Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rookie Blue: "A Good Shot" Review


What is a good shot really? Epstein sure did not feel like he had done the world one better. Did his shooting have anything to do with class or ethnicity? I doubt it. He saw a man behind a counter with a hoodie? Is that grounds to shoot someone? Certainly not. Did the man look and act suspicious? Yes. Did he look like he had something to hide? Why would he dodge under a counter if he didn't? Maybe he was afraid that a cop would shoot him right there. The neighborhood had no reason to trust cops. However it still felt as though Epsetin jumped at a situation and it did not help that both were nervous and he was probably a scared cop. I felt as though he should not have raised his firearm so early. If that man was just a scared boy, he would have only heightened an already shaky situation. Anything could have been possible in that moment.

Why are the writers suddenly picking on Epstein this season, first he has his squad car stolen by foolishly leaving the keys in the car, then he shot someone under suspicious circumstances? It's like they are setting him up for some bigger changes in the future. This entire situation was shaky. I only knew the boy was wrong when he shot at Epstein, but Epstein could have been a dirty cop. When faced with a live situation like that, Epstein became just as scared as that boy and they became two scared guys with guns. He could not even recall that he shot his gun once. Didn't they check ballistics for that?

Speaking of changes Traci bumped up to detective? That is a huge change and I am proud of her. She truly strikes me as the one that would work hard to earn something she deserves and I was happy that her hard work paid off. What made me upset was Peck. She seemed to have applied to simply get on Traci's nerves. I understand her position as a Peck and holding on too the family name, but her cold sarcasm can sometimes be confusing to read. I don't think if a chance came to up size others, that she wouldn't take it. Had she gotten the job instead of Traci it would have clearly been an unfair advantage. Peck's relationship with this new guy is just as confusing. I guess it's one of those things you have to warm into if at all.

On a side note I saw the looks Sam was giving Andy. It made me happy for the two of them. My only concern would be the problem they have when faced with danger. Sam tends to get dramatic when his girl faces any kind of danger. It's sweet, but how they handled their relationship was also what got the both of them suspended so they should be careful and work on how they are together during tricky situations.

When SIU (Special Investigations Unit) interviewed Epstein I was worried for him. That woman was very good at her job, but she wasn't trying to help him either. She clearly sounded as though she had the best intention in the beginning, up until the questions sounded as though Epstein set out to kill the guy. His memory was fuzzy and she could take advantage of that, Epstein did the right thing by asking for his lawyer. I hope she returns though, those five to ten minutes of questioning were the edgiest. It was good that the gun was found and Epstein's name cleared. It didn't look like the SIU Officer was going to cut him any slack anyway. It was quite an easy catch though. Why would the guy who ran off with the gun not dispose of it right away? How sloppy it was of Detective Barber to disregard Epstein and not follow the same root Traci did? I am glad she didn't take his advice.

The side note with Noelle did not really catch my attention. Although I was concerned when she fell, that's about it. They need to do more with her storyline.
I was happy that we got to see the family side. The family of the deceased gave Sam and Andy a hard time with good cause. I wanted Sam and Andy to return to the family to instill some sort of hope that at least they were not the enemy.

Next week's installment showed Epstein still communicating with the family of the boy he killed. That only shows that he is not over the shooting and that is natural. It does not end after one episode. I would like to see how they handle that story. It was clearly not a good shot, otherwise this story would be over.


Rating 4 Stars

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