Monday, May 21, 2012

Missing "Pilot" Review 235@W'

I understand the meaning of attachment. When someone becomes a part of you, they are so attached to the limb. Even when you are apart from them, you are still close. That is the kind of relationship I understood for Becca and Michael. She loves Michael. It's that simple.

A strong relationship exists when you can create a special language that only the two of you understand. The pilot chose to open with Becca running, which is ironic since she spends the whole series doing so. Everyday is like a chase for her 'missing' link. Normally when you hear the term 'missing' you become instantly concerned, because it is an abduction case and you put yourself in that situation. Which also makes us feel for Michael and how Becca must of felt when she watched the tape of Michael's abduction. That is every mother's worst nightmare.

The episode already establishes this parent connection. I liked how they gave us a brief look at what Becca's life was before she lost Paul. We got to know her as a family person and when she told Paul she wanted another child, I rooted for this couple I did not know. They just seemed so much in love. It made seeing his car explosion even more devastating. We all know in television when the camera focuses on the keys in the car of any scene, we expect some kind of danger. I thought that was when Michael would have gone missing. Some guys circled him afterwards as though he was cornered, but he was surprisingly returned to her. A few years later Michael is an old man outrunning his mother, I just thought this was picture perfect. Why hadn't Becca began her search for what happened to Paul? It wasn't an accident, somebody had him killed.

That didn't matter after a while when we saw how much Becca settled down. She owned a flower shop. Oddly why would they choose a flower shop for her profession? It didn't have any great significance except to connect Becca and her long time friend. I still felt their closeness. This hour was packed. I mean there is so much to talk about, but the main highlight for this episode is meeting Giancarlo. For me he seemed so polite towards Becca. When Becca needed help, he went no question. It was strange they hadn't contacted each other in years, he was married 3 times (really). I guess there was some history between them.

Finally this pilot was able to execute what most pilots rarely ever do, form a lasting connection. The cast was not forgettable, and I found a way to admire Becca for her strength as a mother. When she first fought the guy that came to her son's room, I thought she was a goner, but as soon as she saw Michael's picture she pushed through. Becca took her punches and snapped that man's neck like a twig. Becca was clearly trained for years, we know nothing about her history except for a thin file. This also makes her a brilliant agent. I found myself looking at reruns of this episode, then I went by a friend who had recorded it to watch again. I was hooked. Becca had me convinced that she was on a mission.

Dax's input here was small, but I kept thinking Becca was right to say he had no children, because he was cold. He clearly did not get why she was so determined to get Michael back. When he let Becca go, I thought maybe there was hope for him. I was glad Becca saw 235@W' at a place where Michael was being 'held'. All the pieces connected, from beginning to end. Exceptional writing.

I appreciate shows that give this amount of detail in a single episode, it shows you what to expect for the rest of the season. I heard there was going to be a short season and there was a frown, I wanted more episodes. I also wanted these writers and cast to continue to wow me.

235@W'- Michael's deepest love for his mother and a code for his friends not to know whenever he told her so. Most likely he did so often.

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5 Stars


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