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Fairly Legal "Force Majeure" Review

Lawyers, who needs 'em! That's basically Kate philosophy. It seems like not many shows have made the job of a mediator popular. Who wants to see everybody win? This is probably one of the things I like about Kate, she wants fair at all cost. Kate not only made a friend in "Force Majeure", but also an ally for the future. She and Claudia seem to carry the same principles. When Kate dragged Justin along for the ride after the concert, the atmosphere was so uncomfortable.

Claudia: So you guys are married...
Kate: what no um, Justin is my friend, boyfriend, no wait we're just dating, almost no recently divorced. (Words to that effect)

I am sure you were just as confused with Kate's terminology for her relationship with Justin. She just did not nail it.

The moment Justin went into the limo for the after party, I knew something was up. Even more so when he hinted he had something big the next day. I had expected some kind of hangover episode that would taint his reputation in politics, working in Davidson's favor. Suddenly Davidson is doing all he could to discredit him. I think I am just rooting for Lauren to come out on top of this since she practically became Davidson's enemy. No good would come of that.

Kate's confusion however srinkles on to everyone around her. YEah Kate, why wouldn't you buy that car from that site Leo mentioned. (We hardly saw Leo here...) which reminds me how sad Ben looks now. I expected his character to be written as cold again. Going back to the old Ben would have seemed practical, but this guy is acting in love don't you think? Nope, well... I figure Kate reached a crack in his surface. Once that crack was opened Ben couldn't help himself. With their one on one last week in the hot tub, Ben was being real. There were no games. Still she settles. I always wondered why Kate would hook up with Justin as though he were that random guy you met in a bar. It's cliche. She has all these freshman moments with this guy that was supposed to be her husband. Justin becomes more of a stranger when he's around Kate, which proves their relationship keeps going in reverse.

"Force Majeure" cleared up some dangling loose ends. As much as I was open to Kate making a decision and sticking to it, I also wanted to know whether being a political wife was in her DNA. Firstly persuading Justin to go to an after party was not such a good idea, especially with his life under a microscope. Davidson might have been the guy behind the drugs on purpose if Claudia was not in the picture. Claudia still proved to be innocent. When the random car hit the limo, Justin looked at it with the classic TV look. You guys know it. Something was off, but then the cops show up. That was another hinky. It was funny to hear Ben exploit the conspiracy Claudia spoke of. One thing this episode proved was that Ben and Kate work well as a team.

Sarah Shahi commented on her character Kate as being emotionally scared that resembles a somewhat childlike behavior. We saw that this season. We also got to see a different side to Kate here, she was more loose at the concert because that was something she loved and was not afraid to admit it. Josefina Scaglione (Claudia) did a good job in her acting role, by also playing something she is good at professionally. Did she give a special copy of her song to Kate and Ben? It was funny how in sync they were in the end.

Speaking of relationships, what's with Lauren and the billionaire. She was her normal self, but with extra caution. She and Kate may share the same fear when it comes to men. It was nice and awkward somewhat when Kate and Lauren had their 'girl chat'. I am still getting used to them. Lauren has proven herself to be someone you can count on.

I still think Kate needs time to grow between now and the finale (yup the finale is up already). Claudia proved to be the voice of reason for Kate. The conspiracy added a little excitement in this mix that allowed Ben and Kate to work together. Davidson did not make an appearance, but he still annoyed me, him and his pawn. All in politics. Most likely the finale would tie all these loose ends together. I still am not certain whether Fairly Legal was picked up. It is a genuine show that makes you root for characters, but is that enough?

This episode closed with a happy-sad ending. They won the case for Claudia, but Ben and Kate were lost separately. I still cannot get over how much Ben has grown on me. He is mature and ready for any fight. I guess that's what Kate is craving in her own life. I still wonder whether Kate left being a lawyer because she wanted to be fair, or because being in the middle is easier when you can't make up your mind.

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