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Missing "The Hard Drive" Season 1, Episode 2 Review

A human storage machine; this is someone who has the capacity to store every bit of information. They don't forget unless they choose to place the missing pieces at the back of their heads, yet pieces of information would always crumble to the surface. Simply Hard Drive. "Missing" provided a character that was very early introduced to television and caught on in "Unforgettable". Yet another one of my favorites in storytelling removed from television. Hard Drive was rough around the edges, but had a bundle of personality stored inside. Like the real machine, you wouldn't know what kind of person he was, unless you opened him up. It was a fair play for "Missing" to provide such a significant character so early in the series. Unfortunately with a series short of ten episodes, you can't hold anything back.

We pick up where we left off in the pilot. Becca is seen floating in the river after she was shot. By the look of the blow she was clearly hit in the shoulder. As Becca is the main character, we had a clue that she would have survived. I still couldn't wrap my head around it. Becca was going on a huge leap. How many friends did she have and how long would she have lasted in a place that was not her home? Becca was out for survival because of the one thing on her mind 'her son'. That is a terminology that would be heard throughout this season. Until Becca finds her boy, not even a gun shot would would slow her down.

It was made clear that Becca had no choice in the circumstances surrounding her. She needed help. When she stumbled into a restaurant drenched in water, it was clear that she wasn't there to eat lunch. She knew someone there that could help her wound. This adrenaline also led her to dealing with her worst enemy through blackmail, Antoine Lussier. She was in his country and would have had to play by his rules, but he also held the most power. Becca had leverage that proved Antoine to be as dirty and crooked as he looked. He had the cards. Becca badly wanted Michael back and it would have surely caused Antoine to take advantage of that. I just didn't trust him at his word.

Bring me the 'hard drive' and you will get your son back. Not those exact words, but that was practically the deal. If Michael was still in his city, he would bring him back to Becca. When they mentioned a hard drive I kept thinking of some 'thing' Becca hid. A machine like a flash drive, or some kind of tech, but it was actually human? Someone that used to be on Antoine's dirty payroll. The one thing I thought would have gone against this series would have been the title "Missing". Once someone is rescued, there would be no point to this title. Longevity would have been out the window. It also causes viewers to be comfortable that no matter how close Becca gets, Michael would always slip away. Why not rename the series, "Escape" or "Advantage". Something, that is so vague, it could carry many story arcs. I still ponder on that thought.

Yet "Missing" proved to overpower that aligned pattern of thinking. Michael could be freed or rescued, but still lose his mind. Something else could go. The writers played with that possibility of thought. It still pulled you into the storyline long enough to allow you to to be lost. That in yourself, your mind goes missing into the plot. I was amazed with the depth of information I learned about Becca in the short of two episodes. It wasn't like Becca was an open book either.

Lothaire Bluteau as Hard Drive was a unique character for television. He reminded me of a brother of my good friend. It was so natural and he acted with ease. He was in his element. When Antoine Lussier turned the tables on Becca by bringing the deal on his terms, I was not surprised. He used her. She was willing to trade an old friend in Hard Drive to get her son back. I admired when Becca found out he had children, she hesitated giving him up so easily. It humanized him, and it showed up her motherly instincts. Antoine made it look as though he had Michael, but it was too easy. He would not remove this bag from the boy's head. Becca should have asked to see his face first. I was surprised Becca did not do that, but it leads you to think about what happens when desperation takes over your mind. Someone could give you a box and tell you there was gold in it. You don't trust them, but you want to believe it is badly gold that you would go through lengths to get that box. The video recording of Michael Becca got didn't help either.

It was good to see that Becca did make friends even through her dealings with enemies. Already I appreciate Giancarlo for his small appearances. He helped Hard Drive be a free man with his children and he was willing to help Becca with anything. Becca needed that support. I was happy Hard Drive got his victory and safety. He risked a lot for that.

Becca found a plane that was being used to transport something. As soon as she saw Michael she began running towards him. How heartbreaking that Becca was so close. She was recovering from a bullet wound and she still ran on adrenaline. She couldn't let him slip through her fingers. As the plane took of with Michael, I cried. Becca was grieving. She had succumbed to her wound, she was out of breath, and her boy was gone. That was epic and saddening. To see Becca suffering for her son had done it. I am sure it wrapped the audience into an uncontrollable grief.

It still doesn't get old. Michael is missing, and the writers are giving us enough detail to keep us on edge. This is truly another reason we need to have more of this on television.

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Rating 5 Stars


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