Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fairly Legal - Clueless Kate, What's your Deal Girl?

After tuning into Fairly Legal, lately it's been those treats Friday has to offer. I am here hoping my addiction to good television doesn't consume me again. So I am taking a piece that is intriguing one step at a time. I didn't want to only showcase my passion for Missing, I wanted to talk about something different. Relationships are challenging, even when you have found the right person. Right now I believe Justin is not the right person for Kate.

Last season when I was glued to my television, Kate was a mess. She was living out of a boat, she had her no strings attached relationship with Justin, her not yet divorced husband, and she was at odds with her stepmother. This season Kate's lifestyle has changed. She has agreed to a relationship with Justin and has a temporary residence at her step mothers place who is not as presumed wicked as last season.

While I appreciate any form of change for Kate, it would be better if she was not staying with Justin because it is safe. For those new to this series, Kate is someone who avoids making the complicated decisions. This also made her job as a mediator a challenge, because she always pushed to have others make up their own minds for themselves, without truly taking responsibility for herself. This definitely would be the reason you see Kate now having to spend extra time on cases that could be closed earlier. While I have always admired her passion for cases, I find Ben's actions more effective.

As an addition to the cast, it took me a little while to get used to Ben. He is wild, he makes decisions for his pure financial gain and can be self involved to a degree that may harm others around him. Somehow his input have frustrated the normal balance of life at Reed and Reed. Last week we were introduced to the actual idea of a real relationship between Ben and Kate. Prior to that Ben kissed Kate and there was definitely a spark, but now Kate is in hiding. Kate let us down I am sure when she stayed with Justin out of what it seemed was fear. She also slept with Justin because she was afraid to jump into bed with Ben.

I understand the history Justin and Kate had, but their paths in life are split at opposite ends. Justin always complained that with Kate it was always about work and he seemed to not appreciate her passion for her job. Now we only see him doing things for Kate and her cases because it matters to her, but not because he himself has some self interest in those cases. It's like he is just trying to impress her, but their relationship should have gone pass that stage after knowing each other for so long. Ben was the only one that showed compassion for her cases (no pun intended) and it is what possibly pushed him to care for Kate. Caring is something I thought Ben was not capable of, which made his passion for her even more interesting.

I thought maybe Ben was being a tease when he asked her out on a date, but he was being real. When Kate stayed over with Justin on the same day as the date I thought she lacked maturity. She needed to grow a pair. If Kate ran away from something so simple as a meeting, it is no question why she drags her cases on for as long as they are. Kate is a complex character. Just when you know the right thing for her to do, she does the opposite and when you want her to be brave, she becomes a coward. I hope some way down the line she can overcome some of the fears she has within herself. She can learn that when it comes to relationships, she would not know unless she tried.

Here is for wishing Kate the best on her next adventure, while encouraging her to make the tough decisions.

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