Thursday, May 17, 2012

The 'Missing' Petition for ABC Part I - The Narrative

I was really shocked when I found out Missing was cancelled. It usually airs on a Thursday around eight on ABC. The finale is tonight. So all now I usually gear up with my popcorn eagerly telling my co workers during break in the lunch room everything that went on last episode. Already I am think about getting the groceries on time, I leave work on time and I race home with a silly grin on my face. What has really come over me? Those who are just as obsessed with this series probably know what I mean. Tonight was what supposed to be the season finale, but quickly turned into the series finale. I guess before I continue, I need to get you guys familiar with the plot of 'Missing'

Petition Address - People have already begun to state their reasons for loving this series.

Becca Winstone (Ashley Judd) begins her morning jug. It reminds me of an early Sunday morning, the breeze is just right, the trees are oddly greener. It is a perfect day for a run. Sadly she hasn't seen a morning like this often because she usually had her hands filled with her husband and her little son. One can only imagine how happy Becca must be to have this morning out for herself, while her husband and son are off for what seems to be a vacation. They both share that in common. It is unknown to us at the time that Becca is a CIA agent who gave up that life to have her family. The few minutes she has spared after she takes a breath, she gets a call from her husband, Paul, who talks about his trip. He clearly loves her and so does her son, Michael. Becca is ready to have their family grow bigger. When Michael is separated from his father for a few seconds, Paul's car explodes. Becca gives a shriek. This is any mother's nightmare. She has no idea whether her son was a part of this explosion or what happened to her husband.

I have seen some interviews from the cast of this series and they have expressed how well written the script was. Sometimes a series is given crappy writing, and relies solely on acting skills and vice versa. Here it was balanced. The story advanced to Michael who is in early adulthood. Still it is unknown to us Becca's past life. The story unravels when Michael goes abroad to study and is abducted. Then leads Becca's search to find her son that she truly loves and this is seen on screen, apparent. The rest of the story then becomes a journey. Becca is able to appeal to the mother and child inside everyone and we root for her.


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