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Missing "Ice Queen" Review - Who are you really Becca?

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A blast from the past. What happened to Mary? So much has gone on in Becca's life, that I forgot she actually had her own life before with her close friend. Running a flower shop pails in comparison to Becca's life now. She is always on the go and every second counts when it comes to finding Michael. Mary showed up out of no where and presented a torn in Becca's plans. Frankly she was easily forgettable in the pilot and I had forgotten her in the buzz of it all.

What I did appreciate was the continuity and ties Mary presented to Becca's changed lifestyle. She was a single mother, she attended PTA's and was involved in her son's life. Becca was the whole package that came with being an ordinary mom for about 10 years. That's is something we should not forget, hence Mary's reappearance reminding us of such. If my friend left suddenly to find out about her son's whereabouts and I hadn't heard from her since, I would be concerned as well.

We left off from that incredible scene from Ashley Judd, where the plane took off with Michael. Becca uses CIA support to bring the plane down, but Michael was no where on it. Which was odd. Had the plane taken a detour before it landed? Aside from future thorough checks of the plane and questioning some blonde woman, the CIA gave up. All I knew was that whoever came off that plane would be guilty... of something. There is no way they would not be involved somehow. At this point everything is a puzzle when it comes to Michael. Who are his abductors? Do they want a ransom? Is Becca the real target? None of those questions are made clear.

We only see Michael awaken in some huge palace like place that appears to be isolated. A lot of people have compared Missing with the movie "Taken", but here is where it differs. We get to see Michael's side of things and experience his side of the capture. One thing is made clear, Michael is definitely part of some bigger conspiracy that highly likely deals with Becca's past as a CIA agent. One main reason for showing Michael's story would be to give the viewer hope that he would try and free himself.

Giancarlo has been taking the back seat lately under Becca's orders. I was certain it was an attempt to keep him from being involved in her difficult situation. Giancarlo was already invested and something about his character made him seem more to Becca and made Becca someone special to him... but what is their history? Was he an asset like Hard Drive, or did she work with him sometime before she met Paul? Those were the questions running through my mind at the moment. In addition to how attractive he was as well as trustworthy, I had a crush. When Giancarlo went the extra mile to help Becca this time I was happy Becca had the support. The CIA was holding back almost as though Becca was not trustworthy to them. I would expect Dax to bend over back after watching Becca grieve on the airport grounds. She wasn't faking that. His confidence in what Becca saw plummeted.

Which leads us to Mary's concern for Becca. Becca completely forgot about that life, who blames her. Mary was persistent. She called all over in hopes of finding her friend who had forgotten all about her. Up until the point she decided to close the shop and travel to Rome to find her. Mary would have probably made a good agent with her level of determination. Unfortunately she was my least favorite character here. As much as I wanted to, I could not care for her story that seemed too cliched. Her husband left her for someone probably younger after years of a troubled relationship. Mary no longer had a home. Her character needed a little more development on my part. When she offloaded on Becca for abandoning her, she had no clue what Becca was involved in and that made sense. Becca had just fed her a story about Michael running away with some girl so Mary would go home.

As much as I try to review small elements of each episode it turns out to be a long review regardless because the importance of detail this series pays attention to. It makes me feel like if anything is left out, you would not get the entire picture. It makes each piece substantial in this series. I loved how Mary sensed that Giancarlo loved Becca, I sensed it too. Especially when Becca asked him to pretend for them too be lovers so that Mary would be safe and return home. If only Giancarlo had not been so convincing. I was glad to see Mary leave as much as a significance her character was. After she discovered the truth about Becca, staying would only have Mary killed in the end.

While this episode was not as strong as the first two installments the chemistry among characters grew along with each storyline and new revelations in plot. It surely made me expect more from episode 4 "Tell me No Lies".

Please Missing tell me no lies, Missing you are my new favorite. Hey it turned out the blonde woman was dirty after all, but why would a sniper shoot her instead of Becca with a clear shot in the end?

Rating 4.5 Stars

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