Thursday, May 17, 2012

The 'Missing' Petition for ABC Part II - The Cause

Petition Address - People have already begun to state their reasons for loving this series.

I have decided to focus on detailed reviews to truly captivate each moment, but it is something you have to see as well for yourself to truly grasp what I mean. Each episode is like a mini movie each week, with each following week being the sequel. I admire the cast and their backgrounds. They each come from all over.

Ashley Judd - A Country Girl at heart born in Granada Hills, California.
Cliff Curtis - Definitely not new to television but is good at executing the American accent. His voice sounds nothing like it does in the series. He was born in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Nick Eversman - Born in Wisconsin. Mostly homesick throughout the season.
Adriano Giannini - He's an Italian actor. He commended the script for being the most well written that he has seen.
Laura Donnelly - Born North Ireland. A surprising addition, but cleverly cast.
Sean Bean - An English Actor born Handsworth, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Source: IMDB Missing

There are rarely few series that encourage me to explore each actor and actress, but this is one. This is really a strong cast that surprisingly grows on you.

We seem to forget the passion that goes into creating a show for entertainment. Everything becomes a money game to boost financial appeal, but we should control the outcome. This show reminds of a project I did for a class a while back. The topic was clear and I had to deliver my pitch and present the final project to the class. I wanted to be innovative, because this was my passion. I had to ask favors from my friends who were doing film studies to borrow their equipment because part of the project needed a small filmed tribute. I put everything into it. I met with random people and I learnt from them. It was a great journey. When I presented it to my class, most said they truly liked it. I got an applause and I thought I accomplished my goal. Then the teacher gave me my grade and I barely passed. She told me that I didn't follow guidelines. In other words I did too much work. I shook my head because I knew how much work I put into it and she didn't even tell me whether it was good or not. That truly hurt.

I saw that passion in this cast. We have to appreciate each effort. They shot this series in so many different locations. This was challenging for everyone and made some homesick. For our sake they pushed it through and saw the beauty of each country they filmed in. So this is not just for money, not for them. It is for the experience and joys of filming and creating a grand project that they think people would love as much as they do. We can't forget that or ignore it.

I found a petition that truly speaks to this. It also speaks to those that have the same passion for this series. This is a show that has executed a plot line with great effort. Don't be like the teacher that couldn't see beyond a grade. Let's see how much influence we truly have as fans other than truly sitting back down. I think there is hope.


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