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24 'Day 7: 3:00 AM - 4:00 AM' Review

In eager anticipation from last week's betrayal, I awaited the Jack and Tony cliffhanger; how was Tony going to 'handle' Jack now that Jack knew of his deception?
It was either Jack's life would be in danger (however short), or Tony would have to head for high ground, because his cover was blown and it wouldn't be too long till Jack revealed Tony's treachery.

I found it amusing; watching Jack struggle to get the words out:
"T-Tony's T-Turned"...

It reflected his disbelief towards his old friend actually turning. Tony was actually going to pull that trigger, he was really going to kill Jack! Kind of hard to absorb in all at once.

When Jack broke the news to Chloe, she bore a sense of denial. I don't blame her, how do explain the undercover gig he did with Bill, the friendships he took years to build, just *poof* gone!
...but Jack was convincing enough right?
"He tried to kill me Chloe, he's Bad!" That meant 'don't argue with me I know what I am talking about!'
I have to agree with Chloe on this one, I know he tried to kill Jack, but Jack isn't dead and he hasn't really done anything ruthless (for us to see anyway). You must admit, Tony hasn't really proven he wasn't ever good at all or that he is one hundred percent bad!
Think back to when everyone believed Tony was a ruthless savage, when he was working for Colonel Iké Dubaku. He showed relief towards the people in the planes when he gave the order to "pull up". Maybe that was a front for Bill and Chloe and I am still absorbing these changes in events.

So Tony may have been working with Hodges, Tony was the 'other people' President Allison Taylor should pay heed to.
Hodges tried to do all the wrong things for the right reasons, inhis own twisted perspective. He believed that he was actually doing something good, so do these new group of people, including Tony's new girlfriend, represent Hodges' interest in a less perverse way. (I suspected it, but it was still out of sort to see Tony kiss her)
Hodges made it through the another hour after the prescription pill of induced death didn't work. As he continued his rantings I found myself wondering 'why didn't that pill work!', while he continued to rant about them.

Hodges "You don't know what you've done, now they are going to kill them!

Hodges' family obviously meant something to him, enough to take his own life to protect them. It was still sloppy of him saying what he said 'now they are going to kill them';
Hodges you just admitted that there were people powerful enough to warranty your fate and that power was using your family to ensure your mouth was permanently shut!

I imagined Jack would have used his family to get Hodges to talk.
'You wouldn't have to worry about them taking your family's life, but about what we'll do to them if you don't talk!'
...but they played a different card, instead guarantying that his death was successful, less messy I guess!
It even gave Olivia motive to warranty Hodges' death herself. It seems as though everyone wants Hodges dead, definitely not good being in his shoes. As for Olivia, no one messes with her family and gets a condo in California! At least that what was I thought she mentioned (correct me if I'm wrong).
That moment between President Allison Taylor and Olivia was heart felt, but I really couldn't grieve with them. We hardly got to know Roger Taylor played by Eric Lively in 24: Redemption. He was marked as killed before we even got a chance to know him really so sadly I couldn't appreciate Olivia's vendetta towards Hodges.

Funny to mention, I disliked Olivia much more when she was at war with Ethan Kanin.

This wasn't one of Hodges' best performances either. Maybe after his true vendetta was revealed there wasn't any need to make his character more appealing and show a bit more difficulty in revealing 'the group' involved out of mistrust from the government.

Couldn't Renee interrogate Hodges instead, was Jack really the best candidate in his state. Although on the other hand, Renee did mention to Janis that Jack's job was what kept him going, so in a way Renee was giving Jack his medicine of adrenaline.

Extra Treats

**Did Olivia order a hit for Hodges? That's what I got out of the 'code' language on the phone.

**So Tony killed Larry. Would Renee be seeking blood, she did feel a bit of hate towards him as she figured that Tony was the one she should gear her anger at.

**Janis Gold is one character which has been underused much in the last few hours, I really enjoy her contributions.

**I felt sorry for Janis when Jack began yelling at her. Jack control yourself, she isn't the enemy! You really want to take out that rage on Tony.

**I enjoyed that brief scene between Chloe and her child, Prescott O'Brian, hugging her son like she somehow wasn't going to see him again. Chloe has a lot to lose now.

**The FBI would've seen what it was like to work like CTU operatives, it was just a matter of time!

**What does Tony, his new girlfriend and the group want with that bio-weapon, should we be worried!

**I did mention Tony's girlfriend, seems like her natural color isn't blonde after all.

Finally, 24 seems to be taking us around a few circles and I am getting a bit dizz picking up the pieces of the puzzles they lay down.
Still not one of my favourite hours to count through.



Three and a Half out of Five Stars

Grade C-

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