Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missing: Series Premiere "Pilot" Analysis Part I

We meet the cast. The series opens in this well crafted design for Missing, with the I in missing gone and what seems like a man running, filling the space. This is true art. This series is definitely beyond anything we have seen before. Can we truly get it?

In the span of a few seconds, a woman is seen running. This place has a lot of trees. It looks breezy. I want to be there, just for that run. A morning jog. Sometimes you need to take that stress away before it starts and the day progresses. You imagine many possibilities of her life. She is probably a waitress. She spends everyday serving after others and using this one moment to care for herself before she goes of to work on a Sunday. The boss wants to make her work lazy hours. She cannot wait until her application for another job pulls through. Maybe it may not be that cliche.

Maybe she is a lawyer. She strides with confidence. She definitely has learned a fact about life that we haven't yet understood. Maybe she is an officer. The people she greets knows her name. She runs here regularly. What is Becca's story? These questions are simply introduced in every new pilot, especially if you haven't yet seen the previews. So you don't know anything about her past. She steps into her car after her run. Does she have a sip of water? That would have seemed appropriate to tell how long she had been running. She gets a call and we see that she has a family. A husband and a son. The perfect family, but were they really perfect. We all know or should know that everything on the surface is not always what it appears to be, but Becca seemed okay.

When her husband's car explodes after he told his boy to go and retrieve the ball he forget. Becca's expression explained it all. I was hooked from that point. Ashley Judd gave a remarkable performance. I actually gasped. Her husband Paul was now dead. It gripped you into that scene. Poor Michael, watching his father killed in the most extreme way could affect him for the rest of his life. What was his father in too? That was not an accident.

We then see Becca running through the same field of green again. This time with an older boy. Becca's hair is now shorter. Her son now an adult. He is curious about life, but seemed unaffected by what happened to his father years ago. How did this family move on? Was Becca trying to figure out what happened to her husband? As Michael is older, Becca's protective hold to keep him close had to be loosened. She had no other choice for his safety. Michael still has more time to grow and follow his dreams, because he is like any one of us. He wants to succeed in life and Becca had to let him do that. So he travels to Rome for his architecture course. It is inspiring. Some people I know are afraid to leave for another country to study, but Michael had a thirst for adventure. He wanted to create things for himself, with his hands. That showed his strength. Becca and her son had a secret language, an "I Love You" symbol in his own artistic way. Only the two of them would understand what it means.

When Michael suddenly stops calling, Becca's mother senses go into overdrive. She soon travels to Rome to see her son and make sure he is okay. He doesn't respond to her calls. The one thing that got her to this point was a call from the school saying that Michael practically dropped out from all his courses. The plot starts to build when she finds his dorm, but he is not there. His cellphone is left idle on a desk. Breakfast is uneaten. A man soon enters the room with a gun and Becca takes her only form of defense, a clothes hanger. What can Becca do? She is frightened. Who is this guy? She courageously uses the hanger to rip the gun from his hands, but a fight is started. Becca is tossed around like a rag doll. This man tries to have her killed. Did he see her when she entered? What was he looking for? It could have very well been a concerned neighbor, frightened.


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