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Missing "Rain on the Evil and on the Good" Season 1, Episode 10 Season Finale Review

Becca is left with no one else to trust. Giancarlo is shot and recovering in hospital, Paul is in jail and Martin is the one 'father figure' in her life that stabbed her in her back. At this point, I have no idea how Becca is getting to Michael. I keep hoping Michael would come to his senses and escape to find Becca himself. That would be a twist. Especially now we know Michael is a very curious boy. What was Martin thinking anyway, he is truly a cold hearted person. There is ice in his veins. He fooled me when he said he loved Becca and acted as though he cared about her, and that rarely ever happens under my watch.

Dax's faith in Becca is renewed, especially after Violet revealed her hand and more. If Becca needs someone to trust, then he would be her guy. He is no longer chasing after her. Once she reveals what she knows about Violet, Dax would have to trust her. Becca doesn't know that he knows the truth yet. She didn't know Violet was in custody. Dax almost showed Becca guilt. She led him to the passport place, and when they met he helped her get Paul out of jail. That was unexpected. She probably saw the strain Martin placed on their family. Martin did not only frame Paul, but he pretended to love Becca and Michael. Martin turned Becca on Paul, then lured Michael into danger. He is truly ruthless. It is unimaginable that people like Martin exist, especially when it caused this family so much pain. He caused Becca and Paul's split.

The scene between Dax and Paul was fun. After Dax told Paul to knock him out, I expected Paul to surprise him. Becca drove that truck with full confidence. She really wanted to hold Michael in her arms again and she seemed to have forgiven Paul for his absence in their lives. Meanwhile there were flashbacks to 1997 between Paul and Becca, dealing with a prisoner being transported for torture. I kept wondering what was the point of showing them. It had nothing to do with the storyline at hand. Unless you counted Violet being transported.
Why would they not chain Violet down? She is capable of being deceptive. I knew she would have successfully escaped the vehicle when Dax made reference to her meeting them for questioning.

The one scene that probably made me cry a little was Becca having to torture Violet. When Violet was recaptured I thought Becca was going to shoot her right there. She practically admitted that Michael was dead, why not empty a barrel just to shut her up. See it as payback for those snide comments. Now I understood the purpose for those flashbacks. Becca wanted to free that prisoner. I expected the roles to be reversed, because Paul is usually the voice of reason in flashbacks. It showed how much Paul had changed. As for Becca, she did not want that prisoner to be tortured so she and Paul saved him together. What would have been a more appropriate flashback was to watch Becca torture someone and show how it had affected her. It is clearly defined she had a shady past and she probably tortured a lot of people for the agency. I am just not accustomed to that side of Becca.

However Becca frightened me. No one would want to be Violet in that chair. Becca was going to hurt her badly, and I believed that. She wanted to see Michael's smile. That is truly love. Whose mother wouldn't do something like that? Show that amount of love? That gives you true hope. I was happy to see that final scene between Michael and Becca. At last they found each other nine episodes later. There was no way she was going to be separated from him again. It was good that Michael didn't punch Paul for being absent either when they reunited, maybe later.

Hearing Martin's response for keeping Michael alive was just cold. He didn't spare him because he loved Michael, but because Michael loved him. I am glad Becca put him down.

It all seemed to 'happily ever after' when Becca welcomed Oksana and the four were a family. I kept saying, Becca what about Giancarlo? Is he okay a week later when Paul is saying he would work things out from now. I guess that's complicated.

After this finale, I wanted more. Besides the fact that they left on a cliffhanger with SPOILER Becca being abducted (I kind of laughed at that one. I was like REALLY steups). That definitely had a tendency to be cheesy. The cast spared their time to talk with us, so they care and they were just excited with us to watch it together.

Light Moment:
Violet: "All my relationships usually end like this" Maybe she should change professions.

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