Friday, September 17, 2010

Hellcats: Season 1, Episode 1 'A World Full of Strangers' Pilot Premiere Review

Marti Perkins; definitely not the typical character you would come across often on screen. Her best friend Dan isn't bad either. So we now have a series we can cheer for, and it isn't cheesy. The moment I saw the previews for 'Hellcats', I followed it until the premiere, and this Pilot was impressive, not to the extent of a complete jaw dropper, but it still got there.

This is the story of a girl, completely against cheer leading as a sport. She has a load of responsibility for her age, she has to pay her bills keep her grades up in her law class and most importantly ride her bicycle to school to conserve gas. Almost touching if there wasn't for the high school themed rivalry, and a bit of comedy twisted in the mix. Marti has a lot to balance in her life and her mother doesn't make things easier; messing up the bills and leaving a leap of faith in the lawyers department after the school cut her scholarship.

The heart rendering plot lines is what keeps this show going, not to mention the attractive character appeals; like Lewis (The cheerleader hunk) and Derrick (The boyfriend coach mate), who Alice quoted as "Seeing better lookers in her life". Alice herself seems like she's full of life and herself, she is purely a lot to handle and hold on the top of a pyramid, which is where Marti came in. Although Marti and cheer leading had its issues, she smoothed things out for herself, which I don't believe was as traumatizing as she made it out to be. Renting videos like "Bring it On" was only for the humor appeal, because Marti had the moves down, her coordination was her own style. Chop it out to Alyson Michalka (Marti) for her well worked body in that cheer-o-audition. Was that all on her, or did she insert some stunt doubles? If it was all Michalka, then I'm impressed, those moves were seriously tricky if you weren't trained for it. Her background in gymnastics does lend its credibility and enhance her character

Speaking on about some hotties of this series, Dan (Marti's BFF) sure gripped some decent screen time, and his chemistry with Marti is impeccable, but I doubt the writers would stretch on anything more than a deep friendship. I would like to get more into his background as well. Alice's background is a curiosity appeal as well. She seems so cold:
Alice: "I know who you are I voted against you, I was overruled. Democracy's a bitch"
Marti: "Apparently so are you"

At first believed Savannah would have been Marti's rival, but Alice took that role without hesitation. The moment she saw Marti it was like some sort of shiver came over her and intimidation became a game. What else explains her removing Marti's robe from the bathroom? That would teach Marti to always have a spear hidden somewhere. Then again, what other excuse would she have for Lewis to drop his towel that was one for the ladies?

Lewis: Yo this looked crooked to you; I think I may have slept on it wrong"

I would give Hellcats bonus for hilarity. I guess that was the least he owed to Marti, after his clear crush on her, I hope it's sincere; I still haven't pegged his character yet. After being involved with Alice, his clarity may be a bit off, but then again they did break up, so there is genuine hope. That does explain Alice's burst from intimidation to jealousy, to watch her title be shoved under the carpet and have Marti claim her moments.

I did enjoy Marti's relationship with her mom; she seems to truly love her, even though I believe the story as to why she would not invite her mom to qualifiers. The embarrassment is something you would not want to relive, but you can also grow from it. This is a new turn for Ashley Tisdale, from "High School Musical", she brings a certain twist to Savannah I admire. Savannah is truly the good listener, except for Alice's eve's dropping tendencies, a good way to get back at Marti for her success was to invite her mother to qualifiers, after all revenge is like a sucker punch to the face, let's hope her game doesn't backfire and Alice loses everything, not that it would matter.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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