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Missing "The Three Bears" Review - The Heist

Love is but a genuine affection
When you think about "The Three Bears", the story with Goldilocks comes to mind. It's more fitted for nurseries and storybooks, but is it that simple. As Paul put it to his young son, he then oddly fit the story for his purpose. Michael knew he and his family would be protected because of their love and their strength. It seemed like they painted every inch in a different light. I could also compare a portion of that fairytale with Goldilocks. Becca was lost and in an impossible situation. She needed to be in control. She needed to find something that connected her to Michael. Paul's alive so now what? Her home soon became one she had to borrow. The only way she could be free and relaxed, is if she tried out everything. The soft approach, the hard one, but she never knew what was just right.

Giancarlo was my favorite charater here. I not only had my questions about him and Becca answered; they were a couple in love, but it was obvious that they still loved each other. Giancarlo more so had more of a tell. When it came to Becca, he would stop at nothing to help her. Which made this bank robbery/heist so intriguing, they worked so well together. I also found Dax to be quite the opposite. As soon as they started to suspect Becca of knowing something about Paul's disappearance/fake death ploy, they just cut her out of the loop. What's wrong with that? Telling someone "I suspect you" and "I am cutting you out" is not going to get you answers. It would make the 'suspect' more alert and attempt to find clever ways of getting around you. Case and point, Becca served him a checkmate.

Dax can come across naive sometimes. Especially for a guy with high honors in the agency, running a task group came off as the weakest point in his career. He went from completely trusting Becca, to being distrustful of her. I know there would be moments where you question someone's intentions, but Becca's intentions have been clear from the beginning. Are we as fans searching Becca to see if she knew Paul was alive, or hinted it? I certainly was, but she cleared that up. It seems like Dax searches for answers from others. Since his supervisor mentioned Becca was not to be trusted, he went on that. I had only hoped he would set aside time to pick one side and stick to it.

We know Becca's story, but at some points it seems like others have forgotten that Michael was captured. The agency is not doing everything they could to find him, Becca is. A disadvantage to showing Michael's side, is that we feel he is safe in this huge castle. We don't know what the bad guys have planned for him, but for now he seems okay. Which also makes the other story lines crucial. "Missing" does not disappoint. As much as I find myself interested in Michael's well being, I still focus mainly only Becca's storyline. How odd was it that Paul set up an account for Becca, Michael and himself? How did the bank get the three fingerprints on record without Becca's knowledge? The manager of that bank was convincing as someone you do not cross. She was good at her job. She went up against the CIA and won.

"Open that vault or I'm calling your supervisor"
"Wait I have him on the phone"

Pretty funny, but we got the point. No one was getting in there without a personal account. Does that security make you convinced that your valuables would be safe? Becca still found a way to screw with the system. I would have loved to have a prequel to bad ass Becca in the CIA, I am sure she was good. I also appreciate the back story they are giving her. Back to Giancarlo, I cannot stop gazing into his eyes. He has this way he just looks at Becca. It's really sweat.

I was upset that Becca was not more careful with Paul. Was he truly going to hurt her. He set her up. I found great difficultly in believing Paul's credibility. He loves his son too much to hurt him, but does he love Becca? He was willing to have her thumb removed. Did he think it would come to that? Did he expect her to have backup? The story is a bit tangled when you are in the middle. If only we knew the big picture.

This episode was one of my favorites. I know I have grown to dislike this Violet character, who has many shades of grey (no pun intended). Now she and Dax are sleeping together. I just don't see the connection. Let's hope in the end Becca gets out of this alive. Let's face it, we all know she will.

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Rating 5.0 Stars

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