Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dollhouse Featured Discussion

Echo is implanted with several personalities, Alpha is still on the run without Echo. Dr.Saunders has joined the lengthy Doll list...

Some believe that we're right back where we've started, but we've learnt more than the pilot had to offer.

**We could finally put a face to Alpha.

**Mellie a.k.a November, Victor, Dr. Saunders were revealed to be dolls.

**We now understand Alpha's obsession with Echo and why she survived the slaying.

**Victor and Adelle have a little thing going on, so there is a soft side to her
tough shell.

**...and well, anyone could be a doll.

What about you?

Did this feel like a finale episode for you?

Do you want Dollhouse to end?

How much do you like Alpha now?


1 comment:

The_Brain said...

Gosh I'm usually an optimistic but I have to admit that the chances of renewal are pretty slim. The network decision to close the season on TV with episode 12 shows their lack of confidence in the show's potential. But anyway that episode brought us enough closure to the season because most questions have been answered, and as you said, things have come full circle.

I really hope there will be a second season, there are so many directions the show can take now. There are still many dolls we don't know about and I really want to know how things will be, now that Ballard is part of the Dollhouse.