Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Mentalist: Season 3, Episode 1 "Red Sky at Night" Season Premiere Review

Welcome back Jane, ready for new cases and in full shape of mind. Actually Jane seemed more out of it, slightly distant and not at his old comedic self. I knew something was wrong when we didn't see Jane either sleeping on or playing off his trusty couch. His job was less interesting a topic and he preferred staring into space, as opposed to figuring out whether Katrina was captured or not.

Red John has taken a toll on his life, and it seems as though he wishes he didn't have his abilities. He didn't like playing mind games and simply doing a good job for the police anymore. It seemed almost pointless when those he loves are harmed in the process. When he feels as though, no matter how much good he does, his family would not come back and more people would end up getting hurt. If only he were smart enough to make it all go away, and find some way to make him live without fear of losing everyone around him.

Jane feels more alone than he ever has before and it is amazing that Lisbon knows him well enough. She knows he's not just okay according to the words she relayed to Hightower. Speaking of which, Hightower actually answers to someone and isn't all badass as she comes off. This new guy Gale Bertram, seems as though he would be pulling a lot of strings. Look at how Hightower bows her head slightly around him, I didn't think she was afraid of anything, or anyone.

Still, around all the confusion of cases and issues surrounding Jane resistance to do his job, it all came down to Jane in the end. From the first sight of the dead body, I expected Jane to make his witty remarks and comment on something he saw that was extraordinary, or simply unnoticeable to someone who was not observing, but nothing happened. The only excitement the audience got then was the dead rat analogy. Jane is the only one who stands up to authority, because he knows he doesn't really work for anyone, and people need him.

Standing up to Bertram took guts in Lisbon's view, since she tried to avoid eye contact while Jane called him a jerk (not in so many words). When his bodyguard (yeah right - errand boy) tried to stop Jane, and Jane mentioned a dead rat in his pocket if he ever tried to stop him again, I am certain our minds flipped to the scene where the dead rat was revealed by the cameras and caught Jane's attention on the sidewalk-somewhat. I remember thinking, did Jane really hold a rat in his hand? He was daring enough, and just as crazy to do it.

The culprit behind the murder was smart enough to concoct an entire plan to kill a man just to ruin his get away plan by falling for a diamond ruse; he surely caught his hand in the cookie jar. To think the girl Lisbon used to guilt Jane into taking the case was part of the puzzle behind the murder of her father. Surely it was uncool beating up the step dad in front of the family, but the solution is not murder, so long as Jane is in the picture to set his elaborate schemes. Truly disappointing and sad for a family to lose two father figures.

I somehow suspected Bertram since Jane kept hassling him, I guess he just didn't like him as much, but it still doesn't clear him for being the least bit dirty. I am just happy that Jane has Lisbon in his life. She allows him to conduct his experiments and accept blame when they go wrong, but I believe that she is giving him time to heal, however long it takes. As for Cho, Van Pelt and Rigsby; Cho had his hands filled with an incredible actress who apparently made a fortune in crying scenes, because she sure fooled Cho long enough for him to beg for a replacement watchdog. To imagine how calm she became when Jane was on to her. Rigsby and Van Pelt still have feelings for each other, but aren't acting on them just yet. Talk about 16cents from Van Pelt for information, pretty cheap don't you think (tsk tsk). I hope Jane finds the peace he needs, sooner rather than later.



Four Stars

Grade B-

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