Thursday, May 17, 2012

Renew "Missing" for Season 2

Here's a few facts you need to know before you let the finale sink in.

What we have learned so far?

Michael is a fighter.
Becca is a persistent woman.
Paul is a loving father.

These three factors made up a family. No matter how hard they tried to incriminate Paul I always knew he was innocent. Why? Because the first time he saw his wife after he was presumed dead, he wanted to tell her something and he didn't try to have her killed. Secondly, Becca knew Paul too well, to have her blind sided by her husband being a traitor was not going to be one. He was a loving father. Paul loved his son more than he loved money. Finally, when Becca kissed another man in front of him, he didn't retaliate because he wanted Becca's happiness.

The stories are intricate and complex, yet simple to interpret. I could not believe how much this series grew into a passion for loving it every week.

Who else admired how with little physical interaction, the writers were able to make us fall in love with Becca and Giancarlo? It takes no effort for this "Missing" team to produce such creativity. Even with Michael away, some said this show would get old. They criticized and formed drinking games whenever Becca said my son, but when we want something badly, how many times do we repeat it to ourselves and others? I have no qualms with Ashley Judd. I do not judge her prior work or who she is as a person, but I merely focus on what she brings to "Missing" which is a lot of talent.

Adriano Giannini had to speak a different language. He is an Italian actor, but he brings so much depth to Giancarlo (FUN FACT Giancarlo is his father's real name). This cast had to travel to many places, just to give this plot true authenticity. No green screen, or matched places, the REAL DEAL. They need to be given credit for that. I am certain making this fine product for us, did not come with ease. It was an experience for them and an experience for us. This is why I am shocked ABC cancelled it, because it is so good. Did the writers make time to produce a pilot for season 2? I just cannot understand their reason.

We need to now show that Missing is worth it. Their hard work does not go in vain. Guys sign the petition please and you would see what I mean. Writer/Producer Gregory Poirier has also suggested we " Start writing to A & E, Netflix, USA and TNT". He said they were "Re approaching all of them. Let's save "Missing" " via his Twitter.

Fans, let's start sending emails to our friends (those who you know would appreciate this) and to each network.


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