doesn't it?"
Kelly (aka new co host): "Actually it means with, Co means with"

That's right Cate you sure told her off, I guess the co doesn't really matter, you just didn't want to do the show 'with' her, it just didn't come off that way.Still I actually liked Kelly, she seemed a bit crazy in her own way, with her strong beliefs, it's uncanny. There should be room for new characters, speaking of which Julia is new, and Ryan seems the most familiar with her.

As we meet a new season, 'Life Unexpected' makes some changes in the Lux-Cate-Baze and Ryan shuffle we were left off with.

Last season, Cate and Ryan tied the knot, right after Baze ran in to stop the "I do's". Leave that one up for horrible timing, but things have changed for Lux mostly. Tasha wasn't introduced and her home life seems behind her, and she is ready to meet no possibilities for herself.

I have to admit that last season, I was completely annoyed with Cate. Something about her voice made me feel like yelling at the screen trying to tell her off. She was always arguing with Baze, manipulating Ryan and being the worst example for Lux. I still believe that Lux is young, no matter how many adult decisions she had to make in her life, she is still growing up. So when Cate and Ryan gave her the go ahead to visit Bug, they should have known she was going to do more than just gave him souvenirs or maybe that word stood for something else, when the next scene cut between Lux half naked on Bug's bed.

Bug and Lux grew apart last season, which is probably why Lux was hesitant to accept his proposal. Marriage is a deep commitment, and being engaged meant that Lux would have to commit to life with Bug. It was almost as if she were reverting back to the person she once was and it scared to think about it. She wants to be sixteen, just long enough to enjoy her youth. I always enjoyed Bug's commitment to her, but he always tried to make up the rules without understanding where Lux's frame of mind was.

I was shocked that the writers chose to have Lux accompany Ryan and Cate on their honeymoon, I wonder how much action they got. It could explain why, the moment they were alone, they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. I don't think they are the happily married type, since they have unresolved issue, unwilling to share the responsibility between themselves. Cate has her secrets and now Ryan has his. Was the 'Julia' name familiar to you, it just came out off no where and now it is implied that Ryan may have had an affair before he got married.

I hope these story lines don't have my head spinning this season. Lux already has her share, kissing the professor, but who blames her, he's hot and looks about two years older than her, I also thought his license was fake. I guess this means we would get more into the school life of Lux. There is still the feeling of deja-vu with this same storyline, those familiar with 'Pretty Little Liars' doesn't this remind you a bit of the Aria and Ezra spectacle? Who knows.

Baze was the only decent one for me this round, despite his slip in judgment right before he slept with his new bartender, who later set his bar to fire. I mostly enjoyed Baze's reconnection with his father and his heroism when he thought Lux was in the bar. I wonder what Cate would have done in that scenario. It only highlights the imperfections and human tendencies in Baze and causes me to resent Ryan.

Why didn't Ryan quit after Cate was booted out of the station? It seemed like he was almost relieved, as her husband it was either Cate stayed or the station lost them both. I guess alternatives like that when there are girls like Julia in his face, don't come around so often.

Now we are looking forward to what's next, there was so many topics explored in this single episode, which explains the review length, but let's hope things stay strong in the end. Later Bug, I hope to see you some time later down the road.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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