Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hellcats: Season 1 Episode 2 'I Say a Little Prayer' Review

What happens when things go wild. There's no surprise like that in this series, since for some strange reason I keep thinking about wild cats flipping about. Maybe it's the analogy to cats, but that still does not explain Marti's quick rise to stardom. Marti is embarrassed by her mom, but I also believe she owes Alice a great deal of gratitude for the stunt she pulled bringing her mother to qualifiers. After all, if she can't out-stand this obstacle, what does that mean for all the other challenges she could face, would she ban them as well from entering her life. The only part I was concerned about was Alice's intentions. She doesn't like being at the bottom, she seems to be a useless cheerleader; causing trouble without the cheer.

Aside from Marti's mom problems which seemed to more adolescent to mention, Savannah had a side to her that was more intriguing. The moment Savannah approached her rival from Memphis Christian college, it surprised me how calm and hopeful she was, as though her rival was some past good friend. Unknown to us at the time, was that her rival was indeed her sister. Sort of a sob story, the moment Savannah transferred schools, was the same moment her family disowned her, and I believe her sister felt the same way about Savannah's life change. It seemed more like she felt abandoned by her sister; typical 'you left me alone with the crazy parents', way to rebel for the sanity of it all.

The one thing I appreciated was how well they delivered the "Religious Family" theme. Other shows have either stressed too hard on the matter, or barely even touched the surface of it, hoping not to offend anyone in the process, but it is believable that Savannah held on to her family's beliefs, but took her own part of life still holding on to them. Savannah has only changed in the image of her parents, which make them a bit unfair parents. It's almost sad watching Savannah's mother treat her as though she were someone she met on the street. Savannah has managed to be the person her parents want her to be, but they probably wouldn't even see it themselves, pity.

I was happy that Savannah took the time to pray for her sister, even though her parents did everything to anger her, there was nothing putting her down and she made the appropriate choice in the end. Savannah mentioned that her parents thought she was drinking and parting every night, when it's quite the contrary. Her parents have more or less given up on her, but that doesn't mean she has lost her family, and Marti has become a new addition.

The Coach (Vanessa Lodge) has become a topic of interest, her and her ex boyfriend, who's history has been deliberately left out from the audience so far. I believe the football stunt the ex pulled was a bit cheesy. His attempts to impress her have been misleading most times, and meeting the boyfriend has given him some power since the boyfriend doesn't know he's the ex. A bit complicated, but things could have been corrected had she just introduced her boyfriend without ignoring the obvious. It was unfair to the boyfriend to be deceived, I don't think he would take it well when he finds out that the guy he's been so impressed by once dated his girlfriend. I only hope he hears it from her.

Still aside from the chaos and drama, we still have Alice trying to sabotage, but she seemed to be on the low after her team won qualifiers. I was happy to have Marti make amends with her mother and correct things with the owner of the building. Lewis and Marti have this connection thing going on, he always wants to sneak a dance with her. Not to mention this sudden turn for Savannah to date Marti's best friend Dan. I wonder if that would cause any problems in the future? Lets just hope for the best.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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