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Missing "Tell Me No Lies" - Rewind! Paul's Alive?

We were probably just as surprised as they were.
Running through a crowd to unmask someone cleverly hidden from camera in the last moments of the episode. We are now in Becca's head. The one lead to her son is dead and a next person is running away. By the looks of it a him, but his face is hidden. All the while we try to unmask the man with the knife. Becca was so close to Michael and finding out where he was. We discover that it is Paul and that he faked his death. Suddenly he jumps into a deep sea to get away. Tell me no lies, but that was the biggest one of all.

Becca: "Where has he been the pass 10 years, he is the father of my child. I mean did he love us at all?"
Becca's questions summed it up for us and it showed of Ashley Judd's skills as an actress. I believe every word she said.

This episode dealt with lack of honesty. First Paul, then Martin. Be it for the wrong or right reasons people still got hurt. The last episode asked was who was Becca, now we have no idea who Paul really is. These people lead so many secretive lives, it is hard to keep track of their original identity. We only base our true impressions of them on their character choices. What are the actions of someone who is dirty? The art of movie making and use of styles to keep us on edge. It also makes you hypersensitive to the twists writers throw your way. Even if I had my suspicions as to whether Paul was dead, this revelation was still a huge surprise.

"I wanted you to hold on too your good memories"
Martin comforted Becca after momentarily giving her the heaviest piece of information to carry; Paul was dirty. Somehow I believed Becca, she knew her husband and so I trusted her judgment. Although Paul did lie to her about his plans while he was away, there is still more to the story. Paul seems so honest. He taught his son the skills he needed to escape a high risk situation. He wanted to be in his son's life. That doesn't strike me as someone who would put his family in danger, nor does it sound like someone who would have his son abducted.

I was right from the beginning, I knew Michael's abduction had a lot more to the story. There was a lot Becca was not certain of. She was playing a game that bigger players knew the pieces too and she was struggling to survive the pawns handed her way. Becca is good at getting out of tricky situations, which makes me appreciate her devotion as a mother. It also makes me feel that Michael may not be in his housing situation for much longer if Becca persists.

If Michael also continues, he may also find a way to escape his troubles. Only unless he accepts Oskana as a loose end. Unfortunately he has already formed a connection with her. Since Oksana mentioned to the guard that Michael is trusting her, I wondered if she may be part of this entire scheme? Taking a few punches along the way to make the act convincing could be deceptive. I still may not trust her. Michael is a smart boy and he figured out his importance. He was like merchandise and no matter how annoying he was, they could not leave a scratch on him. The guard seemed like the only person around and was not much of a threat. Having such a spacy place to hold someone captive is also new, how could they not expect to lose Michael. I am certain those men planted in sniper positions outside the mansion would have too attend to bathroom breaks. Their hands are not glued to the gun. Which is probably why Oskana was placed to dissuade any plans of escape from Michael. It's not perfect, but it is something convincing.

I missed Giancarlo here. After he formed a truce with Dax last episode, I had hoped to see him at some point. I guess it was Paul and Becca's time. This was definitely their episode. Giancarlo's meaning to Becca had to be paused at the moment. Watching the kind of relationship Becca had with Paul was complex, but they found a way to make it work. It made me root for them. I believed that they loved each other. Even when Paul did his proposal gesture, it did not seem premature, it was simple and effective. Martin proved to be a decent father figure here. He comforted Becca in her time of need and he made sure and reaffirm Paul's love for her. There are still loads of unanswered questions that keeps Becca among the pawns. The only way for Becca to truly come out of this with Michael alive, is if she sees the whole picture clearly.

As for Dax, I really did not appreciate him second guessing Becca's 'surprise' to see Paul alive. She was genuine and after all they had been through, it is clear that all Becca wants is her son back. I had hoped for Dax to subconsciously come too her defense. If even it was his job to doubt her.

Another wonderful installment that was filled with emotion. Paul's disguise is one that can be debated and success calls to any series that can stir up a debate.

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4.5 Stars

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