Thursday, May 17, 2012

Missing: Series Premiere "Pilot" Analysis Part II

Becca is cornered and being choked and suffocated. Her hope is probably gone because of him, maybe she wants to die as well. A picture is thrown to the floor of her and Michael together. If there is any hope for Michael she cannot give up. She had to fight back. This is how the series pulls you in and it doesn't take much words to tell you what was going on. Television is best told when you are able to use less words. For Becca as a mother who seemed to know nothing about the country before, she spoke the language really well when she turned the tables on this strange man. Becca is clearly more than she seems and maybe her past could explain her fighting skills and her knowledge of this foreign language. Becka snaps this man neck when he would not answer her "Where is my son?". She has killed before, she showed no remorse. He was her only leverage.

We soon meet up with Adriano Giannini's character Giancarlo Rossi. We do not know who he is to Becca or how she knows him, we just know that she is desperate enough to call anyone, especially someone she was not supposed to be in contact with. On the run from the police, this is her only out. Giancarlo is able to tell her who was the guy she killed given his connections with Interpol. Maybe they met on an assignment before as the pieces come together. He also helps her with her wounds later on. They have chemistry. They both have history together and it is represented warmly on screen. It is almost as though they would kiss, but shouldn't we root for Becca still loving her husband? They share a quiet moment together and inquire about what wasn't spoken about in years. The writers/producers did an excellent job here.

We learn about her CIA past when the agency starts tracking her. Becca was a special agent, her file being thin means she was one of the best. We don't have the whole picture, but that's enough for now. Becca clearly crosses path with the wrong people, as her life is continuously threatened. She uses skills she put away years ago to get closer. Agent Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis) is not sensitive to her situation at first. He doesn't understand her crazed actions. Her son is missing, but that's it to him. That clearly shows he has no children as Becca reassured. Dax clearly had his reasons for letting her go in the end and giving her a limited time to get what she needed to get done. When Becca finally sees the symbol of "I Love You" carved on a wall, in an abandoned building, she knows her son was there. She is one step closer to finding him.

This gives a detailed analysis into the series' pilot. When Becca is shot in the end, although we know she would survive to fight another day, the experience is traumatic. Pictures she captured of her son's surveillance now floats in the water. Your eyes are still peeled to the screen when the credits run at the end.

We understand these characters in under an hour. It takes skills to give an audience a lot of information and keep their interest each minute. We need to acknowledge that principle. These people put a lot of work into this just to air one hour, think of how much they had to do for 10 episodes.


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