Saturday, June 2, 2012

8 Basic Steps to Save Missing

A group of fans (SaveMissing among many) have come together to save the series we have grown to love, but it seems as though petitions and fan pages in the past did not have the reaction it needed from the stations to pick up the show again. Some of us have agreed on a set structure to get more fans unified rather than having a bunch of petitions scattered all over, we could focus on a few and pool these together to make a more recognizable difference. These are the steps you need to follow if you truly love Missing, these are the stages for you.

1. Information is power.
These are the twitter pages of the main cast on Missing. Whenever we are referencing them, we use their pages and keep them in the loop.
ASHLEY JUDD  as Becca Winstone and her Official Website
CLIFF CURTIS as Dax Miller is unfortunately no longer on Twitter
NICK EVERSMAN as Michael Winstone
ADRIANO GIANNINI as Giancarlo Rossi

Keep in touch with the Creator/Executive Producer of

2. "Like" Save ABC's 'Missing' (Season 2) on Facebook
There is more in numbers just click like below. 

3. Sign these Petitions
After a little research I managed to pull together these petitions that stood out. I know I have been talking about this one a lot, but I still felt as though there were so many shows I loved before but said nothing. Now I would not know if I had said something if things would have been different.

Click on the link below to sign the online petition. Petition 1  -  Time to make a change for the betterment of fans
ipetitions Petition 2
Twition Petition 3

4. Follow SaveMissing on Twitter
Just click follow below

5. Write your letter
Make it personal. If you can add in a tid bit related to your life then that would be all the better.

eg. Dear ABC Network
I am an avid viewer of Missing since Mar. 15, 2012. I heard about this series through a friend who thought I needed to watch an action series because I was getting too grumpy at work. He said it was clear that the stress was getting to me. He was right, I was not myself. Usually I would go straight to sleep and wake up just as miserable. There came a time when I took his advice, some shows have escaped me recently, but Missing stood out. I had not seen Ashley Judd in a long time and it was refreshing to see her again on television. I am 25 and I work too much, but I liked seeing Ashley kick some butt. My boyfriend did not like it when I tried to practice on him the stunts Judd pulled off, I would not be trying that again.  I thank you for hosting this series on your station. So if you must know my bf has forgiven me and we have sat down every week after the pilot to watch Missing together.

My heart sunk when you announced the cancellation. It was something that I looked forward to every Thursday night after work. I am truly saddened, because Missing is a big part of my life. It lends the opportunity for me to be relaxed if only for one day a week. I assure you the fan base is growing. Where I work almost the entire staff talks about Missing, along with their families and their families. I just need you to understand the fan base that is greatly saddened to have Missing leave. Please find a way in which to bring this series back if even for a short second season. I admire how passionate these actors are about their work and it is yet another reason I love this series.

Lexa Cliche.

Guys, it may not be this long, but it could have the simple ingredients.
a) Why you love Missing
b) How does its absence from television impact your life
c) What is a quality of the series that is outstanding.

You can write you letter to ABC here
You can write your letter to CBS here
You can write your letter to FOX here
You can write your letter to NBC here

6) Share these Steps
The more people that know the better we can help the series and as a community work together to bring Missing back.

7) State in the comments why you love or want to see Missing back. 

8) Talk with the cast on Twitter, they are really cool people.

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